Mossberg Goes Full Wild West Tactical Retard

Yea, this happened:


Sadly, the joke is probably on me, because i’m sure they will sell a ton of those things.  At least it doesn’t have a zombie defense marketing twist put on it.  Good to see there’s a 3 sided rail on this for people that want to mount night vision, VFGs, multiple optics, co-witnessed BUIS, lasers, and a Remington masterkey.

If I had a few hundred dollars kicking around I didn’t care about, for kicks i’d buy one of these and rig it so that the lever made a dry heave sound every time it was cocked.

It’s like they are trying to out do themselves since the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw and their full-retard muzzle break they decided to throw on everything.



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  1. “Good to see there’s a 3 sided rail on this for people that want to mount night vision, VFGs, multiple optics, co-witnessed BUIS”

    There’s no top rail. So no night vision or optics of any kind. The fact that they have all that junk with the flash hiders, rail grips, ugly collapsing rifle grip stock… and no top rail for scopes or red dots? That’s gotta make it even a bigger failure!

    I think if they hadn’t stuck a buffer tube on a lever gun and went with a wood stock with LOP inserts marketed towards proper fit for hunting attire, casual use, smaller shooter etc, they would have been better. And they needed to keep the forearm wood with a smaller section up front for a light/laser with a removable bottom rail for grips. Why didn’t they port the barrel instead of adding a muzzle device? Good god.

    1. Yea theres not a top rail, but putting the optics at 3 or 9 o’clock would be the right thing to do on those rifles.

  2. I hate the stock, but the muzzlebreak on the .22 is giving me the weirdest boner…

  3. It needs a bayonet lug.

    1. so much yes!

    2. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      Yes. And then, someone needs to design a chainsaw bayonet for it. With a 2 stroke motor that runs on leaded gas mixed with baby seal oil.

      1. That is fantastic

    3. I agree 100%

  4. ugly as hell, some things.. are just meant to be left the way they are

  5. As I said on thefirearmblog, it looks like a Tapco AK and a Winchester 1894 had drunken sex and one of them got pregnant. I will say that if it turns out to be EXTREMELY light (say, under 3 pounds) then it has a chance to redeem itself.

    1. It says “5 1/2 lbs”

      1. Thats the wood stock model (If I’m reading it correctly). I can’t find a weight for the synthetic model yet.

  6. I HATE the stock. It looks like a truncated M4 adjustable stock that got fitted on the Winchester by some weird Frankenstein doctor. A sort of polymer/plastic stock would have looked a lot better, in a cool tactical black finish. It is so useless as it is. Remember the guys shooting boars with his manual rifle? Did he need a tactical adjustable stock? NO.

    But I agree with Cameron, the front part of both guns is quite handsome. A good idea, but the designers didn’t know when to stop. It somehow reminds me of the Matrix trilogy…

    My 2 cents : keep the idea, put a solid black stock, add a top rail and a tactical forearm (MP5 A4-style?).

    1. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      Someone was playing with Pimp My Gun at the Mossberg marketing department.

    2. lucusloc Avatar

      hate to play devils advocate but the guy shooting bores had a custom fitted rifle. want a custom fit without the cost? gona have to get an adjustable. . .

  7. I have to disagree, but the damn thing as ugly as it can be, makes sense. For $500 you have a rifle that can be used by people of different builds, can add light or lasers for home defense and in a caliber that will actually be useful to shoot more than poodles.

  8. All these gimmicks reek of a company that knows it’s on the edge of irrelevancy. And what’s worse, as has been said it’s not useful! I could get behind a more ‘modern’ level gun. But dammit if you’re not even going to put some rail space on top for an optic don’t put one on at all!

  9. Feh. If they had called it the “Mossberg Pilot’s Survival Rifle”, I’d have been good with that. If they had called it the “Modern Trunk Gun”, I’d have been good with that. But they had to slip that “T” word in there, didn’t they?

    And yeah, they should have put a rail on top for a point sight or scout scope; it’d have been a lot more useful than the tri-rail will be.

    1. dumb question, but is a trunk gun a gun you keep in the trunk of a vehicle?

      1. That is what I do with my trunk gun; a 12 gauge Mossberg 500.

        1. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          How is a gun IN THE TRUNK or your car usefull. If you needed it, it’s in the F’ing trunck.

          1. overkill556x45 Avatar

            Having a gun in your trunk may also put your passengers in a sticky legal situation. In my state, if I leave a loaded weapon in my vehicle (say, in the console or trunk) and my passenger(s) do not have CC permits, then they *could* be charged with illegal carry if you run into a particularly ambitious officer.

            I also don’t like the ideal of a gun left in vehicles, though I do it if the place I’m visiting won’t allow carry inside (post office, museums, etc).

            On the subject of the Mossberg, it’s for dummies with more money than brains. To each his own though.

          2. I always have a pistol on me; to fight my way to the big gun in the trunk.

            1. I’m pretty sure the use of a trunk gun is to have it in case of huge emergency, like, “Oh shit, my car has broken down in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and I’m starting to hear banjos” emergency. The kind of “Oh shit, my car has just slid off into a ditch and my phone is broken” emergency. It’s not meant to be an anti-carjacker device.

              That’s your sidearm.

              (Note this is all coming from a Canadian, where my government has proclaimed it illegal to defend myself, it seems.)

  10. You NEVER go full wild west tactical retard!

  11. Komodo Saurian Avatar
    Komodo Saurian

    Tactical flintlock, anyone?

  12. tac·ti·cal

    “of or pertaining to a plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired end or temporary advantage.”

    If Mossy’s goal was to take an impractical action style (although fun) and throw a bunch of impractical shit on it, then yes this is “tactical” however there is no advantage to be had with a lever action in the first place, maybe if your enemies are mindless and slow and your trying to conserve ammo…

    In todays industry its all about marketing; either beating a dead horse with an over used solution or finding something that hasnt been whored out yet. Hence why “zombie ammo” came to be. Mossberg just saw a product that had not been done in mass before, so they went for it. Kudos to them for looking outside of the box. Shame for falling into the herpa-derp box instead.

    1. After S&W started advertising its Tactical Bike Shorts, I gave up on the word. These days, if someone says “Tactical” I ask them to show me the startegic option.

  13. Could be worse, they could have converted it to a pistol grip AND still have a lever on it.

    1. lucusloc Avatar


      it’s a lever action revolver carbine. now it just needs tri-rails . . .

  14. ironically, I can see getting one of these for one reason. My wife is a bit shorter than I am, with smaller arms. Most rifles that fit me, don’t fit her, so the adjustable stock would work for our situation. Pity it’s so fracking ugly though.

  15. Once upon a time Czar Nicholas II of Russia wanted to equip his personal guards with the finest rifles available. So the Czar ordered roughly 300,000 Winchester/Browning 1895’s in 7.62x54R modified to accept the M91 Mosin-Nagant bayonet and stripper clips. They were (and still are if you cant find one) very accurate and much faster to cycle than a bolt action rifle. The Russian 1895 (as they came to be called) was very popular on both sides of the Russian civil war and loved by the troops that used them during WWI. It was John M. Browning’s (peace be upon him) finest rifle design taken to it’s “tactical” (before that word came to mean what it means today) zenith.

    This bastardization of the Winchester 1894, another John M. Browning (peace be upon him) design (and arguably his most famous after the 1911), drops a picatinny rail covered deuce on Browning’s grave.

  16. I’m ready for a modern lever action. I love the thought of a manually cycled weapon with its inherent durability and trustworthiness that can be operated fast enough to be practical for a carbine (I’m looking at you bolt action!).

    Also, think about how fun it would be at the range or out plinking to shoot a lever action that doesn’t look like you inherited it from your great grandfather.

    1. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      I don’t know if someone makes synthetic stocks for the Browning BLR, but that rifle in stainless rocks. The Marlin Stainless 1894 .44 Magnum would be another good one, I know there are a couple companies that make synthetic stocks (but not rails of course). Put a red dot on top for a steampunk CQB rifle.

      1. Man, stainless steel lever gun with synth-black furniture and an RDS is the farthest thing from steampunk you can get.
        More steampunk would be a Yellowboy with wood furniture and a few tasteful brass or copper accoutrements.

      2. Good find .. There are a few tastefully modern BLRs that are moving in the right direction, but it’s all still very hunting oriented it seems.

        .. has anyone else noticed that the .30-30’s bottom rail is not parallel to the barrel? .. I know it’s only really good for a grip but still why???

  17. Gotta figure in the “Firefly” factor.

  18. If I was 11 years old I would fucking love this shit.
    It’s just pathetic now…

  19. It’s as if the head firearm designer at mossberg is trying to get fired, but just can’t do it.

    “What can I design that is so retarded, that they will just have to fire me? I got it! I’ll put a handle from my weed trimmer on a pistol grip shotgun. That will get me fired for sure!”

    “Well, that didn’t work. What other useless crap can I design?”

    1. Can’t be that. I think the designers are going to CoD forums and asking for input on their designs.

      1. The Other Dave Avatar
        The Other Dave

        I think it might be a combination of both…

        1. The Other Dave Avatar
          The Other Dave

          And I will seriously beat the living h$11 out of the next fat guy with tacticool pants and oakleys that shows up at my range with a ridiculous contraption such as this one.

          Seriously, watch the nightly news for the guy who gets charged for shoving an xbox controller up someones fourth point of contact at a range shouting: “How’s your CoD reality session now”?”

          1. El Duderino Avatar
            El Duderino

            At the range I go to, that fat guy also has a Multicam boonie hat.

    2. An ether binge will make people do the strangest things.

  20. Take that God awful cheap AR stock off, replace with a black full body stock. Replace that Picatinny handguard with a solid black handguard and you may have something decent looking, but still i wouldn’t purchase one. Just leave the oldies how they are, reminds me of ghetto pieces of @#$% taking nice old cars and lowering them with bags, covering everything in gold and throwing Dayton rims on them. Just not right

  21. shockfish08 Avatar

    Gee wiz they should’ve used these in Firefly instead of those non-futuristic repeaters! :D

  22. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    This is how you know the end is near.

  23. Mossberg should be ashamed.

  24. The Other Dave Avatar
    The Other Dave

    SHOT show this year made me lose faith in the gun industry. This piece of garbage, the Zombie reticle EOTech and Leupolds, the new swath of the already ubiquitous AR-15s. The only think that kind of got me to raise an eyebrow (that is, not in disgust) is that Sphinx might be coming down to ordinary person prices.

    Unfortunately, the gun industry is kind of at a morass where the only thing they can innovate is to feed the zombie hype or make totally trashy items that appeal to your average foaming at the mouth idiot. I actually feel like we should ban any new AR-15 and 1911 manufacturers (the existing ones can stay in business given that the plethora of them have driven AR-15s down to decent prices). This might actually convince the talented gunsmiths to look at some new designs that weren’t made 60 and a hundred years ago.

    Yes i just advocated a ban in the gun industry. Hate me for it. I dare you.

    1. Acttually, I gave up when Ruger announced that its “game-changing” new product would be a 1911 clone. And not even a Rugerfied, “I’m massively overbuilt and can handle ANY cartridge even remotely within SAAMI specs” 1911, but just a regular, just-like-everyone-else’s 1911.

    2. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      Most of the innovative products were at the Kel-Tec table from what I hear. Good luck trying to purchase them, at least until Ruger comes out with a copy!

  25. Extra, Extra, Read all about it, Tapco Rapes, Mossberg Lever rifle.

  26. Dear Mossberg,

    Due to recent, and unfortunate findings, it is our duty to inform you that you have lost all credibility in the firearm industry. Please, immediately, retool your manufacturing facilities to making crappy plastic toys for dollar stores.

    The rest of the world

  27. theforgottenman Avatar

    When did Red Jacket firearms become a subsidary of Mossberg?