Detroit Gonna Be Detroit

So a 17 year old boy shoots his younger brother with a .22 LR in the rear end (sorry I meant the buttAX) … big deal?   If it was an accident and the kid is going to be fine they should just let the family take care of it.   I don’t often say “That’s racist!”, but in this case I bet if some white kid in a more affluent area shot his little brother in the ass the cops probably wouldn’t even show up, and everyone would just laugh it off.

When he bolts at ~40seconds is the best part… I was honestly bracing for the sounds of an entire magazine being emptied *phew*

Hat tip: Bryan


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  1. Insanely fast. I haven’t seen anything move that fast outside chickens after being kicked!

  2. well, no wonder she was afraid of weapons. her kids are dumb as f*** and shot themselves.

  3. And another perfectly good opportunity to use a Taser missed….

  4. queue Benny Hill…

  5. Any NFL teams looking for wide receivers or running backs? Hand behind the back no less.

  6. This surprised me given the relentless bad info from the “popular press”…

  7. The massive amount of ignorance throughout this video is just mind blowing. A 22 for home defense? Negligent discharge? The cops and media freaking out over a non life threatening wound? This is madness!


    I’m actually going to place the burden of blame on the media for running wild with the headline on this one. They make it sound like the kid unloaded a 9 into his little brother for hogging the xbox.

    And while were at it: How the hell did the cameras get there BEFORE the police? Answer me that!

    1. @Vhyrus,
      The cameras were there because the cops probably took forever to get there because a) it was an accident, b) its the ghetto and they just don’t give a crap probably. The press, obviously hard-up for a story..ANY story, were driving around slummin’ and listening to their scanner and caught this dispatch and were johnny on the spot waiting to dramatize and tantalize Detroit with their awesome journalism skills so they can get that big network job!!

      About the whole situation, it’s like a huge circus…like the drivers in Utah, it’s like “The Idiot Ballet.” Somewhere in there I was waiting for that one dude to pop up saying “get yo sistas, you mommas, yo guns and hide cuz they gonna rape everything when they break in!”

    2. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      I’ve seen news crews show up withing 5 minutes before or after the police in my area once or twice. My neighborhood used to be worse. I live in a residential neighborhood but we are RIGHT NEXT to what are now apartments but at one time a large portion of them were government housing. We had a few murders and even a shootout every now and then, maybe every 3-4 months or so.

      And yeah, the News vans would show up WITH the police sometimes. The only good part was if you got nosy or curious, you could ask them what happened and get a nice big explanation (unlike the usual -Nothing to see here, move along- response that the police give).

  8. I’m currently a student attending a school in Detroit, and having lived in the city’s suburbs my whole life, nothing about this story comes off as a huge surprise to me. Although I can’t really recall any stories about ND’s, the local news covers stories about gun violence and murder somewhat regularly. In regards to Vhyrus’s question about cameras showing up before the cops: It’s Detroit.

  9. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    Shooting suspect ‽‽‽

    He admitted to ACCIDENTALLY shooting his brother, it’s not like he gunned down somebody, and what do they mean “suspect”, he OBVIOUSLY did it, he even said he did it.

    Also, what does she mean pray. We already know everyone is totally fine. Also “doctors say he WILL survive”, NO-duh, he was shot in the ass. It’s not like he took a “glock .40acp hydroshock”, to the chest.