Fire An M249 At The Twisted Metal Ice Cream Truck

An armchair shoot starting on Valentines Day:

The idea of somone caring about entering this “virtual” shooting promotion is funny.  I’m looking forward to seeing the aftermath though.  You can check out the promotion page over at  I’m not a fan of any contest (like this one) that requires you to install an “app” that spys on your twitter or facebook account.

I recall playing the original Twisted Metal back in the 90s.  I remember it being fun at the time because you could beat the living crap out of the vehicles.  Confusingly enough this new game is called Twisted Metal as well.

You can pre-order it over at Amazon for $60 for the PS3 if you’re into that sort of thing.


9 responses to “Fire An M249 At The Twisted Metal Ice Cream Truck”

  1. Most sick and twisted game ever? Not even close.

    Clearly Mr.Jaffe is not familiar with a little PS2 game called “Evangelion 2” where you play as a 14 year old boy who, at one point, is forced to cross dress as his deceased mother by his Dad’s best friend. You see, Kozou (that’s the weirdo’s name) had a crush on your character’s mom and wants you to dress up ’cause you “look so much like her.”

    And THAT wasn’t even the most disturbing part of the game.

    Or what about Rapelay? Have we forgotten about that one already?

    1. that awkward moment.. when I know what you’re talking about :|

    2. “The game centers on a male character who stalks and rapes a mother and her two daughters.”

      Sure glad that I spend a minimum amount of gaming nowadays. WTF?

      And I rented Saints Row the Third, looks like a fun game, too bad Redbox fu*ked me and it wouldn’t load anything past the beginning mission.

  2. We used a 1919, and you had to be there live and in-person.

    I’d say the Ice cream truck was cooler, but this was my best friend’s first car that I spent a LOT of time cruising around Portland in. Very eerie to see it right-full of holes, and seeing bullet tracks criss-crosig the seat upholstery where I used to sit.

    You could still see the burn where his roommate dropped a cigarette on the first week he had it!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Wow, gang violence in Portland used to be A LOT worse by the look of it! LOL

      Shooting painted metal is so satisfying.

  3. Look at how edgy we are! We cuss like sailors but then censor everything so the parents will still buy our M rated games! Were so rad!

    As far as the games goes, I hope to god they don’t fuck this one up. The twisted metal series was one of the best games for playstation so I’d really like to see it restored to it’s former glory.

    1. And why is it rated M? Isn’t Twisted Metal essentially a D-Derby game with guns?

  4. I totally loved the twisted metal games, I def won’t be buying the new one though… I would rather go back and play the old ones on bad graphics because I know they’ll mess up the new one and ruin the original games. The idea of the marketing gimic is cool, but good luck trying to get me to download anything…

    1. I liked TM 1 and 2. Three was just more bullshit.
      Thankfully the PS platform had so many great games to choose from… Too many to count.