The Right To Arm Nerds

I believe that right is protected by Amendments 2 and 3.1415926:

UPDATE: Oh Snap! An even more hilarious video where everyone has guns:

LOL @  If I was still in university i’d “get involved” and become a campus leader just to troll them from the inside.

I really don’t see the problem with video #2. All the guns were aimed at the one guy that started it all… isn’t that what the police would do if they were there?

I love how their slogan is “Armed with knowledge not guns”.  Wouldn’t the knowledge we gained from incidents like Virginia Tech suggest that guns are the quickest way to end a massacre? 

Oh wait… but if guns were “illegal” on campus, that means there’s not even a chance that criminals would be carrying, right? *eye roll*

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  1. @ Mike, obviously from my commentary I am pro-gun. Not because I like guns, but because I am pro-personal-responsibility. This means NO-WHINING when shit emotionally, intellectually or physically hits the fan. No bitching about whether or not one “deserves” this or that, or anything related to that. Shit happens, it sucks, and it’s part of life. We do not have to like it, even if it happens.

    Doing the moral thing matters, even if it includes doing nothing at all.
    And yes, sometimes there is nothing we can do.
    For everything else, “In a world of compromise”…

    1. Whoops! I forgot to say that this video sucks ass, and fucking commie-pinko assholes made it.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        Not all commies are anti-gun. The Chinese are Commies and Norinco makes some AWESOME shit.

        1. Yes, Commies are very Pro-Gun. They’re just anti-civilian ownership.

          1. Ernest Young Avatar
            Ernest Young


        2. However, NORINCO items are obviously not for the local population… ;)

      2. “Hey, Boris. What would you do if I told you your pinko Commie mother sucked so much dick, her face looks like an egg?”

  2. “Oh wait… but if guns were “illegal” on campus, that means there’s not even a chance that criminals would be carrying, right? :eye roll: ”

    yup.. because criminals are such law abiding people. they pay their taxes on time, they stay away from narcotics and the don’t download stuff from torrents :D

  3. bima86 +1

  4. Enraged History Buff Avatar
    Enraged History Buff

    As much as I enjoy the idea of being able to conceal carry on campus, one of my teachers pointed out that it would be potentially even more dangerous for all the students to be armed if someone actually did decide to do a school shooting. Police wouldn’t know who the actual shooter would be, some people might shoot others thinking they’re the shooter… He made some valid points, which I hate to admit. Thoughts?

    1. At the point in time where there is an active shooter on campus, the only time you would have your weapon out and up pointing at someone is when the shooter strolls into your classroom to attempt to increase his damage. After that, your gun is probably in a lowered, or maybe a holstered position depending on the circumstances. It’s the same as if an active shooter happened at a large mall, store, parking lot, or work. When Law Enforcement comes rolling down the hallway, you’re going to hear them, you’re going to see them, and as soon as you do, you put the gun down, and just wait for them to do whatever they are going to do (and if you’re smart, you’re not making yourself a target.)

      You have your firearm out to protect yourself from great injury or bodily harm, and to protect others. You are not a one man SWAT team going after the guy. You are on the defense.

    2. The police would come in yelling, “Drop the gun” “Get on the ground” things of that nature. The concealed carrier would comply with police commands, the murderous psycho would point his gun at the cops. Also, if the concealed carrier and the bad guy ended up in the same room, that confrontation would likely be over before the cops showed up.

      Those who say “the cops won’t know who is who” haven’t really thought the situation through very far.

      I don’t know which University these people attended, because where I went, physical bullying, shoving, etc. . . had been left behind in grade school.

    3. The real reason to allow guns on campus isn’t to stop an active shooter, that’s a fairly rare occurrence.

      What is a lot less rare is everyday crime. I’ve had two friends ambushed outside their dorms, assaulted, and robbed. And I’ve been personally confronted by a gang member right across the street from the University I attend. I don’t want to become another statistic. Because it’s not even necessarily having a gun to deal with an issue on campus, it’s being able to be secure while I’m walking home. The odds of something happening like in the video are rare, although I will say that if some big jock started to wail on me, having a gun would probably keep me out of the hospital, even if I didn’t use it.

      But I want to really point out that it’s not about having some active shooter on campus. It’s about the crimes that happen everyday, like muggings, and rape. The latter of which is something that happens every single day to multiple women on campuses across the United states.

      1. The campus that my friend’s were attacked on was supposedly also a “safe” campus with plenty of those “Blue Light” stations around where you would “be able to quickly call for help in an emergency.” Obviously this did not help my friends until well after they had been attacked.

  5. This is the doomsday scenario every gun grabber predicts when concealed carry is brought up. When CC permit laws started going up they said that every minor aggressive confrontation would end in blood; every fender bender would be a shootout; every verbal confrontation would start a mexican standoff. It obviously hasn’t happened and won’t happen.

    To be honest, I don’t know what kind of hooligan filled Vo-Tech is depicted in these cute little films, but from personal experience this scenario just doesn’t happen. I am almost 30 and I have been going to college for most of the time since I was 18 years old. I have attended no less than 7 different colleges, from major universities all the way down to hole in the wall community colleges. I personally have never seen or even heard of a fight in a classroom. I am certain it happens but it is exceedingly rare. College is not high school, and most people have enough brains to figure that out.

    One place I would draw the line, however, is that I would rather not see guns being kept in dorms. I have seen some pretty rugged shit go down in college dormitories that a gun would have made much worse. Also, since every major school shooting so far has happened in class during school hours there is not much of an argument for guns in dorms. Most dorm students are below the legal age to own handguns (and therefore cc) anyway.

    1. So I tried to post a comment to these wonderful indie films. Apparently not only are ratings disabled (And have been since day 1), but all of the posted comments require pre approval. Gotta love that freedom of speech. Any bets on whether my post will make it?

      1. I’ve seen these videos before, and tried to leave comments before. They don’t want any form of debate because they don’t have a very good argument in the first place.

        1. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          We should all flag them as offensive.

    2. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      I guess we need an armed brownshirt in every classroom and on every streetcorner to ensure complete safety. Can’t repay your student loans? Join Peace Enforcement, get them paid off, and contribute to crime prevention today! Join now and get the best assignments, don’t wait to get involuntarily volunteered by your local Debt Investigation & Control Kommissar (D.I.C.K.) head.

  6. David Carr Avatar

    Pretty dumb.

  7. One less Bully. What is the problem?

  8. ^ word.

    Some crazy ass hole starts trying to beat his shit in, and he gets shot in self defense.

    Really trying to figure out what kind of thinking makes the guy with the gun the badguy here, unless they support assault.

    1. the morally responsible thing to do would be to get stomped beyond the point of physical trauma to the point where things like retinas get detached and lungs start collapsing. how come all you gun nuts try to avoid the universal truth that self defense is a cowards actions?

  9. This seems like a commercial to PROMOTE concealed carry. That dude was clearly assaulting the other guy.

  10. I’m sorry but that was all just hilarious to me. LOL’d through both vids.

  11. I flagged this video for Bullying. Hahaha!

    1. Brilliant! lol

  12. “Students for gun-free schools”? Fine. Y’all are free to have as few guns as you want- or none at all, if it pleases.
    Don’t tell ME to make a victim out of myself to please YOUR neuroses.

  13. I’m all for a gun-free world! If a magic genie could show up and make all the guns disappear then great, but that’s not going to happen so STOP trying to take guns away from the good guys!

  14. Andrew Saliga Avatar
    Andrew Saliga

    Ridiculous video.

    I’m definitely for concealed carry on college campuses. I agree with Nick, that while college shootings are fairly rare, there are other occasions where at least being able to store a gun on campus (for those who live in dorms) would be beneficial so they can conceal when they go off campus.

    I live in the buckle of the “Bible belt” and a few months ago two students from the college I graduated from where robbed and shot execution style in a park. It was a young couple just wanting to go for an evening walk. The results could have been different if one was carrying.