ENDO Sighting – License To Not Take A Day Off

Blog reader Marc spotted this guy out and about somewhere in Maine today. This Subaru driving guy likely hasn’t taken a day off since 1967…… or more likely he’s employed in the medical field (they use endo as a prefix a lot there).

See ENDO on anything in your day to day travels? Peed “Everyday No Days Off” in the snow? Trampled out some crops spelling ENDO so it can be seen from space? send it in. I might not post everything, but worst case scenario i’ll keep record of it and possibly draw for a t-shirt or something.


6 responses to “ENDO Sighting – License To Not Take A Day Off”

  1. Josh Finkler Avatar
    Josh Finkler

    our son sam’s siamese cat is named endo. it’s short for crescendo because he’s so damn loud, but we’re all avid mountain bikers too so it has that connotation for us as well.

    not really endo specific, but we just got sam his first 10/22 last year and he’s loving it, and just this past weekend i let him shoot a sig p290 and my duty weapon, a 5″ xd in .45 acp and he got a real kick out of the noise and the recoil.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Awesome. Oh yea I forgot about biking endo’s as well.

      You really can’t go wrong with the 10/22 at any age! I bet he was thrilled to shoot the Sig and the XD.

  2. BAM

    This website has endo all over the place.


    Does this mean I win?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I guess I should have specified real life travels. If you go to their HQ sometime that’ll count.

  3. That’s pretty sweet.

  4. SUBARU!!!