Underworld: Awakening – Trailer

I saw the first Underworld, and remember liking it.  Looking at IMDB I see that I’m two movies behind before this new one… in your opinion, is it worth catching up?

I swear when I watch a lot of these trailers and I’m think to myself “Haven’t I seen this already?”.  This seems like one of those.

Kate Beckinsale definitely knows her way around weapons and tight suits… ENDO approved on that aspect at least.

Hat tip: Raeshawn


8 responses to “Underworld: Awakening – Trailer”

  1. Alex Raymundo Avatar
    Alex Raymundo

    The sequel is worth watching. It has some decent action-y bits, and I think you get to see Kate Beckinsale nekkid.

    You won’t be missing much if you skip the prequel.

    1. Body double, I’m afraid.

      1. Doesn’t matter, still worth it. Getting to see Kate Beckinsale in tight leather is always a good thing.

  2. Agreed, it’s not worth catching up on the series, but I intend to see this one.

  3. I concur. The third movie is not really worth the time. It ties out the plot line but it doesn’t fit the tone of the 1 and 2. This installment looks to be back to the original tone of the films, and worth watching.

    1. Probably worth watching, but doesn’t seem like it’s going to be unique enough to feel different from the rest. I will wait till this is on cable or PPV.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this for years. I’m happy they haven’t tried to pound these sequels out one right after another. I’ll credit the quality of the movies to that.

  5. all of these films are a “turn the brain on 50% and enjoy” watch…watch them all, enjoyable enough…seems #3 was a “well there’s enough interest and some of our actors from #1 could use another paycheck” type feel to it..