Combative Handgun Course For Suicidal Assclowns

Try as you will, you will never be as operator as Chris Collins:

  • (0:16) – Is it necessary to use a real gun to practice such a drill?  It seems to be asking for an negligent discharge into the “aggressors” hand etc..
  • (1:58) – Punching with your handgun and flashlight? “I’ve taken it from impact from shooting a projectile, to impact using the steel” – LOL ok buddy whatever you say…
  • (2:45) – Where they start play fighting and trade taking shots from holds LOL priceless..
  • (3:45) – Speed & Accuracy (trust your team members) – *epic facepalm* whyyyyy?
  • (4:10) – Nice work on keeping the camera man in front of your muzzle, then dumping off a few shots… real classy and safe.
  • (4:37) – Yet again the camera man is infront of the muzzle during live fire
  • (4:42) – Why risk one life, when you can find 2 people stupid enough to stand next to your target?  Like I always say 2 is 1 and 1 is none.

It’s almost like Synchronized Live Fire Training For Operators got together with the South American Operator Stupidity Clinic and had this bastard American child Chris Collins.

I’m sure there will be some people in the comments that will justify having people near shooting targets, along with all that other ridiculous stuff.

The combative handgun skills Chris Collins teaches in that course is too rookie for me, I’m holding out for a combative rifle course when I can practice Ma Deuce disarms, and get ample opportunity to stand down range near a target being shot at with a recoliless rifles and M249s.

Make sure to save the video just in case… you know how these things have a habit of vanishing.

If you want to register for some of these classes G-1 Tactical Solutions is the place.  I’d like to see the waiver they get you to sign…



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  1. Some of these moves look cool, but obviously are not very practical in the real world. I’ve never understood some people’s excessive need to use live ammo in training scenarios like this. Reminds me of the video with instructor shooting what seem to be live AK rounds all around the student. There’s a point to where your training has gone too far. Needless to say, I wouldn’t take this guys class as I don’t like a handgun in my throat for any reason.

  2. WHAT A MORON! Risking lives like that for a CLASS? What an effing joke. It’s going to take someone getting shot in his class to wake up and shut this crap down. I’m all for intensive training, but practice basic gun safety first!

  3. Fillabuster Avatar

    (4:56) – Worst. Hip-throw. Ever. A minor point when compared to the other bits of silliness, but this was one of the good takes? The slow-motion, instant replay didn’t help either. Maybe they were doing it for comic relief? Either way, doesn’t help promote their product. Mike – I think reading your blog for the past year or so has made me cynical and bitter. Good job, buddy… good job.

    1. edition30 Avatar

      the Hip-throw wasn’t the point. What he demonstrated was the disarming technique called “CHR (Crappy Holster Retetion)”.However not to be mixed up with “CRS (Can’t Remember Shit)”.
      With “CHR” while you Hip-throw the assialant, he automatically looses his firearm because he couldn’t afford something decent ;-)

      1. edition30 Avatar

        …sorry forgot an “N” in Retention

      2. LOL!

      3. Fillabuster Avatar

        His DLH seems serviceable and would have probably worked if he had his primary or secondary retention strap engaged. Again, judging from his high-speed baklava, there is no way they could be taking themselves seriously (too bad it just shows a serious lack of judgement).

        1. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          High-speed Bakalva?
          The Greek desert?

          I think maybe you meant “balaclava”

          To emphasize

          ^ Baklava ^

          ^ Balaclava ^
          (it’s ok, everyone makes mistakes, I just had to point this one out because it was so hilarious (to me at least))

          1. Fillabuster Avatar

            Greek desert? Didn’t know they had one. I was actually thinking the dessert… I loves me some filo pastry. FILO (first in, last out) is pretty high speed though… tasty, tasty high speed.

            1. Fillabuster Avatar

              Apologies in advance – Please see above for cynical and bitter comment.

            2. Ernest Young Avatar
              Ernest Young

              Wow, nice one catching the desert vs dessert thing. This is why I love this blog. It’s so friendly and sarcastic.

              1. spencer wade Avatar
                spencer wade

                and you suck about all of it.

                1. Ernest Young Avatar
                  Ernest Young

                  Thank you kind sir. BTW, go fuck yourself sideways with a lunchbox, ok dude.

                  1. Fillabuster Avatar

                    Ah, there we go… much better.

    2. Meanwhile, in russia…..

      In all seriousness though, I have to get back to wrestling/jiu jitsu and the like, they’re just so fun

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        I do Jiu-Jitsu and Judo too. I have to agree, quite fun; and a hell of a lot more useful than this crap.

    3. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Mike – I think reading your blog for the past year or so has made me cynical and bitter. Good job, buddy… good job.

      I LOLd at that and then told my girlfriend. She didn’t think it was that funny because apparently I’m obnoxiously cynical in real life too haha oh well.

  4. I thought the point of having a gun was to shoot the guy trying to kill you. I guess I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life… I’m supposed to dance with my assailant using my gun as some sort of makeshift cane like I’m in a fucking broadway musical. My bad.

  5. I will say that teaching someone to switch to melee once they’ve run out of ammo is not a terrible idea. However, I really don’t think it’s necessary either, since I’m pretty sure once you hear the click and the guy is on you like a cheap suit you’ll start flailing like a monkey in a swimming pool anyway.

  6. Punish3r Avatar

    This is the gayest shit ive ever seen.. I cant stand this fake ass operator bullshit!

    1. The dude must have seen Equilibrium for the first time.

  7. We all know how this is going to end up in a week or so. I have already downloaded the video from youtube to add to my idiotic training archive.

  8. I wonder if they hand out Darwin awards for “best operator” at the end of each play date. I wonder what the thought process was (if any) when putting together this class. I’m guessing there was no thought process or else they would have realized putting one person down by the target while another inexperienced person who paid to take a CLASS shoots towards their classmate.

    Think their insured?

    1. play date! He should rename his business, “Deadly Daycare … Leave Your Nitwits with Us.”

  9. FClassAssassin Avatar

    So this is what happens to the Drop Kicks that Black Water reject !!!!

  10. Secret Squirrel Avatar
    Secret Squirrel

    Even as combatives practice, I’m pretty sure this isn’t any good because your assailant is afraid to offer any resistance (i.e. *actually* grabbing for your gun and fighting you for it) for fear they’ll fuck up your ninja moves and get shot.

  11. Rickenbacker Avatar

    WTF? Is he trying to kill his students himself, or just trying to get them to kill themselves?

  12. Rickenbacker Avatar

    I don’t quite see how being punched in the throat with a loaded handgun – in slow motion! – will help me in any way…

  13. lol “we’re able to show people how to protect themselves against skilled combatants” *camera pans to show two people unenthusiastically waving drumsticks at each other.

  14. Damn! The guy is pretty fucking ninja !
    @ edition30 : Thanks for noticing the gun dropping when he tries to couple with his male buddy (I wouldn’t call this a hip-throw), I was laughing so hard I didn’t even notice the first time !

    I had to hlod my breath when I saw the rapid-fire session, with the 2 dudes around the target. The guy is shooting, and the gun is moving, and moving… hopefully the 2 kamikazes are wearing effective protection…

  15. wat?

  16. The title sequence was created in iMovie.

    Looks like they took all the money the saved on video production and spent it on insurance riders.

  17. Damn, nobody has commented on the rip off pictures of Splinter Cell at the beginning and end. Those were hilarious and kind of give you his mindset.

    1. i came here to make this comment :(

  18. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I noticed that his magazines with red tape on them all contained live ammo. Then at 2:05 he seems to lock and load, then shove a hot weapon into his student’s throat. Why couldn’t that section be done with blue guns?

    I think there is a time and a place for considering contact-distance tactics, but this is absurd. Especially the part at 3:05. Isn’t that a move from “KillSwitch”? And again, if someone is enough of a threat that I draw my gun, I’m not going to dance and wrestle with them. If they’re two feet away, I’m still not going to try to get them into an elaborate joint lock when I can just squeeze a trigger.

  19. This “trainer”, Chris Collins, is a dangerous dude alright! In other words, he is UNSAFE and will eventually get someone shot. He violates almost every range safety protocol I know of for dynamic training. You can train in and learn CQB handgun safely AND not risk getting shot or shooting someone. His concepts and methods are patently unsound and unsafe (using a flashlight and your pistol as impact weapons at the same time? B*LLSH*T!). Find another trainer.

  20. I feel sorry for these Darwin Award Nominees that run/take this course. And the fact that this guy posts this stuff on the internet for all (i.e., “real shooters”) to see. Why? Why?!? This is why Stupid People Should Not Breed.
    And if someone gets the coveted Darwin, I’d rather it was a “trainer” instead of a gullible student.
    That brings up a question: If someone DOES die at one of these classes, would they refund their money?

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      I’m sorry but, “I.E” translates to “that is” It’s not used for listing examples, but for clarifying a statement. By using that, instead of “e.g”, you’r declaring that “real shooters” are the ONLY people on the internet who can see this.

      1. spencer wade Avatar
        spencer wade

        once again

  21. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    EPIC RAT TAIL (and tie) JIN, I mean gadget. the slow-mo coupling was classic, they kinda hook-up and get confused then chris pats his partners lovehandles, next thing ya know the partners on his back. However I do believe the flashlight is designed like to break glass, so I stab someone with it.

  22. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    *that *would

  23. From This goof’s bio page… can it be true?
    “Chris has spent 9 years in the USMC as a member of 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company. He has 12 years of experience in the security industry, working worldwide and a lifetime in the martial arts, from Western boxing and greco-roman wrestling to WingTsun, Jujitsu and Kali. His expertise lies in his use of hand-to-hand combat, edged and impact weapons, firearms (handgun/carbine/shotgun), explosives, combat tactics and physical endurance. He has spent the past 15 years focused on the development of the G-1 Pipeline. He has taught US Force Recon Marines, British and Australian SAS members, SWAT team members and private security contractors from around the world.”

  24. This guy should do a “Project Badass” video with Mack from “It’s Always Sunny”

    1. overkill556x45 Avatar

      Mike, PLEASE do a side-by-side pic of this guy and Mac from IASIP. There’s definitely a resemblance. Maybe cut into a scene from a past Project Badass.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      lol awesome.

  25. I’m trying to figure out what the point of the drill at 0:16 is. If the guy in grey is the aggressor why is the instructor shooting away from him?

    1. PS: Hypothetically of course, I know you can’t shoot up your own student.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      It’s probably some sort of collateral/matrix type fantasy where there are 12+ aggressors so he has to figure out creative ways to kill them all and make them look stupid.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        yeah, ‘cept the training/choreography for Collateral was done with REAL professionals (ex: SAS).

  26. Um… If I have my attacker in some kind of lock or hold, immobilized and not currently a threat to my life, AND THEN I SHOOT HIM… aren’t I kinda gonna stand trial for murder?
    Or did I misinterpret what I saw there?

  27. Spinal injury at 4:56. Throw to the ground with a pouch in small of back.

    I’ve seen blue guns mentioned in the comments, which would seem obvious. Did anyone notice that at 5:28 he HAS ONE ON HIS BELT. Soooo, it was necessary to use a live weapon why? So it looks cool? So you didn’t have to walk all the way back to the table to get it? I can’t think of a valid reason to point a live weapon at a person in training.

    As Vhyrus said, I can definitely see the positive in teaching someone how to fight when the gun goes dry (or even before if they are on you before you can produce the firearm). But that’s about all I saw here that made any sense.

  28. Ryo Ohki Avatar

    I hope this guy starts up a sweat lodge, I’d sign up!

  29. Another observation: gee, this guy sure likes to hit people with his handgun. First, shouldn’t he be using something a little… heavier? Like anything other than a Glock, say?
    Second thought: Maybe we’ve found the target market for that little pistol bayonet that Kabar sells…

  30. Wow, I think that is the most times I’ve ‘gasped’ watching an youtube video in awhile.

  31. I think this guy is serious. I don’t think he is joking! Weird. It looks like a joke, but ,,, Surely this is a joke.

  32. Whatever they’re doing it’s not something that’s obviously going to be helpful for anyone who isn’t going on Rambo’ish missions.

  33. YOu missed the weapon retention fail @4:56

    Dude… I dont want to be that guy but this question has been burning in my mind lately. The more I shoot, the more I notice that people of asian decent are REALLY REALLY into guns. Guns and mall ninja shit. Is it just a cultural thing? By no means am I being bigoted, just trying to understand my shooter counterparts. I always chocked it up to Counter Strike not being High Speed Low Drag enough.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      I think it’s because guns are restricted in most Asian countries, yet are highly popular (airsoft, and most anime, not to mention all the Asian cop action movies).

      They have a term for them over there, they call them Gun-Otaku (which is equivalent to “gun-nut” here).
      They come over to places to take training courses and shoot full-autos (we call them gun tourist)

      1. Makes sense to me. Again, this is just an observation. I frequent CalGuns, Meetup groups, and spend a decent amount of time at the range. Obviously the question could be turned around on your typical hillbilly but thats a given here in ‘Merica.

        I only asked because the guy in the video had a threaded pistol and was rocking a tie. Looked like he fell out of a Tokyo Beebop, or Ghost In The Shell flick.

  34. This is a nice nugget from G1Tac..

    “This is what it is titled. Adventure and a lot of fun. If you want to do what you see being done in the movies, this is for you. Imagine yourself learning how to shoot handguns, rifles, long rifles, shotguns, surviving in the jungle, jumping out of airplanes, fast roping from a helicopter, operating Zodiac rubber inflatable boats, repelling, riding motorcycles in the mountains, fighting with sticks and knives in the jungle the same way it has been practiced 1,000 years ago, navigating through the wilderness with a compass and a map, or hunting wild boar.

    We do it all here at G-1 tactical Solutions, executive adventures. We arrange the trip the way you want it. You tell us what you want to do or let us create the ultimate package for you. When you get sick of the city and want to see if you still have the raw man inside you, G-1 tactical is the best place to find out.”

  35. EPIC fail. this guy gives Asians a bad name. This isn’t practical, this is STUPID.

  36. It’s cool because if you wanna die without having to kill yourself all you have to do is simply learn right!

    1. *Lean


  37. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade


  38. What’s with the x files music?

    Oh, and i want to rant. Why do people look left and right after they have fired? Is it some super duper tactical shooting stategy? Maybe their gun is so loud they can’t hear anything and they want to see if someone is attacking from the side? If they get in such a habbit they’re going to encounter a real life situation, shoot someone, look all around them, and not even realize the person they shot had on a bullet proof vest on and is now killing them because they can do all of this training but they can’t train their eyes to use peripheral vision.

    Oh, and it looks stupid!

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      It’s because there training to cross a busy street in the middle of their shootout.

    2. My understanding is that in a life or death situation, your adrenaline kicks in and you start to get tunnel vision. I know it happens with cops during high speed car chases, according to that “worlds wildest police videos” show.

      So maybe the lookaround thing is to force the shooter to be aware of his surroundings instead of losing situational awareness and only seeing his target.

      That’s my understanding of it. But then, what do I know?

    3. It’s called “search and assess”, People make a habit of doing it each time so that in combat it is drilled into their heads.

      The military trains soldiers to do it.

  39. Just check out the FAQ’s:
    Is there a hospital nearby?
    The hospital is only 10 minutes from the Training site and can handle most medical needs and a medivac on helicopter is only 50 minutes to Manila.

    So I guess if you shot a student or 2, you can get them patched up in a jiffy. Hmmmm…..Maybe he should add some kind of combat med course. Looks like he’ll have some live subjects to work on……

  40. Ernest Young – That was halarious!

    Mark – I can see that, and you sir have convinced me to shut my mouth on the subject. Touché.

    But I still think it looks funny.

  41. DannyGlover Avatar

    I am going to go right out there and say it


    Honestly cannot believe a Marine let alone a Recon Marine would be this f@cking stupid
    Someone please forward this shit to Travis Haley his response would be priceless.

    1. I’m currently training under this dude in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Hong Kong, and this is exactly the kind of thing he’ll do. It’s hilarious, dude’s a legend.

  42. I was thinking today I should email you and ask why no herpity derpity posts. I log in and find this.

    Way to go ENDO Mike, my faith in humanity is restored.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I post DERP as often I come across it! You’re right though, the blog was somewhat DERP free for a week or so.

  43. Approx :33 he demonstrates “pin and spin” retention… but with the opposite hand? WTF?

    And as for the live fire… why not just use airsoft… or blue guns and have the person holding the gun say “bang!”???

  44. Crunkleross Avatar

    Blue gun in holster use the live gun for throat punching oh yeh. We are in the golden age of operator training for the civilian, each instructor is going a little further more bragging rights for the gun school junkies. Until you can brag ” Well yeh but they killed me at the last school” you ain’t shit.

  45. Costa has a better combat beard.

  46. At least these idiots will be Darwin Award winners.

    I couldn’t count how many times he pointed a gun at someone, loaded at that.

  47. What is the purpose of going hands-on with an opponent, locking him up and shooting someone at a distance? If you are going to use deadly force isnt it better to use deadly force at the closest attacker? This place is a joke

  48. CRAP! Who actually took this class? You couldn’t pay me enough to stay.

    1. I took this class. It’s a lot better than Trojan. The safety rules aren’t as strict but non of us was as frightened as you.

  49. What i find hilarious is that he holds a real gun on his students but he’s carrying a blue gun at 0:11

  50. Robertlyn Schultz Avatar
    Robertlyn Schultz

    Oi! Why ~ Oh Why must folks throw Fucking Good Money after jerkoffs like this… Fuck A Duck! Sooo many Reputable Training Outfits available to most folks… They Just Cost A Little Bit More Is All!

    Thanks for the “Food for Thought” (more likely integestion)!

  51. Even though he’s an American (or at least sounds American), he opened his training facility in The Philippines. Probably because the officials there can be easily bribed to tolerate this kind of ass-hattery.