Sterling 9mm POV Kill Cam

This is awesome:

Awesome not only because I like POV cams on guns, but awesome because he did it with a Sterling.  Seriously though, if you don’t think the Sterling is cool, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. :P


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  1. Derrick G-L Avatar
    Derrick G-L

    This guy definitely did NOT go to the Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy.

    1. LOL!

  2. The group of targets he shoots at 1:45 is probably my favorite part.

    I need a pistol caliber carbine.

  3. The Sterling was a strong assault weapon with its 9mma and extended mag – though the Australian version has the best cyclic rate. Those that dismiss the system because of its Ten parentage should think again. Worked well in the Falklands!

    1. The Patchett/Sterling is nothing to do with the STEN – different designers, different makers, different weapon.

      1. Actually that is false, the Sterling can use Sten mags, so the designer of the Sterling definitely had the Sten in mind.

        1. The FN Minimi can use M16 mags. Does that mean it has M16 parentage?

          1. I didn’t say parentage, but it didn’t happen by accident in either case. So you can’t say they had NOTHING to do with each other.

            1. No, you didn’t, but the guy I was replying to did. His point was that unnamed people criticise the Sterling based on its STEN ‘parentage’. Mine was that IN THAT CONTEXT, the two have nothing to do with each other. Which is quite true.

              For reasons best known to yourself, you’ve chosen to get into the semantics of the words I chose. Of course one has SOMETHING to do with the other – both are 9mm, both a British, both C20th, both SMGs, etc etc.

              If you can’t see why I used the word ‘nothing’ in the context of the discussion, I don’t know what to tell you.

  4. …one word of advice, don’t dump your mags on the ground if you want to spend the time clearing jams and also learn some thumb discipline :)

  5. Gah, now why’d you have to post this? I’m gonna spend the next month lusting after a Sterling…

  6. This post pretty much highlights everything I want:

    a) My own farmland to go around and play
    b) Tons of steel targets
    c) Tannerite
    d) A sterling
    e) A contour HD cam

    Kind of in that order actually. Sorry, but the farmland and steel targets everywhere thing just makes shooting anything fun.

  7. OMG, I watched some of his Youtubery. He’s like a younger Hikok45.

  8. how did he blow up the tannerite with 9mm?

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      They make a version for rounds like 9mm.

      1. What’s it called?

        1. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          I’ve seen other version (that, like tannerite can be mixed) but something similar to these

          I’ve also seen somewhere “extra sensitive” targets. Look around, they exist.

          1. Ernest Young Avatar
            Ernest Young

            Also, if you mix tannerite 2/3 with “Armstrong’s mix” you can increase it’s sensitivity. Or if you decrease the stability of the substance by adding more of whatever the main reactive agent is.

  9. Pretty sweet video, but I couldn’t tell if it was semi-only at one point…

    1. it is just a semi, but he does good with it. the barrel is too long to be full auto and it also fires from a closed bolt. but he bumpfires the thing pretty good in the video

  10. I don’t see what there is to like about he sterling. A crude gun with mediocre features. Personally I’d take an uzi.

    1. Would have been cooler with a H&K G11 but what do I know.

  11. 9 mm, the new wild pig caliber, but only in full auto.

  12. “I don’t see what there is to like about he sterling. ”