Operator Headspace

The gun store guys gripe some more about their customers:

My thoughts:

0:30 – Telling your customer the gun will hold X rounds but then not telling them about the plug, and getting mad when they come back is a dick move.

1:08 – Telling someone to read the manual is condescending, rather than actually helping them in the first place.  Everyone knows it’s there if they wanted to use it.

2:25 – Loading rounds in the magazine backwards.  hehe what is this H&K?… funny stuff.  Not worth making fun of someone over if you run a gun store though.

2:57 – Lady didn’t know she had to pull the trigger to make the gun shoot.  Yea that’s kind of dumb.. but again if you don’t like dumb questions you shouldn’t own a gun store or business of any kind that caters to the public.

4:45 – Not being able to figure out how to get into the box of ammo is kind of dumb, but in his defense those boxes are more confusing than a cardboard box.

Towards the end of the video Barry (pictured left) talks about how theoretically the round could fire if you tried to chamber a round that was in the magazine backwards.  I was skeptical so I actually just tried this slowly with my G17, and sure enough the round pops up pretty nicely and looks like the primer could strike a corner of the barrel, or even slam into the top of the slide and fire.



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  1. :30 I agree 100%.

  2. It worries me that people are buying guns that don’t know how to load a magazine or pull the trigger. Find a friend and have them show you the ropes. If you don’t have a friend that shoots then fucking pay somebody to do so.

  3. I love the jackass on the left who basically has nothing to add except, “yup, uh huh, that’s right.”

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      I have a theory. The jackass on the left is a toadie for the jackass on the right who has stage 4 small man syndrome. You can take it from there.

  4. AAANNNNNDDD they’re back to being dickbags… thats a shame. Here’s MY gun gripe of the day: Don’t own a gun shop if you don’t like explaining guns to people!

    ‘I just took 800 dollars of this guys money and now he expects me to HELP HIM?!’ I know… the audacity.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea they had a good run of “informative” videos with minimal douchebaggery there for a bit.

  5. It’s not the responsibility of a car dealer to make sure you can change a tire, pump gas, or drive a car properly.

    The car’s manual has all the info on how to use all of its features, change the wipers, operate the stereo, tilt the steering wheel, etc. I’m sure a good majority of the general populace drive their cars without reading it and don’t know where their fuse panel is. It’s like in Vacation with Chevy Chase, trying to find the gas cap for 5 minutes. I’m sure a lot of people go back to the dealer for amazingly retarded stuff like that.

    These gun guys are likely nice to the customers (they said they are in other gripe videos), but you just gotta vent every once in a while before your brain explodes.

    1. this is true but I haven’t seen a Chevy or Ford advertisement lately where they ridicule their customers. I have never met a salesmen that when people walk through the door with money they are treated like a massive inconvenience, or at best told exactly what to spend money on. This is the attitude of most workers at my local gun stores

      1. Crunkleross Avatar

        Maybe Ford should start a national campaign to ridicule their customers? Nah that’s getting too close to what Obama does to us not to mention HK.

        Some gunshops have bad reps for being such condescending smart asses, on one side I can understand, because some people come in and think they know more than they do and their sole purpose in life is to “educate” the gun shop guy or play gotcha with some obscure info.

        On the other hand when the gunshops complain about the net taking sales maybe just maybe they ought to look in the mirror and see if they are actually offering service beyond the sale. If you are in the business selling deadly weapons you should make sure that every customer left with at least the basic understanding of how that particular weapon worked, if you don’t you’ve failed your customer and the public. Not to mention putting all of our gun rights at risk when the uniformed customer makes a mistake with the weapon and someone gets hurt.

        When that lady left with the revolver without even knowing she had to pull the trigger to make it fire, after he explained some of it to her……that was on Mr. Bearded Knowitall not the customer who was obviously completely ignorant of firearms.

        1. JScottNH Avatar

          Plus One Million on the online sales thing… I have to drive 25 miles around every gun shop owner locally to go to a friendly joint…. And I’m no newbie… I shot the barrel out of a new in cosmoline GI 1911 A1 by the time I was 16, shot competively in IPSC back in the 80’s, and because I look young and don’t wear Carharts, they think I am wet behind the ears…. Ugh…

  6. Hell, I even check my airsoft gun manuals before using them… I don’t want to use the wrong battery, or gas or whathaveyou and ruin it. I certainly wouldn’t want to ruin a firearm (or worse) by inserting the wrong ammo because I didn’t read the manual. I have to agree with him on that point… Just RTFM and move on… The plug thing is kind of a dick move. I’d like to see him in a computer store…

    Barry: “Well this says Microsoft Office, I should be able to install it. It won’t install”
    Computer Store Guy: “Sir, that’s the Mac version. Do you have a mac?”
    Barry: “Uh… what’s a mac? I have a Mac 10, does that help?”
    Computer Store Guy: *Sighs and feels a little more dead inside*

    …Just because you’re required to know a lot for your profession means just that, and only that. It’s your profession, you should know damn near everything. That computer store guy might come in the next week and try and buy some rifle rounds for his pistol, then you can both have a laugh at each others’ similar predicaments. ;)

  7. I agree that the guy is a bit condescending, more than in his other vids. I appreciated it more, because it was very educational. So, this one a little less.
    But I agree with the content and with Bilang. I’m working in an IT company, and the IT guys use to say that when related to computers, 99% of problems are located between the chair and the keyboard…

  8. Ziemowit Avatar

    As a computer technician I remember one short thing from my school years – RTFM=Read The F**king Manual (it originated from early Linus users but refers to every aspect of life). To be honest I agree with those guys, people buy stuff they know nothing about and also give a water to the mill of gun haters as they are the most common reason for accidents, as we say in computing world – the problem of damaged or not working computer is betwean a computer and a chair = the user. In every aspect of life if one wants to use something the one should know at least basic and use one’s mind, I work as a project coordinator for It projects and as last line of support for IT issue with somne of the crucial encrypting software in a corporation, you will be very astonished how many so called IT technicians do not kno basic stuff about their work and not to mention how users are lacking any knowledge of what they work with, and the same goes for guns, my word is – exercise, learn, think and repeat those untill you can handle a gun, a car, a computer, a pen even. People are so used to have everything handled by others for them that they do not even try to think rationally and logically. This is a problem not those two being irritated by such individuals. Do not assume that if you know about guns athers will, as they will not, always assume that someone does not know anything and explain, teach, encouredge to think. There are many good and better gun schools and training, send people there, this is my advise for all of you and the guys on the video, if someone does such stupid things with guns, give them advise and send them for at least basic training, have some fliers of gun training schools and give them to the people. If we aware of the gun world and what dengers may come with wrong usage of guns start spreading the knowledge and encouredge people to leran and think, then for every person who will learn and not make any more mistakes like those we have a little success in our way to save the second amandment and our rights, people tend to say no to guns as they do not know guns. Have a nice day and thanks for the blog by the way it is great. :)

    1. …early Linus users…

      What does the little kid with the security blanket from Peanuts have to do with this? :)

      1. JScottNH Avatar

        Windows spellcheck fail….

  9. i like @1:o6 he says “whenever buying a firearm especially a gun…” wtf? isn’t a firearm a gun?

    1. Ziemowit Avatar

      Firearms term includes:

      – guns (handguns- semi auto and revolvers)
      – rifles (carbines, precision rifles, anti material rifles/guns, hunting rifles)
      – shotguns (hunting and military/police types)
      – rpg’s of any sort

      hope this gives you a little light on the terms used :)

    2. RTFM ;)

    3. Crunkleross Avatar

      A gun is a large metal thing sometimes called a cannon and usually mounted on a ship.

  10. Judge Dread Avatar
    Judge Dread

    I like the “operator headspace” they left at the top of the frame whilst filming this…

  11. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    I honestly don’t know what to make of this channel. Before it was fully of fun reviews, projects, and stuff. Now it’s just him and Barry being douches.

  12. These guys complain an awful lot, but having run a small hobby shop, i know that you get all types of people. Some are knowledgeable some are not. When you open any small business part of your group of customers are going to be first timers. That’s why they walk in to your store in most cases is for some guidance. If life is so hard because they have to deal with customers maybe they should just quit. Just because you like to think you know everything about one subject doesn’t make everyone else around you stupid. This attitude is taking over gun stores, everybody behind the counter knows better. They act like customers are a huge inconvenience. If working at a gun store is just so hard then maybe you should kill yourself

    1. I also believe these parts of some of these stories are just made up to try to get a point across

  13. These guys are just the typical annoying guns store jerks. Then they have to wonder why people are buying online.

  14. People who have never owned firearms look to shop owners to help them and not belittle them. It is all about education if you hate your customers this much maybe you should be in a different career field.

    1. Very well said.

  15. I remember trying to buy a holster for a 5906 S&W at an Army surplus store in Springfield IL. The owner handed me the wrong holster, and when I pointed out the right holster he admonished me by saying ” I think I know my own business”. When I told him I wasn’t going to buy the one he handed me because it wouldn’t fit, he suggested I bring the pistol in so we could be sure. But his condescending remark had already pissed me off, so I left and haven’t been back since.
    A little bit of cheerful disposition goes a long way. His lack of it cost him a customer.

  16. I just bought one of those boxes of ammo and it took a minute to get it open but I wouldn’t have driven 20+ minutes back to the store to have them open it for me, I would’ve gotten out the hammer.

    I like watching these videos to see what they deal with, but if they were in business in my area I’m not sure I’d patronize them. Putting the vids out there in the first place and being upset with people and talking down at them isn’t professional. Even if they aren’t talking down to them in person, they’re still doing it on camera for the whole world to see.

  17. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    2:25 – Why not show the customer how the magazine is loaded with a snap cap first. I would do this anyway just to show how it works and how it chambers.

  18. They work at a pawn shop, right? Pawn shops aren’t usually in the best neighborhoods. The number of educated people a bad neighborhood is probably pretty low. I’m not too surprised they’re seeing these dumb customers. If they worked at a shop in a wealthy suburb, I bet they wouldn’t see a lot of this dumb stuff.

    1. Trust me when I tell you that intelligence does not correlate to money, in fact with guns its almost the opposite.

  19. Crunkleross Avatar

    If there was any justice in the world the weaponseducation guy would visit this place a interview these guys. That would be a utube video worth watching.

  20. Well, to be fair about the tube mag plug thing, they said it wasn’t them that got pissed, but the customer

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      Well if you buy a self defense combat shotgun you wouldn’t expect it to have a duck hunting plug in it. Maybe in the box. Maybe these guys sell enough of them they could warn the customer ahead of time. Hell maybe even offer to remove the plug for them?

      1. I’m sure they get a big kick out of laughing as the guy walks out of the store and saying, “Wait till he gets home and realizes he can’t put as many rounds in it as we told him it holds.”

        I usually do my research before buying something and know what I want and how it works, etc. before going somewhere to get it. There are, however, times when I want to go to a store and have someone answer my questions or explain to me how something works – these guys could benefit from some customer service training, to say the least. If they can turn a profit while being dickheads to their customers, good for them I guess, but if I were the owner of a business whose employees were posting videos like this on the internet, we would have a serious problem.

  21. hydepark308 Avatar

    I’d like to hear of the the times where these assholes accidentally treated someone who was competent like shit because they assume everyone (especially kids my age) is ignorant of everything.

    1. +1 on that. I actually get treated like a dumbass at a local shop here in PA. They think because I don’t have 6 cargo pockets on my pants I couldn’t possibly comprehend anything about guns…

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        They think because I don’t have 6 cargo pockets on my pants I couldn’t possibly comprehend anything about guns…

        LOL pure gold Church.

  22. I’m sorry but these guys are just jagoffs! If they don’t like helping people and getting stupid questions they should find a another job. I sure NASA has a couple of spots for geniuses like this.

    I wanna see the episode where the Lil bearded guy on the right brings out the Gimp from his cage in the back