FPS Russia – Act Of Valor

He loosely acts out a few of the scenes:

I still envy his job… but these videos are getting kind of dry.  For one he should stop talking so much.  I watch the vids for the weapons and shooting, not for a forced Russian monologue.

Judging by some other videos I’ve seen, it looks like the LAW rocket part at 2:09 was faked.  Pretty lame if you ask me.  I guess they know the audience is mostly 12 year-olds that they can pull one over on.. so why not save the money. *shakes head*



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  1. When I was in boot they had us use an adapter that allowed us to shoot 9mm tracer rounds out of the AT4 for training purposes. Curious if they did something similar with this and shot some tannerite.

  2. “What a country!” “Welcome to Yakov’s Dinner Adventure!”

  3. Kenny Blankenship Avatar
    Kenny Blankenship

    Steve is getting overly tedious or pedantic with these reviews. Your criteria get stingier and more specific, like there is honor in being some goofy connoisseur.

    But yeah I agree that the LAW appeared to be subcal’ed out.

    1. Kenny Blankenship Avatar
      Kenny Blankenship

      I mean… Mike… I should really check all these gun blogs at different times of day…

  4. overkill556x45 Avatar

    After the AT-4 was introduced, we started calling the LAW the “Loud And Worthless”.

  5. In my time wearing green I shot around 50 LAW rockets, and the sound, back-blast and MV looked the way I remember them, so I’m happy enough that the LAW is real, though I guess the pickup was specially prepped to go up in a ball of flames. I’ve only shot “hard targets” (i.e. decommissioned armour) with them, however, which give a much less dramatic impact.

  6. I launched a LOL rocket when I saw him come out of the water.

  7. The LAW looked real enough to me. It’s only in the movies that they show a rocket “trail” towards the target. There’s an episode of Mythbusters where they shoot one and you never see the rocket just the impact.

  8. I’m glad that I came across this video if for nothing else, to see the rocket launcher in action. Like Eric said, I didn’t realize a real rocket launcher won’t leave a smoke trail. That’s what you learn to expect from watching movies I guess. Here’s a trailer I found for Act of Valor’s demo using real bullets if you want to compare it to FPS Russia’s vid: