Common Gun Shop Slang

The condescending gun store owners are back at it:

I can definitely see how working in a gun store you’d “hear it all”.

If I owned a gun store I’d probably have a permanent hand palm mark on my face.

You can tell these guys have a lot of fun venting (bitching) on these videos. Even though they complain on youtube, they do mention at the end of these “gripe” videos how much they appreciate business, and they are happy to answer any questions people have. My guess is they are now actually condescending to people that come into the shop, which is no doubt much better for business.


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  1. These guys are pretty cool. If I worked behind that counter I would fucking kill the first person to as for a “fo-fo”. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

  2. Did they REALLY make fun of people with a southern twang? Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle retarded….

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      I don’t think you get what group of people they’re talking about here…… “chopper” gave it away real quick for those of us who aren’t pants-on-head stupid….

      1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
        Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

        They’re making fun of people who grew up learning gun terminology from the media and video games.

        That said, I honestly wish Iraqveteran8888 would make another channel dedicated to the store and stop mixing it with his channel. ~_~ I remembered what he posted before he added what he did for a living.

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          No they’re not. “Chopper” is southern thug slang for AK-47.

    2. Crunkleross Avatar

      It seems to me they are complaining about their jobs to make it seem more difficult than it is, look at me I’m smarter than my customers. Kinda like the attitude you get going to Starbucks and not using their terminology. If they don’t want to deal with people who use that kind of language move your shop to a different location.

  3. LOL, a woman in the background can be heard talking about “dildo(s)” when he says “extendo”

    1. OMG, too funny!!

      1. Yep, around the 1:00~1:15 seconds you hear all the relevant commentary… :D

  4. Seems from the terminology they encounter they spend alot of time selling shit to gangbangers.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar


  5. Having worked at a gun shop before, I can say that what he’s describing is hood slang. I heard a lot of it, including something just the other day when a fellow referred to a revolver as a “shell keeper”.

    1. +1 This area southwest of Atlanta is home to many people that are completely ignorant about guns, and more often about phonetics.

  6. What a self important asshole! I hope every one of these “Let me teach you why you are wrong and stupid” videos loses him business.

    1. i’m not into revolvers, but after watching the gun gripe about not being some sorta wannabe cowboy dick, i have a better understanding of how to handle and inspect revolvers. so i guess i dun learned something from this guy.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        Yeah, same here. I mean, I knew it was bad to swing the cylinder shut, but never why. Now that I do, I doubt I’ll ever do that again

  7. I like these guys a lot, but I wanted to nitpick about one thing: there’s an obscure (and IMHO funny) comedy called the Survivors with Robin Williams and Walter Matthau that was released in 1983. Williams’ character refers to the military-looking rifle he bought as an “assault rifle.” So the term has been around for quite a while before the 1994 AWB.
    I also wonder how much of their customers’ terminology confusion is the result of overall cognitive deficiencies, rather than a lack of astute firearm knowledge.

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      The term assault rifle has been around a long time, it’s the misuse of it that the media and govt started using he is referring to. An assault rifle is defined as a select fire, magazine fed rifle. It is incorrect to call a semi auto rifle of any kind an assault rifle.

      1. Not saying that the usage in that film was correct, incorrect, etc. Just pointing out that the term is older than we probably think.
        But I think it’s a legitimate question to ask whether common vernacular usage can eventually override a technically correct definition. Language evolves.

        1. Crunkleross Avatar

          You are correct the improper usage of assault rifle or assault weapon (WTF is that?) .. has.. crept into the vernacular, even in the gun culture by people who should know better. Even worse are the concepts and false realities that are creeping in. For instance people believe they will be in big trouble if during a righteous SD situation they used reloads, hell they’d have been better off to let the BG kill and rape them according to accepted doctrine in some circles. “A rogue prosecutor would go after you for using reloads, they’d say factory ammo wasn’t deadly enough for you so you concocted killer ammo” How stupid would you be if you couldn’t refute that? And don’t forget that if a Prosecutor is going after you it MUST mean you have criminal charges against you, care to name the law covering reloads in a life or death justified self defense shooting? No you can’t but that shit is repeated in every forum, gun shop, ccw class all over the country. Those that say they know of cases either can’t name them or when they do if you check you find a completely different set of facts.

          If your SD weapon has a “bad” name like “Cobra”, or if your weapon had any custom work, or hell if you called it a weapon instead of “emergency rescue tool”. Look at the ridiculous controversy about the Black Talon ammo, it’s ok to shoot someone with your 12 gauge slug but a HP out of a handgun just because of it’s name will get you crucified? LUDICROUS. But Winchester caved didn’t they? Proves my point.

          It’s hard to believe how far the anti-gunners and liberal DB’s have infiltrated and affected the gun cultures thinking and behavior. It proves how powerful the media is, tv, movies, and yes even the gun magazines and most damaging of all…. it’s in firearms training. I was just talking to a guy who just got out of the police academy, they are teaching this liberal BS even there he told me his class had been warned about reloads. So how long before the absurd becomes reality now? But i’m drifting into another rant I just can’t stand how pussyfied and liberal crap has become accepted as gospel and embraced by the gun culture. They are winning on that level friends. Think for yourself and if it doesn’t make sense challenge it otherwise it becomes true just because a lie gets repeated enough times. Sound familar?

          1. If you’re saying that our side needs to “control the language” you’re 100% right. I agree with that, but I don’t think it’s over the top to take a hard look at your strategy and tools for self defense, and evaluate what aspects can be changed a bit to give an overzealous prosecutor more “ammo” against you.

            1. Sorry… I meant to say “less” ammo against you.

            2. Crunkleross Avatar

              Overzealous Prosecutor? Tell me about him, what case where? And no not the case where Billy Bob takes his gun to visit his brother in law to settle and old score, and while visiting shoots him in his own house and then claims self defense.

              A Prosecutor prosecutes cases in criminal court so if you are there you must be charged with a crime. What is the crime you are charged with? Using flying ashtray reloads in your glock custom super eviscerator? First off why are you charged in criminal court if your self defense shooting was justified? If it was not justified you are going to be charged with manslaughter or murder, do you think the kind of bullets or gun makes a difference in whether you are guilty of murder? I don’t think ammo is listed as an element of the crime. Do you think if you used factory ammo in a bad shooting you wouldn’t be charged? Your honor my client is not guilty because he shot Joe Dbag with factory ammo. Ludicrous!!

              I think you’ve read too many gun magazine articles written by writers who had to pull something out of their ass to make the deadline. Makes exciting copy and gets the red blood going. It’s real easy to settle, go visit your local prosecutor, not a beat cop not the gunshop expert, and ask him whether it would make a difference if you used reloads in a justified self defense situation or if you commit a murder for that matter. While you’re at it ask him what he would do to you if you came home from cutting wood and found a man attacking your wife and you used the only thing at hand, your personally hand sharpened chainsaw, on this felon who’s stabbing your wife? What could be less PC than slicing up someone with a chainsaw? According to some you’d be in more trouble than the attacker best put down the chainsaw and go get the streamlight distraction device.

              The only time the ammo is important in court is determining who shot who, if you have a few of your reloads left for ballistic testing that takes care of that need. That is the only concern and that is remote in a civilian SD senario. This whole overzealous prosecutor thing is a fabrication as far as ammo is concerned IMHO. If not these guys carrying knives are really going to get it when they carve up some poor underprivileged youngster who’s only trying to kill them, can you imagine?

              Don’t fall into the PC trap. There are no PC weapons or PC ammo.

              1. Big Jake Avatar

                I think you have failed to take into account that civil proceedings can result from a shooting as well. And I can certainly see a plaintiffs attorney making those arguments as silly as they may be.

          2. The gun banners get more and more stupid everyday.
            I’ve read that they want to ban assault ammo, aasault knives, assault magazines,
            and the one that really cracked me up, they want to ban high compacity ammunition! (WTF?)

    2. there’s an obscure (and IMHO funny) comedy called the Survivors with Robin Williams and Walter Matthau that was released in 1983.

      I thought I was the only one who saw that movie!

      1. I saw it quite a few times as it made the rounds on cable back in 1985 and 1986. Lots of great comic lines, but one of the not-so-funny ones resonated with me as a firearm enthusiast. Williams had overpowered Jerry Reed, taking his 1911 clone off him, and using it to hold him at bay. “I sure do miss that gun” he confided, long after the weapon was surrendered and Reed remanded to the cops…

  8. Theblackknight Avatar

    Is he mexican carryin’ that glock?

  9. Theblackknight Avatar


    DONT ask a cop about guns. He prob dosent know much more then you.

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      +10000 But most of them think they know everything about guns. There are a very very small minority that do train on their own time and money and are good sources of info but you’re lucky to know one. Just like why you don’t see many cops at matches, they just don’t want to know how bad they suck. Yes I know there are exceptions who are world class shooters.

      1. It’s my opinion that this is a good thing.

        The job of a police officer should not revolve around the firearm, or any weapon. It seems to have pervaded our cultural thinking. For example, I saw a billboard a couple years ago for some sort of charity event. It was a competition of some sort between the local fire department and the local police department used to raise money, but the billboard said “Hoses vs. Guns.” That really resonated with me. The fire department arrives on the scene and sprays water all over, are the police expected to arrive on their call and spray bullets all over? Unfortunately, the answer in many peoples’ mind is yes.

        1. Theblackknight Avatar

          It’s just an ad slogan.

          You thinking more software. You dont want a bunch of trigger happy cops skipping steps in force escalation and going straight for the gun just because they can actually shoot.That’s a mental and training issue and deserves time as well. It is impossible to be too proficient with firearms when it’s your job to carry one. I’m sure you’ve noticed just as cops should be going to range regularly and don’t, hitting the gym gets about as much attention as well. The large majority of cops only shoot when qualing. I’m not sure how you can be ok with that.

    2. maryland resident here. back in ’04, i interviewed a local PD member about the assault weapons bill. she straight up told me that in MD, it was bullshit because all the “assault weapons” on the state roster we’re available in one form or another in unregistered variants. she knew her shit. she also taught me everything i know about the AR-15 platform.

      my stepmom kicks ass.

  10. I first encountered these guys making cut shells and wax slugs. I like those videos a lot better. If I hadn’t seen those first I would just find Barry loathsome.

  11. The Thompson with gold features looked hideous.

    1. Gangbangers would love to buy that gold Thompson. Its got bling, and I bet bling sells at a pawn shop. Ever noticed that pawn shops aren’t in the nicest neighborhoods? They’re usually in places that have a laundromat, a “checks cashed” place, a place that does car title loans, and a place that’s only named “we buy gold”. There have to be some gangbangers that walk in the door along with the normal clientele of a gun-selling business in that socioeconomic area.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        The best part is though, most gangbangers are going to looking at that thing, thinking it’s full-auto. There gonna buy it with a drum and go to fire it an realize it’s semi. The best part is though, that, THEN they’ll fuck the gun up completely TRYING to make it full auto.

        I almost feel sorry for that gun. By having those gold accents, it’s almost doomed from the start.

    2. I loved the gold features, but is it just me or did the barrel seem a hell of a lot longer than normal?

      Could look good if it was steampunked a little, but long barrelled normal Thompson just looks off.

      1. Cam, the Feds get pinchy about any rifle with a barrel shorter than 16″. So, when Auto-Ordinance brought back the Thompsons, they made ’em with a Fed-legal 16 inch barrel so you and I could buy one and not have to register it as a Short-Barreled Rifle.

        They make a Thompson ‘Pistol’ as well, with no shoulder stock, and that has the original length barrel on it.

  12. “Hand pistol” is a little redundant…

  13. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    Since we’re getting all anal I’d like the remind bearded guy that the statements “full auto” and “fully automatic” are redundant. It’s either automatic or it isn’t.

    How many “Semi-fully automatic” firearms do you own?

  14. Theblackknight Avatar

    Maybe he wanted to make sure people know he wasnt talking burst? IDK.

    Don’t you know, “45 auto” ammo makes your gun automatic!

  15. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    The amusingness of the video makes up for it’s load time. I SWEAR I gre 20years older just waiting for this video to Fkin load.

  16. You can tell he is talking about black people and Hip-Hop listening white trash.

  17. I think he is in this business strictly for the sarcasm….

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahaha no kidding

  18. Man, talk about a janky pair of holsters there at the beginning. You’d think he’d at least show off some Galcos or something. Encourage people to actually visit the shop.

  19. JP Rowan Avatar

    Dont be embarrassed to ask……after watching this video we made about all the stupid questions people ask…..SMH