Gun Store Song

FXHummel1 tickles the ivories to the tune of gun store employees’ bad attitudes:

Here’s my ode to gun store employees who have bad attitudes. I do realize they have to deal with idiotic, ignorant customers all the time, but I have seen some genuine jack-assery by salespeople at many gun shops. Thanks to the good gun store employees who treat us with respect!

Lyrics are top notch, he really explores his vocal range in this one as well at around 1:40.

I sure wish he would take my Nordstrom piano performance suggestion from the last post I made… that would be epic.



12 responses to “Gun Store Song”

  1. My god this HAS to be the gun store in my town. I go in there now just to troll them because of how gun snobby they are.

  2. Oh good, another music video by this guy. I think he needs to get together with the BURSE/SWAG guy and put out a duet.

  3. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    maybe a duet with RTT-CQB Man……….

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      RTT-CQB man is a legend! If him and FXhummel got together the room would get incredibly HighSpeedLowDrag!

  4. My gun store guys suck. I hate to say it, but they have one good employee… If you ask to see anything in .380 auto they will just begin their rant on how useless a cartridge it is. If I ask to see a guy, that does not mean I would like you dumbass speech to go along with it…

  5. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I can’t stand a couple of the shops in town. One big-box store has lots of 40-somethings that like to tell me how useless ARs are. Never mind that I’ve been using one in the army for ten years, and only had one break (trigger spring), been in combat a few times and never seen one fail, and even seen a few middleeastern men take a 5.56 to the chest go lay down and hold his breath forever. But the gun store guy who has never “been there and done that” knows best. And he’ll tell ya ’bout it.

    The worst (and this bears repeating) was after my first tour when I went to look at an XD40 Tacticool in a Cabelas (in 2005). The guy hands it to me, remains silent. Another customer comes up and asks for a 686 or Gp100. Gun guy says “Good choice. Punks like that want plastic guns so they can just spray lead and not aim.” I was like six feet away. Seriously? I had been home for about a week and I had to walk away before I shoved that XD up his stodgy old arse.

    1. I would have said some snarky ass shit to that guy. Something along the lines of ‘Maybe we just want something that was invented in the last 100 years’

  6. Cartridgeholder Avatar

    Gun store grandpas only suggest three types of weapons.



    -.308 varmint rifles with wood stocks only

  7. Don’t diss the 1911 just because some 1911 dudes are closed minded. It’s okay to like polymer and steel frame guns at the same time. I have both, and if some criminal breaks into my house, I’m gonna shoot ’em with which ever gun I get to first. I don’t care which gun I shoot ’em with, as long as I stop ’em.

  8. man i like this guy funny as hell and talented lol, and seriously some of the people at gun stores are just terrible…they know one thing in their life gun, and have nothing else to offer the world lol

  9. I’ve played this several times now. I was at the store the other week looking at the same platform(M&P) and the guy was watching my hands, but the funny part was, I was watching his eyes. Hilarious… Take ‘er down, put ‘er up. All while hes thinking “hope he doesn’t point it at me.” Thankfully the other guy across the counter just bought a .45ACP M&P and had his attention. Seemed like a bro. Gun-Shop Bros.. Thats a song he should do. Guys who know the guys who work at gun stores. The guys who cut in line. The guys who are all “Hey Jim, how you doing! Good to see you!” “Hey James! Be watcha in a min! Got this asshole sking about 1911’s in 9mm. Gimme a minute!”

  10. ed sanson Avatar

    them old farts always wanna push their 1911s, no thanks, id rather have sumthin thats fairly new, and anyhow 1911s suck. Ill take a glock or sig anyday, instead of an ol foggie gun. Oh i forgot, a 45 will drop godzilla with one shot. Lol.