Self Inflicted Gunshot Point Blank To The Chest

Not sure what this proves, besides that this guy is an idiot:

Yea we get it.. the trauma plates are rated for 7.62mm.  They were developed and tested safely by engineers and scientists in a lab, so no one would have to attempt retarded crap like this in their parents living room.  I hope his mom sees this and grounds him.

I saw the cat to his right, and I was bracing for a Boondock Saints type incident.

Hat tip: Kenny J.


32 responses to “Self Inflicted Gunshot Point Blank To The Chest”

  1. god, what a total douche-fag !!
    i was also expecting the cat to jump up and run on the shot..

  2. It would of been a better vid if he would of took a shotgun slug to the chest

    1. It would of been a better vid if he would of took a shotgun slug to the chest

      It would have been better for the collective intelligence of America if he had taken it to the face.

  3. .40acp, eh?

    1. Beat me to it. Must have been one of those lesser known browning designs till s&w totally ripped it off. ¬_¬

      1. It’s a little known fact that agents for Smith and Wesson roofied Colt’s R&D team and stole the idea for the .40 caliber cartridge. As far as conspiracy theories go, it’s right up there with the faked moon landing and our own government bringing down the World Trade Center with explosives.

  4. yeah, i was just gonna say the same thing. he was aiming about 2.5′ too low.

  5. Yes sir now here’s a post we can all enjoy. Ear protection – check. Eye protection – check. .40 acp – double check. Now if only we can all figure out why this bullet made him say, “Ow.”

  6. airmandan Avatar

    i like how he’s wearing what looks like OTV with a plate carrier over that

  7. Double earrings, no shirt, exposed underwear (his belt must be having a malfunction, or he doesn’t understand what a belt is for), cigarette dangling from the mouth, cheesy Corona sign on the wall… you find the classiest people on Youtube.

    1. Or those without cable TV.

  8. That’s how they proved the FIRST bullet proof vest didn’t kill ya. Just sayin’

    1. And after that, it was no longer necessary. After that stunt, police departments believed it worked and bought it. After that, scientific tests were done during development and production, rendering stunts like this absolutely pointless.

  9. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I think he was wearing the plate carrier to stop the “40 acp” round and the OTV to catch the shrapnel if the Glock exploded :) .

    1. What you did there: I see it.

  10. Is he supported/sponsored by the SAPI plates factory at some level ?
    Otherwise he just wasted a good serviceable protection in about 30″… Damn idiot.
    Or maybe it was just to prove that a stack of his mom’s frying pans bottoms could do just as well as a real trauma plates…

    Besides, I wonder what would have occured if he had tried it 100′ away from the gun…

  11. I loved how he swept the cameraman after the shot.

    1. Anybody stupid enough to shoot themselves in their living room, ruine a plate, and drop a glock-bomb like that is dumb enough to completely forget the 4 rules.

      “Oh that target, yeah i know whats behind it…. liver, kydnes, lungs, heart, rib cage, spinal cord, in no particular order, derp”

    2. Swept with an empty gun, mind you. There sweeping if the gun was still loaded, but the slide is locked back.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        Bad habits lead to accidents.

  12. retro_joe Avatar

    Well that will void your warranty.

  13. I guess you can afford to buy and shoot trauma plates when you stock your fridge using food stamps.

  14. I’d rather hang with this guy than the Jabba the Hutt, valor stealing, asshole.

    1. …well yeah, but that’s not saying much.

  15. this is the glock… hydra-shok… 40 caliber… ACP… to the chest… point blank.
    I had to pause it so i could rofl and not miss even more douchebaggery.
    Oh, overkill556x45 +1 for the glocknade comment! Nice.

    1. to the chest… point blank.

      Who wants to bet that the dumbass in this video couldn’t begin to explain what “point blank” actually means?

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        Just to make sure I’M right on that term. It’s the range to a target at which a bullet still has flat trajectory, right?

        1. It’s the range to a target at which a bullet still has flat trajectory, right?

          Not quite, but you’re on the right track. Point blank is the distance that you can aim in the center of a target and the round will still hit within the acceptable “vital” range, regardless of distance. If your rifle is zeroed for 200 meters, targets closer than 200m will be struck above the point of aim; targets beyond that will be struck below. But if you consider, for example, a six inch area above and below the point of aim for a human target, the maximum point blank range for that would be that where the bullet did not pass above or below plus or minus six inches of the point aimed at on the way to that target.

          1. If that doesn’t make sense, call me on it. I’ll try to explain better when I’m not so tired.

  16. I’d like to see him do a follow up post where he tries out that ballistic tactical face / jaw shield thing.

  17. Ok we all know that a plate rated for 7.62×39 will stop a .40 (ACP of course). Why not go all out and use an AK47 (again with ACP rounds of course) to test the plate for REALSIES? Get brave, go for 2 shots center mass (the head) and see what happens!

  18. Sooo, macho! Do it WITHOUT the cigarette and the booze, dummy (betcha you don’t have the balls then)…