Attempted Shotgun Murder – A Story Of Survival

Ross Capicchioni recalls what a friend did to him outside Detriot, MI:

If Ross was carrying a gun it wouldn’t have done him much good in this case at first anyway, since he was caught by surprise.  It might have prevented the 2nd and 3rd shots though if he could have got it out with his good hand. I suppose being 17 at the time legally rules out the possibility though.

Since Ross lived and appears to be back to normal, 35 years in prison for the other guy is a nice to see. If there was any real justice though they would have executed the kid on the spot after he was proven guilty beyond a doubt, then used the money that was saved over sending him to jail to pay for an education for Ross. The world would be a lot better place if things like that were allowed.

Sad how things like this are just so unprovoked.  Some people put no value on a human life.


Hat tip: Scott P.


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  1. Pretty intense for a skateboarding company video. His story had me hooked the entire time…

  2. That is one seriously tough son of a bitch right there. He needs to be an MMA fighter or a rapper or something.

    That guy needs to thank god and allah everyday for the fact that the perp wasn’t smart enough to pack buckshot or there would be no Ross left to do a story on. What I want to know is: how do you conceal a shotgun?! He had to have had it in the car with him, where the hell was it? Backpack maybe? I don’t even have a backpack large enough to hold a shotgun that wouldn’t look extremely suspicious. I’m glad he lived to tell the story, and I hope that ‘kid’ that shot him gets raped every single day in prison for the rest of his days.

    1. He probably had the shotgun hidden at the pre-determined spot.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        Shotgun may have been chopped short too (like the Witness Protection SBS)

      2. I believe it wasn’t his friend who killed him but he set him up. People are misreading it. He mentions that the cops asked him if he’d recognise the guy if he saw him. Surely he wouldn’t need to identify him if it was his mate plus he calls the shooter ‘this kid’ instead of his friend

        1. That’s not true, it was his friend that shot him. I’ve seen the video twice, he makes it pretty clear.

        2. Diamond Avatar

          if you listened he said he knew the guy for 10 years and trusted him, thats why he took him there.

        3. Erica Avatar

          That was his friend though. He stated in the video he knew him for 10 years and that they were friend. But would you call someone who tried to kill you, just to get in a gang a friend? He refers to him as this guy or kid because that’s not his friend a friend wouldn’t do what that guy did to him.

          1. that’s fucked up

          2. adrian Avatar

            This is what I heard ok Ross knew the person who shot him they were FRIENDS OK so the reason the guy shot him was to get in a gang watch the song version on fb it tells both of there story’s from there perspective and made it in a song hear the lyrics like Ross it said he had his back and the shooter said that he was lying about having his back there u go just watch the vid on Facebook trust me it worth it :)

            1. Smiley915 Avatar

              The second perspective is made up. Joyner Lucas, writer of the song, even said it himself. He made up that second perspective of the song.

        4. Harry Beck Avatar
          Harry Beck

          Would you still refure to him as your friend tho if he shot you 3 times after a 10 year friendship?

        5. They called him the kid because at the time he the perp was a minor and his name could not be put out there…and it was his friend who did it

        6. I believe he used the term “This kid” because he was obviously not his real friend. & he said he’s known “This kid” for over 10 years & he drove him to the location because at the time he considered him a close friend.

        7. DeannaB Avatar

          It was his friend who shot him. “The Kid” pretended to be his friend as part of the set up so he can join a gang.

        8. Breanna Avatar

          Why would he even want to call him his friend?! For fucks sake he almost killed him, and stole his car. Like seriously?! He’s not a friend. I would call him a shooter too if I was shot by someone I thought I knew. And he did technically set him up because of where he took him. But if you also was listening he said he knew him for about 10 years. Sooo…

        9. Reece grant Avatar
          Reece grant

          Would you call ssomeone who shot you a friend? Haha

        10. your a fucking idiot Mogz818

        11. There was obviously more that went into the investigation then rosd just accusing his friend.
          They woulda had to investigate it also

        12. If you listen to his interview he says the man who shot him , had a friend tell on him .

        13. You’re retarded that had to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

      3. Brandon Avatar

        If u watched the video the shotgun was already hidden at the place where he took him to kill him…

    2. Why the hell would he want to be a douche rapper? So he he could end up shot again?

    3. Hooligan Avatar

      Fuck a rapper he dont need to b something hes already pro skater duh! Fuck, the world would be a better place if they let ROSS take a shotgun and blow the other kids head off that’s how the world should work. If u attempt murder and don’t get away and u get caught the victim should be able to torture/kill with all weapons as choice

      1. No not really. Cause then, no matter who that kid was, there will be heartbreak in his family. You look at how devastated Ross’ family could have been, had Ross died. Why would you want that for someone else?

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          I’m with Hooligan… I’d want that for any criminal; tough luck for his family. Maybe he should have made better choices.

      2. Ross states that he took the route of justice instead of seeking revenge. Unfortunately an eye for an eye makes the world go blind.

        1. yallan Avatar

          Not really, most people just don’t have the balls to kill someone. In anycase, best time to kill someone is after they are released from prison, much less media and police scrutiny.

      3. ItsNotRight Avatar

        And thatsr why.your name is Hooligan.
        You sound sooooo, stupid!
        We all die eventually, so let death choose his path.

      4. if ross would have shot him after getting shot an somebody from his family come back an shoot ross again what would be the point of ross shooting the dude only to die after he did all that fighting to survive…..pointless

    4. He def stashed it in the abandoned lot. I think to answer the comment on him deserving to be executed to save tax dollars why don’t we improve areas like Detroit so people stop going to prison and committing crime. It will benefit everyone. The reason he got 35 years is because people profit off of people being in prisons. Its a fact you can invest in private prisons in the stock market. Reality is as mad as you want to get at criminals, there’s a reason they let these areas get that bad in the first place. People are making money behind the scenes. THe sargents the wardens and the wealthy that keep quiet about where they invest.

      1. Brian Avatar

        True true I agree with robbie . I know about 3 people that work in jails and prisions or juvenile detentions and make 34% more $ than the median and between highest wage in the state

      2. Darien Avatar

        Whether or not a few guys make some extra $ because of prison investors is moot. The fact is it does drain the economy to house inmates for extended periods.

    5. taurean Avatar

      The shotgun was.hidden at the abandoned spot he took him to

    6. J Regaz Avatar
      J Regaz

      They showed in the music video, he had it hidden under leaves at the spot he took him to kill him.

    7. Amber Avatar

      Or he could have planted it at the spot

    8. Taylor Avatar

      He probably put it in a bush. So when they got there, he pulled him out of the car and grabbed the gun off the ground and shot him..

    9. He obviously already had the shotgun at the location he took him to. He was planning on killing him in a secluded area where there were no witnesses, so he setup the shotgun in the area he told him to drive through so that he can quickly kill him & leave.

    10. They said it was a sawed off, thats short enough to fit.

    11. Allahthisdick Avatar

      Fuck Allah.

    12. Nelson Avatar

      Shut up. Why didn’t god or Allah prevent it in the first place?

    13. Tashawna Avatar

      He was lured, it was planned the gun was already stashed.

    14. Fuck allah you fuck.

    15. Tyler P. Avatar
      Tyler P.

      He was set up…had the gun in the bushes and when he got out DA car he tagged his ass 3 times and broke his teeth…got the shotgun from gang members..

    16. Verilify Avatar

      He was shot with buckshot, there were pellets all in his chest. He even mentioned spitting up tar and pellets after they removed his breathing tube. Chances are he was just far enough away from the blast to the chest that the pellets didn’t have a chance to penetrate his heart. However he is very lucky to be alive.

  3. hallelujah for this guy being alive.

  4. That was a powerful interview/ video. What’s so amazing is to see that he’s come so far and put it behind him… in a way that he doesn’t feel sorry for himself. As he said, he doesn’t look at life by what he doesn’t have he looks at what he does have.

  5. Way to fight through it. Certainly shows how much you can do if you’re willing to keep going.

    Also for those of us who keep defensive shotguns, DON’T USE BIRDSHOT!

    1. Sounds like the bird shot did a good job disabling him. Defense is not about killing your aggressor, but neutralizing the threat. I’d also like to not worry about slugs going through walls.

      1. The way I see it, and I’m sure many agree with me. Shoot to kill not to wound; I’m not a fan of killing, I don’t wish to, but if I have to shoot someone they are gonna be killed. It avoids so many problems. That being said I feel that way if I am being attacked, if there is a situation where I’m sure just a wound shot will make the situation better, I would take that route.

        1. Crunkleross Avatar

          You are not justified in wounding someone, you are either justified to use lethal force or not. A firearm will always be considered lethal force whether you intend to wound or not. If you use one against someone you better be sure you are justified in using lethal force. You are normally justified in using lethal force against someone who has the intention and means of killing or causing great bodily harm to you or someone close. Trying to wound someone who has the means and intention to kill you is suicidal.

          1. Ernest Young Avatar
            Ernest Young

            I agree. do not shoot unless you mean to kill. Defensive handguns are designed to KILL, not wound (that’s what BS like Tasers and OC Spray is for). That is what they should be used for. If you feel the person only needs to be wounded, then use your hands or an object (I’d not suggest pulling a gun unless your going to shoot, why alert the attacker (what if they have a gun (pulling a gun just to SCARE away an attacker may get you killed and is a crime (Brandishing a weapon (I use WAY to many parenthesis)))))

        2. Who said anything about slugs? Use 00 buckshot. Don’t ever use slugs in a home defense shotgun.

        3. Kevin… The kid that shot ross probably thought he would be dead. You would think shooting someone in the head with a shotgun would kill someone.

        4. Even if he did kill ross, like he intended to do. The dickhead, told his friend who called th cops on him.

          1. Tashawna Avatar

            Umm weren’t they friends? So he knew him ryt?

      2. It sounds like the birdshot did a terrible job disabling him. He took two blasts at close range and was still able to fend off the coup de grace to his head. I’m all for neutralizing a threat, and the best way to do that is to kill the threat. It’s probably not going to play out too well when someone tries slinging birdshot at an aggressor who in turn throws buckshot back at him.

        1. He didn’t fend off, but turned his head just in time and got scalped. Listen again to how he describes not being able to breath or do anything.

          1. Ernest Young Avatar
            Ernest Young


            1. Crunkleross Avatar

              The xray is a clue.

              1. Ernest Young Avatar
                Ernest Young

                I missed that part, can you explain to me what the Xray showed that allows us to know it’s birdshot

                (I usually just listen to these kind of things while i work on other stuff)

                1. Crunkleross Avatar

                  Size and number of pellets.

          2. Maybe the attacker ran out of shells…

  6. NikonMikon Avatar

    I was reading a reddit thread (I fucking hate reddit btw) and there were a few people who went to school with this guy, one of them let it slip that the kid who shot him is named Tyrone. I lol’d.

    1. When Ross said he came to sentencing wearing a purple suit with a cane and a top hat, the only two things that went through my mind were “either a) he’s black or b) he’s The Riddler.”

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


      2. I got a little bit of humor from that comment. But at the same time feel it’s a bit racist……

      3. Princess Avatar

        This comment needs to go down in history. Hilarious omg lol

    2. its Tucker

      1. No it’s not. Tucker Cipriano beat his FATHER to death with a baseball bat.

  7. What-do-I-know-anyway? Avatar

    Wow… that’s incredible!

    You guys might not agree with me or think it’s off topic, but I bet if Tyrone had a real father, that would have never happened…

    1. You have no idea what kind of family structure he had. Ross even said in the video that Tyrone’s family was cheering him in the courtroom so maybe he DID have a father and his entire family was freaking deranged.

      1. Like he said (a real father)
        I am a real father and I guarantee you my kids will never do anything like this.

        1. Nothing like a ‘No true Scotsman’ argument to liven up the board!

        2. Alexis Avatar

          There’s people with “real fathers” who kill their mother and father. Jeffrey Dahmer (however you spell it) came from a happy upbringing yet he raped and ate boys. People come from all walks of life and will look you in the eye while they kill you and go play hopscotch afterwards. Just try not to judge.

    2. prophet Avatar

      well lets be glad he didn’t cause maybe he would’ve taught him how to properly use a shotgun and what ammo to use, and maybe he would’ve been wise enough to tell the monkey not to wear a purple suit and top hat to his sentencing while his tribe of gorillas cheered for him, yeah cause that’s gonna help ya get leniency from the court. Truth be told he probably met his father for the 1st time when he got to the state pen. Oh yeah I know this is sooo racist but I got nothing but respect for hard working average African Americans but I’m sorry to break the news Tyrone is not one of them.

  8. It’s scary to me that the shooter even worked up the nerve to go through with it in the first place. Glad this one at least had a just ending.

    1. +1
      Just another reason why self-defense is a natural human right.

  9. I’d move my ass right out of Detroit if I were him… but then again, that’s one of those places where I can’t figure out why anyone still lives there.

    Sounds like a tough kid though.

  10. For our purposes (firearm and self defense blog) it’s notable that a man can take three 12 gauge loads from relatively close range and keep moving. It’s also something for me personally to consider carefully, because I carry “red hold” or “Israeli carry” or whatever the hell it’s called this week.

    Smirking and insinuations about race and ghetto culture get us nowhere.

    1. Get a good holster and carry condition 1 or 2 (da/sa guns only). You don’t Israeli carry a revolver, so why do it with autos?

      1. Something to do with two small children. I can rack the slide in milliseconds but neither of them can rack it at all.

      2. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        What exactly IS Israeli Carry (or “Red Hold”), I tried to look it up online and found nothing.

        1. Carrying condition 3 (cleared battery) = Israeli carry

          @ 032125, even then when you’re out and about the town, you might not even be able to rack the slide. I’d like to see you rack a slide with your off hand disabled (either wounded, or restrained).

          I’m around small children too. What ends up happening for me is carrying the gun on my person at ALL times. It sounds like you’re leaving it out on a table and hoping because they’re small they can’t rack it. One day, they won’t be so small anymore. It’s awkward, but I’d suggest carrying it with you at all times. When carrying gets annoying, take it out of the holster, and put it no more than arms’ length away.

          1. Ernest Young Avatar
            Ernest Young


            Also, from what I’ve heard, the Israelis are tought to rack the slide regardless, because having one less round in the magazine is better than maybe having NO round in the chamber.

            1. That’s a dangerous way to rack the slide.
              I would never do that, not at all. A good holster and training, would prevent this guy from shooting himself. I’m sure he’s trained blah blah blah, but under stress or someone grabbing at him, just one slip of the finger, and his knee cap or thigh is gone.

              1. Ernest Young Avatar
                Ernest Young

                I think the best carry is an HK-P7 in Condition 1.5

                1. Ernest Young Avatar
                  Ernest Young

                  But that’s just my personal OPINION. Soon I’ll be buying an HKP7 (because I suck and they hate me).

                  1. Nothing like a gun that makes you feel like you’re using a flour sifter.

                  2. Ernest don’t feel bad, I bought one HK thinking I’d have enough… Now I have two, and I’m starting to think about a third and forth…

                    1. Ernest Young Avatar
                      Ernest Young

                      Well, the only HK I currently have is the Scorch.

              2. that’s how you would rack a slide if your off hand was disable. rear sight on belt or holster and push down.

          2. I am a firm believer that whatever you choose, you have to be consistent. I sleep with my Sig on my nightstand, and when it’s not physically on my person it’s very close. I work nights and sleep days, and even the best kids can have curious fingers, so the extra effort is to mitigate an already very low risk.

            When it’s on the night stand next to me, I prefer it be red hold (Army’s term when I was in) but I am aware of the risks, I do know several ways how to rack a slide one handed, and I practice regularly. Is it awesome? No. But everybody makes the call, and every call could be wrong.

            It’s A way, not THE way, as they used to say at H&K.

            Besides, I’m really not a likely target, being big and mean and ugly and alert. If I ever am unlucky enough to draw (which is itself statistically very unlikely), it is far, far more likely to be on behalf of another. We’re talking incredibly tiny probabilities all around here, but I judge the risk of a kid discharging the weapon slightly higher than the risk of me coming under fire and getting arm shot and having to rack wit one arm. Tiny, tiny risk.

  11. He’s lucky the perp only used birdshot I’d hate to think what would’ve happened if slugs/buck were used.

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      I’ve personally seen an arm severed at the armpit by birdshot out of a 16ga. The muzzle was against the armpit so the birdshot acted just like a solid slug. At very close ranges birdshot is effective but once distance increases and it starts to spread it loses effectiveness quickly. I wouldn’t carry birdshot for personal defense unless there was no other choice.

  12. This guy is more hardcore than i’ll ever be.

  13. The sad thing about this whole story is that the kid that went to prison is just going to be evolving in his own element. Prison is like college for these wannabe gangsters. Shouldn’t matter if the poor kid died or not, because the intention was to end his life. Even though the kid that shot him was even younger than Ross, I still don’t think that prison would be able to salvage much in terms of redemptive treatment for the bastard.

  14. I wish they had ID’d the shooter. I wonder if his smile faded a bit when he hear the judge say 35 years. 35 years X 365 days = 12,775 visits to the prison shower(not counting leap years). I hope every visit is….memorable. Call me racest but being that we are talking about Detroit I was not the least bit surprised to read the shooters name. Is there anyone on this forum who has not yet noticed the pattern? Not saying that all Tyrones are dirt bags, I’ve known enough black dudes over the years to know that they are not all bad but even they spoke openly about the “pattern” of violence in our city. (St. Louis)

    1. I’ll try not to call you racist, but when you open a thought like that it kinda sets the tone for whatever follows. Yeah a lot of criminals are black, but its not being black that causes it. There is a whole realm of social conditions that led to this. Personally I believe everyone has the chance to chose their destiny. Its just a lot harder for some people to chose a righteous path. Poor whites commit crimes just as easily. There is no government control that can ever correct, only a strong family and community (which Tyrone obviously didn’t have) will bring about change. I know several people in my life and some I’ve met professionally that all should have lifetime movies made about them. That being said, take every individual (regardless of back ground) on their actions and intentions. You’ll meet people that surprise you and avoid a lot of white scum bags too.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        A lot of criminals we are exposed to tend to be black, but it’s because of racism. You see, there is still a racial rift in this country, blacks tend to be poorer and because of that there is a higher percentage of crime (not because they are black, but because they are poor). More black people tend to be poor because of the way society likes to treat them. Also, there are plenty of white criminals, though a lot of them tend to be better off, which means they have the money and schooling to make sure it’s harder for them to be caught.

        (BTW, no I’m not some black guy trying to blame whitey, I AM white)

        1. Crunkleross Avatar

          I hope you’re not serious and just trolling. Otherwise you must believe guns cause crime and flies cause garbage.

          1. Ernest Young Avatar
            Ernest Young

            Guns do not cause crime, and flies do not cause garbage. But I love how you are insinuating that black people cause crime.

            Being poor causes an increase in crime. Some people are criminals no matter how rich they are (actually a lot of people), but being poor makes the idea of crime much more appealing (what do you REALLY have to lose). Black people tend to be poorer, there is lots of noted evidence of laws (even gun laws) being tailored to try and restrict black people. Because of this it’s harder for them. Many black people embrace this idea of crime and being a criminal. But, thats not because they are black, white people were doing this too, in the 30’s-50’s. Everyone LOVED bonnie and Clyde Barrow, and a lot of poor people idolized the Mafia.

            1. Crunkleross Avatar

              You started out good until you got to accusing me of insinuating that black people cause crime. You got that part wrong. It is you who is insinuating that poverty causes crime. That may be a poor excuse for crime but is untrue and makes as much sense as guns causing crime.

              It’s having a moral compass that keeps people honest. If you lack that compass and or have that “entitlement” mind set crime is an option. There are plenty of poor blacks and whites working two or three jobs to provide for their families without turning to crime. It’s sad they have to work that hard but much better than turning to crime. They have a chance to work their way out of a tough situation, turning to crime won’t do that. Instead of making stupid excuses we need to work harder to improve the education system. Even more important, parents need to re-assume their role as moral leaders of the family.

              As long as there is someone making excuses, excluding personal responsibility, and blaming racism, crime will continue to rise.

              1. Ernest Young Avatar
                Ernest Young

                It’s proven that people from poor families and poverty are more likely to turn to crime. It’s an easy way to makes lots of money, fast (at the risk of prison and your morality). Why do you think the Mafia was so big, and was made of almost entirely of immigrants.

                1. Crunkleross Avatar

                  Bonnie and Clyde were popular with some during the depression because ignorant people thought they were only stealing the banks money, not realizing the banks contain the peoples money. Because of the hard times many lost their farms and houses to bank repossesion causing some to be sympathetic with B&C, but if you read some history you will see they were not as popular as the media would have us believe.

                  The Mafia is another subject and I don’t intend to continue knocking down your straw man arguments. Suffice it to say that very old and established life style was brought over with them from the old country.

                  I’m going to take the posistion that crime causes poverty.

                  1. Ernest Young Avatar
                    Ernest Young

                    Explain how crime causes poverty.

                    also, ever heard of the FDIC. Banks are insured.

                    1. Crunkleross Avatar

                      Yes I have and I also know the FDIC was formed in 1933 right in the middle of Bonnie and Clyde’s run so most banks were NOT insured.

                2. OK, so everyone make friends with a brutha, an immigrant, and a poor whitey. The country will be a better place in a few generations. :)

                3. What is proven is people with low morals and criminal behavior are poor, yes. And Blacks lack morals, impulse control, etc…

                  “Why do you think the Mafia was so big, and was made of almost entirely of immigrants.”

                  Because they are mostly low-life immoral scum that are rejects from their native country.

            2. spencer wade Avatar
              spencer wade

              crime rates are higher in black communities because thats what they are taught from their music, movies and parents. the majority come from broken house and incarcirated parents. thats all they know. there shit parents tell them to hate white, the music tells them to fuck bitches and get money ( however they can) and the movies well thats just sad shit. so they come out the ghetto with no direction.

              1. Ernest Young Avatar
                Ernest Young

                Yes, this is all because of crime in the first place, and because poor communities glorify criminals (like Bonnie and Clyde, Frank Lucas, and the Mafia). It’s not only black people though, red-neck trailer park trash types do the same thing. As did all poor people in the 30’s (white and black)

                1. spencer wade Avatar
                  spencer wade

                  you can call them crimials. i should have put VIOLENT CRIMINALS. bonnie and cylde were two that made history were talking 75 percent min. blacks are convicted criminals. and the mafia would only kill you if you got in the way. it was target someone random for a shot at their wallet or shoes.

                  1. spencer wade Avatar
                    spencer wade


                  2. Ernest Young Avatar
                    Ernest Young

                    Bonnie and Clyde killed some innocent people too, as did Baby Face Nelson, how about Jesse James he killed MANY innocent people. Mafiosos were known to kill innocent people too, and had been known to do things like rob clothing stores. And then there are highway men, men who robbed people between towns since the middle ages, this was a common thing in 17th century Thuringia, during the 30’s years war. Even before black people were introduced in high numbers to Europe.

                    1. spencer wade Avatar
                      spencer wade

                      and that is all correct. but we are still not talking 75 percent of the one race. I wish it werent like that man but it is. just like the video said east detriot is no mans land, and thats fucked up that when the majority of a area is black is all goes to shit. you cant name one place that is not like that. they think gold teeth is an investment.

        2. paul kimble Avatar
          paul kimble

          white guilt?

      2. Nicely put!

      3. Why do you people keep making excuses. Yes it is because they are Black – Black areas worldwide are the same sh*thole.

        “Poor whites commit crimes just as easily.”

        You mean “likely” and no they don’t. Your “White people do it too” mantra doesn’t hold water.

  15. I knew a Tyrone once. He was a pretty nice Irishman.

  16. Awesome video.

    I have nothing else to say.

  17. Great to see him survive and tell that story. I think if he had been legally armed he may have done well. People who are armed and somewhat conscious of the value of life have a heightened sense of their surroundings. I doubt he would ever have the situational awareness to prevent that first surprise shot from tyrone, but he may have had the mindset to realize he was shot (instead of going through the stages he went through) or see it coming and have the mind to get off some shots before more came.

  18. Great video! I live in the downriver MI area, that’s a part of Detroit I don’t even drive through.

  19. Crunkleross Avatar

    Thanks for putting this up.

    The real lesson is survival. Never ever ever give up, never quit. I’ve experienced that spot where you can give up and die or gut it out and survive, put it in your head NOW that no matter what you will survive. My incident was surviving an explosion and being on fire inside a building but the elements of survival are the same, they are always the same.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      I was thrown head first from a rolling vehicle on the highway, I came to a few seconds later on the side of the exit ramp and instead of just lying there and wondering what happened or giving in, I walked towards the road and flagged down cars (I needed people to call an ambulance, or take me to the hospital). This whole time I had pieces of glass in my face, I still have a nice scar on my cheek were a piece of glass went THROUGH my cheek and cut my tongue a bit (my tongue was barley cut and my facial scars are barley visible (only ones still visible are on my abdomen)). I had a broken arm and some minor spinal and neck damage.

      But long story short, I soldiered onwards.

      PS: Isn’t the glass used in vehicles supposed to fracture in such a way that it CANNOT cut you?

      1. Windshield glass is laminated, meaning it is supposed to stay in one general piece when it is hit, but a good enough hit will cause a least some pieces to separate from the laminate. Laminated glass will still fracture into shards though. Tempered glass, which is the stuff used in the side (and sometimes rear) windows of cars, is designed to a) not break easily, and b) break into cube like granules so as to not be able to cut as easily. Tempered glass shards are usually much smaller than regular shards but are still able to cut and embed themselves, although since they are smaller and more obtuse their ability to cause severe mechanical damage is greatly reduced.

        1. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          I came out of a side window.

  20. thebronze Avatar

    Great video. That’s one tough kid.

    He never said exactly WHY Tyrone wanted him to take him there. Was it to buy drugs? This kid knew better, but he still went (against his own judgment). I’ll bet he listens better now.

    1. John Albano Avatar
      John Albano

      He did say why. It was to drop him at a “family members” house. Although it was just to shoot him in a secluded rundown area with no witnesses.

  21. Fucking black people. This kid is lucky as hell. We need to seriously consider nuking Detroit and turning into glass.

  22. Carlos Avatar

    I don’t know much about guns but it wasn’t a sawed off cuz the spread would have been much more lethal especially at a close range of 10 feet and the a shot to the head and chest about 1 or 2 feet from his story. Most likely the shotgun was at the stopping point or he had lied in some form as to his reason on going, either way he is a new man and thank whatever higher power or just his body’s will to survive so that I could here this and come to a conclusion that I’m turning my life around because of him and a relation to being attacked by someone you think you know.

  23. Brendan Avatar

    Maybe there had been more restrictions on shotgun ownership at the time, he never would’ve gotten shot…

    1. Are you fucking kidding me?! I really hope that was a joke. The shotgun originally came from a legitimate source; it was made, assembled, then sold to a gun shop/sporting goods store/Walmart/whatever… it was then either LEGALLY PURCHASED, or stolen directly from the retailer. Eight out of 10 crimes committed that involve a handgun, shotgun, or rifle are committed with a stolen weapon. If you’re so worries about gun violence, move to Canada, where crimes committed with guns are at an all time record low, but crimes committed with knives, blunt objects, strangulation tools, etc. have skyrocketed about 300% since 2000. If I had to choose, I would take being shot over being stabbed to death, beat to death, or strangled to death any day of the week.

  24. I have to pay for that low life gang member jail time with my hard earned tax dollars? Fuck that fry his ass. I hope he gets killed in jail so we don’t waste our money on him. 32k a year for a piece of shit low life with no loyalty to friends or family. What’s the differnce between him and an animal at this point? Euthanize him! Poor kid was just being a good friend driving him to his cousins.

  25. Killing the kid who shot Ross isn’t justice, Ross didn’t die.

  26. “If there was any real justice though they would have executed the kid on the spot”

    “Sad how things like this are just so unprovoked. Some people put no value on a human life”

    Contradiction there, dumb article great video

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      As I said below I don’t consider a criminal’s life worth preserving, that’s the difference.

  27. You can’t say ”some people have no value on human life” having you yourself just condoned the idea of state execution. That’s quite hypocritical, especially as capitol punishment is revenge not justice. Ross had already made a point of not seeking revenge which is very admirable and people looking for ‘justice’ should take a leaf out of Ross’s book. Very moving story, seems like a good smart lad!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I don’t consider a criminal’s life worth preserving, that’s the difference.

    2. Good point, yet I am perfectly happy with the idea of getting revenge against a piece of human scum

  28. Well a vengeful society isn’t one that should be promoted by anyone, especially anyone with a brain. You shouldn’t be such a slave to your emotions.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea because spending money on “rehabilitation” of some scumbag is so worth it. Way better putting it towards that then sending some intelligent underprivileged kid to University etc…

      You can champion for criminal’s rights all you want, but I feel were better off as a society if they’re dead and out of the way.

    2. I will say that I am torn on the issue so I’m only half stupid haha. The human race as a whole is a vengeful race and I don’t feel that could change and at times feel that it shouldn’t change. So, there is my two cents

    3. Have you never yourself sought revenge against someone? While the views you espouse are noble in theory, they are just that: theories. We humans pretend to be kind to each other while the reality is quite a different story.

  29. Have you never yourself sought revenge against someone? While the views you espouse are noble in theory, they are just that: theories. We humans pretend to be kind to each other while the reality is quite a different story.

  30. for all the idiots saying kill the threat don’t use birdshot…..he wasn’t a threat he was a supposed friend. he didn’t threaten him he didn’t do a damn thing wrong other than help yet another gangbanger wannabe, its time to treat gangs the same way as we do terrorists, shoot on site and lock them up in cuba, no trial no lawyer no defence, lets see how long the gangs last if that happens, lets bring life and living back to society, not murder and mayhem

  31. yeah – “Some people put no value on a human life.”

    yes, some people.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      In hindsight that was a really ironic comment, but I don’t consider someone who would shoot someone else in the face with a shotgun for no good reason an actual valuable human life.

  32. Jasmine Avatar

    That was NOTHING but GOD. He talking about about something lifted him up and gave him a push. It wasnt something. It was the Lord. God said no. It wasnt his time yet. Its no way you survive a shotgun wound to the chest. He better wake up and recongnize. Give God his credit !

  33. Ramsey Avatar

    Talented Rapper makes a song about this story. please check it out and Share

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Wow, that’s really well done. I’ll put a post up, thank you for the heads up.

  34. Alexis Avatar

    God wanted this young man to live….let’s see what he has in store.

  35. Reall eye opening son !!word

  36. Fuck this pussy bitch Avatar
    Fuck this pussy bitch

    Fuck this pussy bitch

  37. Fdont worry about it Avatar
    Fdont worry about it

    Keep god out of this because it wasent god he picked himself up and walked 8 ft gland got seen and the doctors fixed him (no god involved )

  38. Terri Kara Avatar
    Terri Kara


  39. divisionary Avatar

    so everybody thinks killing is wrong? how many people here support the meat industry? you’re all guilty of condoning genocide then. (\|/)

  40. Brooklyn Avatar

    This hurts my heart. How could you think it’s okay to do this? I wish my people would rise up and realize that gang violence isn’t the way. I’m so happy Ross is alive and that he made it. God has a plan for him.

  41. Brooklyn Avatar

    This is an inspirational and sad story. How could you think it’s okay to do this? I wish my people would rise up and realize that gang violence isn’t the way. This guy did nothing wrong. I’m so happy Ross is alive and that he made it. God has a plan for him.

  42. Nicholas Avatar

    Powerful testimony..Gods mercy was with this young man. His angels hands were what picked him up & pushed him forward. Now may God do a work on his soul & make him a mighty warrior for His namesake..

  43. Martina Avatar

    He clearly said it felt like 20 years that he’d known the kid,met him in school that year. The shot gun was in the boys pants. Hopefully his story allows for people to be wiser,and more cautious. He clearly had a gut feeling things weren’t right. Always go with your gut

  44. JTait Avatar

    They never show the name or show the face of the person who shot him. I wonder who he is?

  45. Saleeyah Avatar

    This really brought tears to my eyes. When he said the part about hands trying to push him up, that really gave me chills dude. He is so strong. And had a lot of courage to go in that court room and face those people. This makes me change my out look on life a lot more, him surviving is really a blessing.

  46. watchout Avatar


  47. he only lived because the shotgun did 7 damage XD