Banning Guns Would Help Us Focus

On the important things:

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haha so true.  I love how some people think if guns were gone the world would miraculously become a peaceful place.

How’s that working out for them in the gun control paradise known as California?  Oh not good… just the other day a deranged loser was able to do some target practice in a busy Hollywood intersection, taking a life in the process.

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  1. In reference to your link on that video, on several other videos of the same story I see so many comments saying things such as “it happened because people are given the rights to carry guns”.

    Which really pisses me off, ignorant people always blaming the right to own (or carry) guns on gun violence; and think more gun control will stop criminals from obtaining guns. I’ll bet the gun he used was stolen…

  2. M-cameorn Avatar

    i still find it amusing that there are people actually believe there would be no crime if there were no guns……….because apparently people never killed each other before the invention of the gun……damn Chinese and their gunpowder…..

    hell, if i had a choice, i think ide rather be shot than hacked with a sword, or beaten with a club, or fed to a lion…….

  3. NotWagner Avatar

    Meanwhile, in gun-free utopian NYC, a judge released a violent offender without bail of any kind…let him walk…and he ended up shooting a cop in the face…with a gun…in a gun control paradise.

    Bloomie didn’t berate the judge for release of a repeat offender…no….he focused his efforts and comments on the gun he used. A gun he wouldn’t have been able to use had his violent, repeat offender ass been sent to await trial in a cell.

  4. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    Uh…Hey Mike, do you have a the Picard facepalm image? I wanna use it for this post.

    While funny and tickled the internet humour side of my brain, I just face palmed because it seems to trivialize the whole gun rights/gun control debate.

    And ditto on being shot over death by any other means. If I’m facing Bruce Lee, I’m facing him with a shotgun. A swordie will be dealt with with an AR or AK. And hell, the animals? I’ll borrow Teddy Roosevelt’s Winchester.

  5. Tactical sword training anyone?

    1. Only if it has a rail mounted laser and a shoulder-thing that goes up.

      1. Gotta have a strobe weapon light too

  6. Turns out the guy wasn’t a looser. Sure what he did was pretty scumbagish, but he was VP of Deathrow Records, hes worked on several albums with artists including Michael Jackson, Jessica Simpson, and other big top performers. He was president of some record label at the time, and had started using heavy drugs. There was a report that stated he had started taking antidepressants which was very much out of character. That article has since disappeared (go figure :/) which doesn’t surprise me very much. His behavior had become erratic and at times bizarre. The breakup with his girl is no reason to go shooting the place up. Get over it bro. You’ll live to see another day. I dont want to be the one to say this but if I hear one more “We should ban guns than only police would have them” argument, I’m going to propose we ban women because the power of the pussy has far to much control and influence on day to day life of the average man. Prostitution, booze, homecoming, prom, chivalry, manners, porn, the list goes on. (Lol… what a stretch that would be)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      The guy he shot was the music producer. The shooter just worked at a Marijuana dispensary.

      1. I stand corrected. The article was a little confusing. It rolled from “the gunman this the gunman that” to “John Atterberry was a kind person…” My assumption was that they where stating the name of the gunman as John Atterberry. It seems like the media (LATimes) is mostly referring to Tyler Brehm as “The Gunman” more so than his proper name. Mikes right… The guy was a looser. RIP Atterberry. *Reading comprehension cap on*

  7. Wheres the delete button?

  8. Its funny that the Guy was killed by off duty cops who happened to be in the area. Technically (since they were off duty) an armed citizen ended this rampage. California really needs to become a shall issue state if there was an armed citizen near by when this whack job first started shooting maybe John Atterberry RIP would still be alive. Its to bad the anti gunnies will use the half truth of this shooting to further there restrictive gun law objectives

    Here are some detailed articles if anyone is intrested

  9. Nice pic. It reminds me of the idiots who say there’s more honor in melee weapons or hand-to-hand. Sorry, but the point of any weapon or fighting art is to have an advantage, plain and simple. The honor comes from the choices made even if you have these tools at your disposal.

  10. I read somewhere the guy was shouting “Allu Akbar,” could this have been a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrom (SJS)?

    1. I heard that too on the news.

      Frankly if a dude got up and said that, I would (rightfully in my not-so-humble-shoot-to-kill-opinion) believe that a perp. was going to murder other people.

      As for saying that to get killed, seems to work. You don’t see people blasting The Price Is Right’s theme over a ghetto blaster trying to do suicide by cop.