How To Make Your Kid Hate You – 10GA Style

The younger “gun store guy” goes full-douchebag:

If you’ve been living under a rock he’s patterning the above video after the Facebook Parenting video.

I hope this just just a stunt for the camera.  A tv they found in the garbage perhaps?

The only thing cool is the break open 10GA.   That little “throw” of it at the end was real douchey…



22 responses to “How To Make Your Kid Hate You – 10GA Style”

  1. Insulting to people who can tell an immature father from a shitty actor.

  2. Busdriver Avatar

    I wonder if that is the kid he is talking about.

    1. I hope that’s a mask he was wearing.

  3. Busdriver Avatar

    Also that looks like a handy shotgun. Certainly a lot less ungainly than my MAG-10

  4. Here is an idea, take it away, or sell it. Than put the money away to pay for college. Its also funny that he throws the gun at the end, my dad would have beat my ass for that.

  5. They are pawn brokers, they had the tv from a bad pawn. No big deal.

  6. NikonMikon Avatar

    I hate iraqveteran8888 he is a fucking retard.

  7. these new TV’s have nothing on the old tube TV’s when it comes to explosions though…

  8. I liked the first few videos from these guys. But lately, it’s pretty clear all they do is complain about customers.

    This is a change…but unoriginal and just annoying. I don’t mind Barry, the old guy. But the young guy is kind of a an annoyance at best.

  9. Crunkleross Avatar

    Nice flinch.

  10. Total stunt meant to just ride the success and popularity of the Angry Facebook Dad video and get subscribers to their channel. Nothing more.

  11. I hate these guys, and this video just makes me hate them even more.

  12. The younger “gun store guy” goes full-douchebag:

    That’s a real short trip.

  13. Crunkleross Avatar

    The throw at the end was a weak ass tribute to the Who.

  14. I am all for taking a hard line with children and punishments and such, but the engineer in my is only saddened when people take perfectly functional pieces of equipment and senselessly destroy them. Give them away to charity / Goodwill / someone who can use them, sell them, or somehow find another home for them that would be willing to put them to good use; just destroying serviceable equipment may give you a visceral sense of satisfaction, but, in the end, it is just senseless destruction.

    ‘Course, if the equipment is 100% non-recoverable, have at it, and try some explosives while you are at it :).

  15. I think you just like to pick on these guys for no real reason. This video is about as douchey as the original but I don’t see you bitching over that one.

  16. I thought the video was interesting with little or no BS.
    It’s possible the idea of the video is something like Tyler Durden’s speech in Fight Club about how “the stuff you own, ends up owning you.”

    1. …something like Tyler Durden’s speech in Fight Club…

      Whenever I see these guys’ videos, Brad Pitt’s good-looking, charismatic Tyler Durden character is about the furthest thing from my mind. I tend to get the image of Ned Beatty’s character in Deliverance. Or maybe Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, or something to that effect.

  17. I can’t believe he just shot up a perfectly good TV.

  18. LeveeJohn Avatar

    What a relief to read these posts. It’s discouraging read all the comments of people cheering these parental temper tantrums. Like it really disciplines the kid if you tear up perfectly good stuff that you bought with your own $$ in the first place. Same thing for the laptop executor.

  19. Rusty Shackleford Avatar
    Rusty Shackleford

    These guys suck and I am tired of seeing their shit on here. Iraqveteran8888 is a piece of shit. I don’t know about Vietnam but, generally the guys who overtly advertise that they were in Afghanistan or Iraq(e.g. the hat iraqveteran8888 wears in videos) were cooks or 88M’s, the lowlifes of the army.

  20. I like iraqveteran8888 and Barry’s long beard. These guys are funny, informative about their interest, firearms and doing positive things, some of their opinions might be right to the right on some things, whose isn’t these days. I’d have them over for dinner and show them my blackityblack guns. 8))) I don’t have a YouTube channel views like them, do you?
    …just saying