Ammunition Box Wine

Because only single ladies and gay dudes keep Franzia boxes in the fridge:

Holds 3 litres.  You can buy it with or without wine in it from The20Wines.  The box itself is $40, and with some wine it’s $100.

If drinking wine out of an ammo box isn’t far more sophisticated than drinking it out of a cardboard box , I don’t know what is. :P

It would have been more interesting if they would have made the wine inside the actual ammo can to soak up it’s flavors haha. *swirl swirl .. sniff* An aggressive gun oil boquet, with a strong gunpowder palate.

Even at $40 for the box it seems pricey… If I didn’t manly drink champagne and beer i’d probably head down to Fleet Farm and pick up a couple .50 caliber ammo cans for ~$12 and make a DIY project out of it.


Hat tip: Kevin


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  1. Timmeehh Avatar

    Wine? Real men drink Home brew beer.

  2. I love a good red, but honestly, I cant think of a situation where I need it out of an ammo can. Maybe at the end of a 4 wheeling adventure? I just don’t know. Maybe it’s something to impress your hunting\shooting friends while at the range or field, no?

    1. i packed a couple sandwiches, an apple and a bottle of tempranillo in a spam can for a picnic. the chick i was with was impressed as hello. damn, i wish i could be 16 again.

  3. Beer?

    Isn’t that made with barley and Hoppe’s?

    I can’t believe nobody went there!

  4. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    A DIY project would be better. Suit the liquor you’re drinking!

  5. Ammo can beer cooler would probably sell better. Hmmm.

  6. This ammo-boxed wine needs a shoulder thing that goes up and an attachment rail that you can hang spare wine glasses from.

  7. Needs a camelbak adapter

  8. Definitively a smart idea, I’ll go for a DIT project as well.
    The fun part is that posibilities are endless ! Get a .50 ammo box, and you even can put ice packs inside, or a larger quantity. Get a jerrycan, and throw a WWII/Vietnam style barbecue !
    I think fitting a functional beer dispenser in there would be more difficult, due to the need of pressure…

    Easier, use the box and crushed ice to keep your bottled beers refrigerat… refrigirate… ?? Cold!

    And wine ain’t just for gays. I’m with you Ray! Every beverage can be manly, as long as there is no umbrella in it !

  9. I agree with using it as a beer cooler. I’ve got to get to work on that!

  10. You know, I manly drink beer too (preferably dark lagers and the like), but I know a couple of home vintners who are also shooters. Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to pass this on to them!

  11. Nice!
    And the MBWITW buys her wine in a box…she ain’t single…I ain’t gay!!
    I can take it or leave it…Forty Creek or Scotch is my drink…
    Just saying…

    1. WTF is “MBWITW”?

      1. Most Beautiful Wife In The World, bubba..
        So WTF back at ya….

        1. Now do you mean Most Beautiful Wife in general, i.e. it could be your neighbor’s wife? Or do you mean “MMBWITW?” My Most Beautiful…

  12. Little short on details but I think they are inserting a stainless steel liner. No ammo can I’ve ever met is stainless.

  13. My girlfriend drinks box wine and I sure would rather have this sitting on the kitchen counter rather than what’s there now!

  14. I rather like that! I make mead, and I bet that would work!

  15. What a great idea… My brewing partner’s head would explode if I showed up with some mead in such a ridiculously awesome container.