The Child Operators Of America

With beards like this, these boy scouts could operate in some pretty serious operations… black ops even:

Like Martin Luther King, I also dream of a day when operators can be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their ops.

All that’s missing is a more tactical outfit, some high speed low drag sunglasses, and a black rifle.

The pics are from the “Be One With The Wild” print ad campaign done for the Boy Scouts of America by Olgivy & Mather.

You can view some higher resolution pics in all their glory over at Ads Of The World.

If I could only grow a beard that respectable…


5 responses to “The Child Operators Of America”

  1. I wouldn’t trust anyone of them with my children.

  2. so my bro and i are sitting in this cafe on campus reminiscing about our time spent in the boy scouts, talking about shooting guns, starting fires, napalm, thermite, snaring squirrels. you know, the usual. this chick overhears and asks “where did you learn this stuff?” i just grinned and replied “Waziristan.”

  3. They shoulda put a pic of Chris Costa in there, just for fun…

  4. If these kids could grow facial hair like this, they’d probably be safe from pedophile scoutmasters.

  5. There is nothing else to say. That shit is ballin.