Chinese Soldiers Play Live Grenade Hot Potato

Sadly this isn’t some next-gen Chinese robot.. these people are real:

I sure hope whatever company that makes those grenade fuses has a very low margin of error.  Basically if it detonated a second or two early, there would possibly be 6 people dead. The Chinese especially, seem to love unnecessarily risky stuff like this.  I don’t even consider it impressive… it’s just flat out dumb.

Maybe you guys that have served here in the U.S. have some stories of unsafe things you had to do during training?  I hardly doubt it will compare to “cheating death” by passing around a live grenade or camping out at the end of a shooting range near the targets.  What do I know though.


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  1. The worst Ive heard is that they make you piss and shit your pants during boot camp. Maybe thats what the goal is here too theyre just speeding up the process?

    1. Spent 6 years in the Army. I did not experience this nor have I ever heard of this.

  2. what are the odds that it’s not live but the explosion is triggered after the “grenade” is thrown in and activates something.. idk this is just plain irresponsible .

    1. I’m pretty sure this is what’s happening. If you look at the second video, he throws whatever it is they are passing on the ground in front of himself and not even into the hole.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        That’s what I saw at first too, but now I think there appears to be a 2nd smaller hole that he drops it in to. Whatever he drops disappears.

  3. Whether or not it’s fake, it DOES instill faith in the quality of the grenade fuse… until it kills everybody (then there are no witnesses). This reminds me of an old French Foreign Legion (?) video of a column of prone Legionnaires in line with an approaching tank’s treads. They had to remain still until their bayonets touched the tread, at which time they’d roll out of the way of the tank. What’s French for “Hoo-ah?”

  4. That’s definitely not a grenade…At least not one from the last 2 centuries- there is a burning fuse on it! See the smoke? I’m sure it’s a safety fuse (the chinese make good Visco cannon fuse) and they know exactly how long it takes to go off. WHY they would do such a thing is beyond me- but it is definitely not a hand grenade of any kind.

    1. …there is a burning fuse on it! See the smoke?

      Looks like a Swiss Family Robinson coconut grenade!

    2. It’s called a Satchel Charge and they are used for demolition.

  5. Ed’s right … the second “grenade” wasn’t even dropped into the hole.


  6. That’s not a grenade, they’re passing around a satchel charge. I don’t think the US has used those since WW2.

  7. Reminds me of the training scenes in the movie Shi-Ri.

  8. USSMUnkfish Avatar

    The second time, towards the end, the dude just throws it on the ground at his feet, but the explosion still goes off in the hole. I call BS.

    1. Old Goat Patrol Avatar
      Old Goat Patrol

      Is the second video just a different angle of the first? The charge is dropped on the ground so the explosion in the hole will not blow it back at the soldiers.

  9. Def a satchel charge! and the last clip had some funny business…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I think there’s a smaller hole he drops it in to.. check it out again.

  10. meh. the chinese have always regarded their infantry as ammunition. plenty more and all that.

  11. Not a grenade, a satchel charge.

  12. Fake or not. The kitty versus alligator vid is pretty cool. Ballsy ass kitteh.

  13. I wonder how the Chinese play musical chairs.

  14. Fake as Pam Anderson’s tits. Freeze the vid the second time around. The “charge” drops at they guys feet. You can see it on top of the ground.

  15. Very fake. You see the charge drop as others have pointed out. But mostly because if it was a real frag there is no reason they would jump in the air like that except to purposely get hit by shrapnel. Just hit the deck. Much quicker and less body exposed.

  16. Never did anything this crazy in the Army, but we did learn how to cook grenades. They use the timed fuse from a real grenade (the part that unscrews from the main grenade body) and put it in an empty shell with a hole in the bottom. It’s quite a bit safer this way, if it goes off in your hand it probably won’t hurt you too bad unless the hole on the fake grenade is pointed at you.

    This should give you a good idea of what I’m talking about…the timed fuse is that whole cylindrical core section:

  17. … we did learn how to cook grenades…in an empty shell with a hole in the bottom.I wouldn’t call it anything near as apparently dangerous and stupid as what’s shown in the video, but we used to cook off live grenades during exercises when I was in the Army. I can specifically remember during live fire training exercises for Battle Drill 7 (Enter/Clear Trench), live grenades would be cooked off before being thrown into the trench before entering, around any corner that you came across and into doors of bunkers that needed to be crossed to proceed. At the point you reached them, certainly anyone inside the bunker would be expecting the imminent arrival of the attacking force, and I imagine a full five second fuse would give them enough time to react and kick it back or possibly pick it up and throw it out… I wouldn’t want to be the one inside testing that hypothesis though!