Minecraft Massacre

I’ve never played Minecraft, so I don’t know what the fuss is about:

Must be a hell of a game though, because the graphics look terrible.

Is the game worth trying out?What’s the learning curve like? Being a n00b, will I get destroyed?

Good to see Freddiew is adding real brass now… adds quite a bit to the realism.


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  1. weather or not you like minecraft or not will largely depend on how much you like legos. its a building game with only a small part being combat. if you want to try it out drop me an eamil, as i have a loaner account i let people use to see if they like the game. its not for everyone. also check out the mincraft forums, as they have lots of videos that will give you a decent idea what the game is about.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I appreciate the offer Lucas, thanks! Judging by the rest of the comments it’s probably best I don’t even attempt get into it though haha. I never have enough time for everything that needs to get done as it is.

  2. The wonderful thing about Minecraft is how open it is. Not just in terms of terrain, but in terms of possibility, you can create and do just about anything you want. The addition on mods means that even things not in the original game you can have, guns, Pokemon, airplanes, stuff like that. I really do recommend checking it out. The learning curve isn’t bad, just make sure you have a shelter built that first night.

    1. check out the mod combo equivalent exchange with buildcraft. that is really an amazing combo. I plan on running a server when 1.0 comes out that has both of those installed. we should start an edndo server. . .

  3. Holy interracial fantasies, batman! Who is that girl?

  4. Minecraft is basically the ultimate free roamer. You set your own goals and you see if you can pull them off. Take a look at some of the projects on the forums, they’re insane. Plus the whole circuitry thing so you can make things from cannons to full blown mine automated mine cart lines.
    Big thing is though your love of building these things and your will to get past the crappy graphics.

  5. Im addicted to minecraft…its legos for adults with the free roam of say, fallout I guess.

  6. long story short….. Minecraft will ruine your life.. but the good news is its temporary… The game sucks. But you can do aaaaaaaannnnnyyyyyy thing… sort of.

    on a scale of 0-10…. its 5.meh… W@aste of time… But worth the $13.

  7. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    Minecraft is great but the curve is quite high, minecraft wiki will be your best friend for awhile. The game offers NO tutorial and while you may enjoy learning everything by hand, it gets tiresome after a bit.

    One big tip, to cut down trees hold the button. Twice I’ve seen were new players will be punching/cutting a tree by just clicking the mouse, they’ll NEVER go down like that.

  8. Now he just needs to add links as well as brass with his belt feds…

    1. and he also needs to learn where brass ejects from on a M249….and he needs to learn that it doesnt have a reciprocating charging handle.

      i swear, you would think these guys would do research on the weapons they have…a simple youtube video would show the operation of the SAW.

      1. I’m just thinking in small steps here ;) I can’t think of the last time I saw one of the big plastic boxes actually being used either.

    2. And why the hell does the charging handle spring forward when she releases it? And why the fuck is the charging handle cycling back and forth as she’s firing? Can’t they figure out how these guns work before deciding to include them in a video?

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        Probably an airsoft replica, made incorrectly.

        1. Probably an airsoft replica…

          Dumbass toys…

        2. That’s what I was thinking.

  9. It’s an amazing game if you loved Lego’s as a kid. The initial learning curve is a bit steep, but it flattens out pretty quick. Combat is a minor aspect of it, it’s more survival (you vs the monsters at night) or purely creative (build a giant castle with a flowing lava moat). Single player is ok, but multiplayer is where it really shines, if you play with people you know (random internet scum tend to grief a bit too much for my tastes).

  10. People have built full blown number-crunching processors with visual displays, printers, self building bridges, programmable color displays, computer memory, even a version of Angry Birds has been built in Minecraft. At this point I’m not sure what can’t be done.