Tex Grebner Helps Trash The 2nd Amendment On Tosh.0

You’ll have to turn your speakers up:

Or if you prefer non-youtube in better quality you can catch it on the site – HERE

If you missed the original video where he shot himself, check out When Booger Hooks Negligently Meet Bang Switches.

The Tosh anti 2nd amendment rant at the starting left something to be desired.  Overall, very anti-gun but some of it was funny.

Judging by the comments on his going to Hollywood video, Looks like of his “fans” are pretty pissed.

It must take a long time to put something like this together, because the video of where he shot him self was uploaded back at the beginning of July.

Hat tip: Brent S.


16 responses to “Tex Grebner Helps Trash The 2nd Amendment On Tosh.0”

  1. Disappointing segment. I have stopped watching Tosh, because frankly, his skits have gone from hysterical to plain retarded, and most of the videos are just people getting hurt.

    And, I’m sure Tex whatshisname is a nice enough fellow, but does the gun world need to be represented by some dumb-ass in camo muttering about the zombie apocalypse?

    1. Everyone knows that Zombie Apocalypse is just code words for when life is “‘WROL’ because ‘SHTF’”.

      This video by Tosh sucks.

  2. Yeah, his anti speech was missing something… intelligence and humor.

  3. Fuck Tex is a derp.

    1. Dude, hes got western style… Desert fahkin Eagle… Its Israeli “How bout them jews”


      this guy makes me sick. Hes beyond Derp.

  4. Matt in AZ Avatar

    Sayin “I just fucking shot myself” while imitating Tex has become a real good laugh with the gun buddies. If it was me, even if I had a blog, I would’ve burned the memory stick and never mention it online. “Fame whore” Tex on the other hand, is just running with it, damn the hitch in the giddy-up.

    It does make me question using my BH with my “passive safety” G17. Does this make Tex a gun safety meme?

  5. His, Tosh, whole act is about saying offensive things. Watch in long enough and you see he offends everyone.

    1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

      Regardless, he did damage the 2A cause by doing this segment. Easily cut up and placed on Brady’s website.

  6. LA Gun Club is the worst range in Los Angeles. Just saying.. been there done that… it sucks.

  7. Mike, You gave a Top-Douchebag.. what about “Derp of the Year” You know its right up our alley.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha derp of the year.. I like that!

  8. For all the shit he’s taking and all the ‘OMG ANTI GUN QSFIWNEFWIENF!’, Tosh is the definition of satire. Nothing and I mean NOTHING he says on camera can be taken seriously. In other words:


    This is no different from The Simpsons gun clip. The anti gunners will yell, the rabid pro gunners will yell, and everyone with a brain will smile and chuckle at the 5 minutes of entertainment.

    1. EXACTLY!

      If people laugh, it was funny. I have enjoyed his stand-up. I watch Tosh.0 occasionally but I have young children. He does not have a bias that permeates his work. He just makes fun of just about anything.

      Chill people. Switch to decaf.

  9. Maybe its because I have been without TV for about 2 years but is this what Comedy Central has come to? Is that guy supposed to be funny? I feel like the same failed stand-up comedian, third tier “celebrity” host, web clip show had already been done (I’m assuming he’s a failed stand-up comedian but I’ve never heard of him). I honestly thought that Tosh.0 was a show on Nickelodeon.
    Or maybe its just because I’m getting grumpy in my old age but why do we give people like this air time? He’s neither intelligent nor original, so what does he have to add to anyone’s life? I guess I’m just having a hard time understanding why anyone would waste time listening to this hack. I would say to the people who listen to him to get a hobby, but I kind of like heading outdoors and not having to deal with idiots.

  10. So Daniel Tosh doesn’t like guns. That probably means he doesn’t have one at home. So LA gangbangers can get a Map To The Stars Homes and be certain there will be no resistance when they break in. Just saying it is probably not a good idea to broadcast that your home is undefended. Just saying… Not suggestin’ anything… That would be unethical…

  11. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    Always hated Tosh.0, thought he is an idiot, turns out “I’m Right”.