White House Science Fair Marshmallow Cannon

This kid totally does not give a shit that he’s talking to the president:

That’s what I love about kids.  Some adults on the other hand are so fake and annoying….. There were like 30 of them in that room, acting like Obama was doing something groundbreaking.  OMG OMG he’s pumping a bicycle pump!! *continuous camera shutter noise*  How “regular guy” of him *continuous camera shutter noise*.

The marshmallow gun was only a single shot… no sign of high capacity marshmallow assault clips or shoulder things that go up… so it’s probably safe from a ban for now.  That is until this kid hits highschool and decides to shoot down a police helicopter.



15 responses to “White House Science Fair Marshmallow Cannon”

  1. USSMUnkfish Avatar

    Well I like that he is safety conscious.

  2. Look at how many fucks this kid does not give.

  3. ‘Back up guys, we don’t want any injuries’

    Uh, Mr. President, uh, it shoots MARSHMALLOWS. That’s all, just marshmallows.

  4. Waiting for a $500 million dollar loan to the kid.

    1. overkill556x45 Avatar

      Only if there’s an all electric model that no one wants.

      1. But you can heat your coffee over the fire started by the electric model :-)

        1. Is that before, after, or during you charge the thing up. :D

  5. It never fails no matter who is in office (dem/rep) the opposite side will always find something to complain about. He was just having some fun meanwhile the kid has a chance to do something not many get to do, meet a sitting president and to visit the whitehouse.

    1. He already had fun this last Thanksgiving when he pardoned two turkeys! Unfortunately, you weren’t included!

    2. Crazed…appropriate name, as many of the crazed Obots I debated during the election was legion.

  6. ‘Back up guys, we don’t want any injuries’

    You know those journalists are sometimes so dumb, I wouldn’t be surprised if they managed to hurt themsleves with a marshmallow…

  7. There was a hilarious clip last night on Letterman showing him shooting this marshmallow gun and then it cut to a clip of Newt Gingrich giving a speech and showed a CG marshmallow landing right in his mouth. I got a good chuckle out of it.

  8. Weather I like him or not, if the President told me to get the fuck out of the way, he wouldn’t have to repeat himself 3 times! lol. That’s awesome what that kid got to experience. Maybe someday he’ll invent a new weapon for our military.

  9. The marshmallow contained anthrax

  10. Crunkleross Avatar

    The poor kid is now on a permanent DHS, FBI, ATF, IRS, EPA, NSA, and Secret Service watch list.