Stay Classy Miami Police Department – The Thick Brown Line

Yes, this is poop on a cop car:

The fallout from an incident involving a trooper pursuing, pulling over and detaining a speeding Miami police officer at gunpoint has escalated in a war of words on Internet sites, and has continued to bubble over with the defacing of a trooper’s car with gallons of human feces.  (Source)

If you missed the original story/video about the Florida Highway Police officer pulling over a Miami PD officer speed demon on his way to his 2nd job you can catch up HERE.

Funny how when the police throw poop on a cop car they get “addressed” by their chief.  If anyone else did that they would without a doubt be charged with something.

Hat tip: Anthony


12 responses to “Stay Classy Miami Police Department – The Thick Brown Line”

  1. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Triumph the Insulting Comic Dog was unavailable for comment.

  2. Book him guano

  3. ok so to get this straight, 1st cop pulls over other cop from different department for reckless driving. good, seems reasonable to me. +10 points.

    2nd cop from “offended” department pulls over anther cop from first department for apparently no good reason, gets a talking too. probably not as much as should be required, but at least there is some form of discipline. +1 point.

    poo dumped on first department, probably by second department, possible evidence proving this, first department looks the other way to “improve relations.” not so good. -5 points.

    second department issues statement saying they will not enforce the law on other officers unless it is at a felony level. horrible. -100 points.

    is that pretty much a complete synopsis or did i miss something?

  4. plenty of DNA evidence, i’m thinking….

    1. Kind of a shitty way to get DNA evidence though.

  5. When are we all going to learn. Police officers are not only above the law, they ARE the law. Get with it.

  6. I grew up in Miami, the MDPD (Miami-Dade Police Dept) is a POS. They should all get fired.

    1. i agree . every mdpd cop i know is a crook drug dealers and pedophiles there is one down the street that had pedo bear stiker on his truck.

  7. Ted N(not the Nuge) Avatar
    Ted N(not the Nuge)

    So, will they need to add: Are you a shit flinging monkey? [] Yes [] No, to their applications? Will checking yes actually disqualify applicants?

  8. Except in New York and other leftist cities where commie protesters don’t get charged with said crimes.

  9. Pooper Trooper.