A Song About Every Day Carry (EDC)

Absolutely kills it:

Alanis Morisette never sounded so good.

Seems like songs from this guy are a regular occurrence!


7 responses to “A Song About Every Day Carry (EDC)”

  1. First…..i lol’ed when he said nutnfancy.

    1. Me too. It’s too late, might as well admit he’s become a full-blown meme now.

  2. I laughed when he referenced Nutnfancy! Am I the only one that finds that very staccato playing style a little annoying? It’s a piano, not a harpsichord! It was probably more apparent in that last video that was posted on here. That’s what I picture a classically trained pianist who just did a couple lines of coke would play like!

  3. Theblackknight Avatar

    I’m happier he blasted stupid gun owners habits over using a certain attack on the keys.

    I cant stand the “EDC” culture.from a forum im on

    “Rant time.

    Gun guys get very nerdy and unrealistic when it comes to stuff. They put all these self imposed rules on themselves and others, which end up being stupid and unpractical. You can tell this with all the “EDC” videos everyone does. The fact you even have a acronym for the stuff you have with you everyday is retarded. They have a gun,a backup gun, extra mags for the 1st gun, and extra moon clips for the 2nd. They have a flashlight, a weapons mounted light, back up batteries for both, and huge smart fone in a Mr Middle Age phone holster,extra backup prepay fone incase the 1st one takes a dive, a couple non lethal options, a key fob spy camera, and AR waiting in the truck, and god know all the crap hanging off of it. Because you know, one is none,slow is smooth,but somehow also fast as well,bring all your friends who have guns etc etc etc. People don’t even notice your glock hat. Nor do they care. That shoot me first vest dosent mean anything to them.Only to you, because you shoot IDPA and cruise the youtubes checking out other people everyday batman belt.”

    1. Oh god yeah. For some people, after a point it stops being about actual emergency self-defense or personal responsibility and starts being about the gear collection and the buzzword bingo.

  4. This guy is awesome!

  5. Amazing