10 Shots To Kill A Runaway Canadian Cow

In Gatineau Quebec:

The public is questioning why police didn’t use tranquilizers or corral the animals that were already destined for the slaughterhouse when they escaped from a trailer last Thursday.

Full story – HERE

I don’t think tranquilizers were necessary since the cow was being transported to slaughter.  But damn, you’d think they could have used a rifle , or a shotgun slug at least?

Probably the first and last 10 shots that cop will ever take outside of a shooting range.

Like the article says, 1 minute worth of video obviously doesn’t give us an idea of the context, but it still looks plenty DERPy.



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  1. ‘Dats not a GUN, iz it?’ Oh you silly canucks and your lack of firearms experience….

    If you are expecting anything better from a cop, I have some very sad news to break to you:


    When it comes to animals, cops generally waste no time in going straight to the ol’ nine since it is one of the few times they get to use all that range time and training to end a life without having to fill out mountains of paperwork and risk punishment. Just look at what happened recently in Ohio.

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      I disagree, paper work must be filled out whenever there is any kind of incident and doubly so when your service firearm is discharged. I would be fun to read tho.

      1. I promise you it is less paperwork to shoot a cow than to shoot a human (in North America, anyway).

    2. I’m curious where you heard about “all that range time and training”. Cops are like any other shooters, if they enjoy shooting they will do it regularly. Most cops I’ve met only shoot when they are required to. You’d be amazed at the poor marksmanship and gun handling I’ve seen from police officers at the range and at IDPA competitions.

      1. I guess my sarcasm html got filtered out on that line. That was kind of my gist is that they lack shooting experience relative to their vocation.

  2. I weep for the society that produced that cop, and just as much for the society that produced that idiot that couldn’t believe in gunshots.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      But dont you know, guns are only in movies and books, nobody EVER uses a REAL gun in REAL life.

      1. …nobody EVER uses a REAL gun in REAL life.

        Yeah, it’s probably some naivety on her part, but I can certainly see how an observer to this would be surprised that they’re shooting the animal with their duty pistols – I’m sure she was thinking maybe they were going to shoot it with a tranquilizer; after all, that would seem to make more sense than blasting away at it with your sidearm!

  3. Derptastic person recording video

    It’s a fucking beef cattle aka bull. not a dairy cattle aka cow

    It’s Canada. Trying to find a high powered rifle or shotgun in Canada is like trying to find a gun owner doing open carry in California.

    I find the person who recorded the video to be ignorant to their own Canadian news. It’s down right infuriating and derptastic.

    “What are they shooting it for? That’s not a real gun is it? They didn’t shoot it did they? (sad face)”
    Does anyone even know how humans kill bulls so they can prepare it for food? They shoot it in the head with a shotgun

    1. +1 I doubt Canadian police drive around with shotguns and AR-15s in their cars, like they do where I live (Pacific Northwest).

      1. They had an hour to get one before this video was shot. And if they had already spent an hour chasing it, why not wait a few more minutes for an officer with a rifle to get on scene?

        1. Good point. Even then, maybe these guys need AR-15s? Or just one guy brave enough to run alongside the cow and bump fire his pistol until the cow drops? It’s a lot better than listening to those on the video…

        2. 0:16 the bull charges.
          The owner of the bull by then told the LEOs to kill it.

          Just as if a human lunges at a LEO with a knife he fires to incapacitate it.
          The first few shots made the bull go in a different course away from the sound and pain. The later shots was to incapacitate it or at least slow it down which it did.

          4 shots to the head at 0:55. Doesn’t drop it dead as the skull of a bull is very thick

    2. Farmer Bob Avatar
      Farmer Bob

      To be technical, a bull is a male bovine that has not been castrated. A steer is a male bovine that has been castrated. A cow is a female bovine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a “beef” bovine or a “dairy” bovine.

    3. Derptastic person recording video

      It’s a fucking beef cattle aka bull. not a dairy cattle aka cow

      I didn’t pay close attention to your comment the first time, but as Farmer Bob points out, that’s a pretty derptastic comment you made yourself.

      1. Elaborate Josh.
        A beef cattle is a bull raised for meat
        A dairy cattle is a cow raised for milk

        Cows are female cattle and have udders
        Bulls are male cattle without udders.

        Derptastic? more like you read it out of context.

        1. A beef cattle is a bull raised for meat
          A dairy cattle is a cow raised for milk

          Cows are female cattle and have udders
          Bulls are male cattle without udders.

          Never been on a farm I take it. Forget whether it’s for meat of for milk; it’s immaterial. Both male and female cattle are raised as beef cattle. Where do you think little beef cattle calfs come from? Dairy cows? And where do you think little dairy calfs come from, if bulls are raised for meat? Bulls are raised to repopulate the species; they’re not raised to eat. Young bulls are castrated and become steers to be raised for meat.

          Your original claim was:

          It’s a fucking beef cattle aka bull. not a dairy cattle aka cow

          Your claim is that if it’s beef cattle, it must be a bull. Not even remotely correct. Hopefully that clears it up.

          1. I see what you mean. It would have been nice if that was said from the start.

            1. Yet a cow still has udders ;)

              I don’t need to be on a farm to distinguish a female cattle from a male cattle.

              1. I don’t need to be on a farm…

                No, but had you ever visited one, you might understand that not all cattle with udders are dairy cattle, and not all cattle raised for beef lack them.

            2. I thought Farmer Bob’s comment should have been sufficient without my elaboration. You’re the one who suggested the video person was “derptastic” for not knowing the difference when you clearly didn’t know yourself. Ironic.

              1. Though there is no distinction with beef cattle and dairy cattle there is a distinction between a female cattle (cow) and a male cattle (bull/steer)

                Is that sufficient enough for you to understand?

                1. …there is a distinction between a female cattle (cow) and a male cattle (bull/steer)

                  Yeah, I’m the one having trouble understanding things here. *eyes rolling*


                  1. Oh yes, I know that I incorrectly used the term beef and diary cattle. However I still stand firm that a female cattle is a cow which is distinct from a male cattle.

                    This back and forth conversation is rather pointless.

                    1. I still stand firm that a female cattle is a cow which is distinct from a male cattle.

                      Good God you’re dense. Congratulations for understanding that there is a difference between male and female; no one has argued that there isn’t.

    4. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      Shotgun to the head?

      They usually use a captive bolt stunner which is USUALLY air-powered. Not a shotgun.

  4. That standard policy for most departments, after all they are cops not ranchers its not their job to worry about the cows safety they have to worry about the safety of the public (in this case there is not much public though lol) and yes a cow can be dangerous. As far as the rifle/shotgun comment you do realize this is canada they probably don’t have long guns in their patrol cars.

  5. I would have pulled my Desert Eagle. CLAPCLAP muhhhfuckaa.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      Yes, because the Desert Eagle is just the king of all guns, nothing compares to it. Everyone should carry a Desert Eagle around because they are DEFINITELY the best defensive carry gun, period. o_0

  6. In the start of the video “thats not a gun isnt it?”

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      I hate when people ask stupid questions.
      “Na, it’s a stage prop, their filming a movie. Cant you tell by all the makeup artist and actor’s trailers everywhere.”

  7. Tierlieb Avatar

    Since that “That’s not really a gun” comment follows the first shooting, I think the female reporter was just suprised to see no effect. She might have assumed it was something for firing blanks, which is used to get cattle moving (though there is no point in doing so here).

    And about them wondering why the had to shoot the cow (which might be a bull in this case): It is a bit weird. Probably city police who didn’t know what else to do. Cops from a more rural area whould probably behaved more professional.

    Also, you can see that a generic handgun in the hands of someone with below average training is not a proper combination to humanely kill cattle.

    1. the female ‘reporter’ is a home owner.

      The bull has been damaging private property during the hours of trying to capture it alive. The owner of the bull told the LEOs to just kill it.

      0:16 the bull is charging. Just as if a human lunges with a knife the LEO instinctively fired to incapacitate the bull. However a bulls skull is very thick. to cleanly kill it with a handgun of such low caliber requires a point blank shot in between the eyes. it’s a very small area to shoot.

    2. Crunkleross Avatar

      No “that” really is not a gun…a gun is something else more powerful like mounted on a ship and would have done the job.

      That was probably a Glock 9mm invented to wound stuff 17 times.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        18 times if you superload. ;)

  8. fuckin animal abuse 1st class, not even at the slaughter house are they treated such way.
    1 clean shot could have dropped the poor thing lol.
    idiot cops.

    1. Theblackknight Avatar

      Really? Someone needs their vagina cleaned

    2. handgun vs skull of a bull.
      Clearly the bull can shook off 4 shots to the head as the video shows in 0:55. Of course the bull died shortly after but when reviewing the entire video
      0:16 the bull is charging and orders have been given to kill it already.

      I want you to kill a charging bull cleanly with one shot. Do you know how small that spot is if you want to kill a bull in one shot?

  9. 1) cops can’t shoot very well.. not nearly as well as even a modest competitive shooter
    2) handguns are underpowered… especially the ones they are using (460 or 500s&w would be better)
    3) cows are freaking huge and hard to kill with a hangun!!!
    4) why didn’t one of them have a shotgun?

  10. overkill556x45 Avatar

    In my brief stint as a local cop in a very rural part of the midwest, I dealt with a bunch of cattle jailbreaks. Our ops center had plat maps with contact numbers for the farmers who owned the animals in those areas, so when a cow jailbreak occurred, I would go guard the road until the owners showed up and we would put them away together, and then I would issue a notice saying they needed to fix their fence.

    I’m not saying I would never kill a Bovine-American, but there are about a million other options before we reach 12ga with a bonded slug. Blame Canada.

    1. “Bovine-American” ROFL! :D

      You, sir, have made my day!

    2. Apparently you do not know that they bull has been out for hours and they tried to capture it without prevail.
      The owner already told them to kill it. It’s heading for the slaughter house inthe first place

      1. …they tried to capture it without prevail.

        Did you mean:
        “…they tried to capture it but did not prevail”? Or perhaps, “…they tried to capture it to no avail”?I’m sure it’s not headed to the slaughter house after being chased and shot full of holes. I’m fairly certain that the slaughterhouses prefer to do the killing themselves, in a controlled and more humane manner.

        1. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          But according to SjKim, they just blast them in the face with a shotgun at the slaughterhouse. [/sarcasm]

          1. But according to SjKim…

            But SjKim has pretty clearly demonstrated that he (or she) doesn’t have a clue as to what they’re talking about. However, SjKim did, in another post, demonstrate that he (or she) is a GIGANTIC airsoft nerd. Best for them to stick to the forums about toy guns and make believe.

            1. Ernest Young Avatar
              Ernest Young

              Reread my comment, it was BLATENT sarcasm, of course SkJim has no idea, he’s a blowhard, he’s a know-it-all who knows nothing.

  11. To everyone saying that Canadian police don’t have access to long guns, this is false. According to the story as written by the Ottawa Metro newspaper, the police in the video did not have a rifle or shotgun on hand.

    Canadian gun laws are not so strict as to completely have no guns. @SjKim finding a high powered rifle or shotgun is as easy as walking into your local sporting goods store. With most “tactical” firearms banned or tough to get, most Canadian firearms owners own a shotgun or bolt gun.

    1. I admit guns are not banned in Canada.
      However at that moment in time the pistol is all that the LEOs had at hand.
      When actually reviewing the video you can clearly see the bull starting to charge. By then the officers already had been told by the owner to kill the bull.

      I’d like to see someone kill a bull while it is charging with a bolt rifle that close.

  12. This looks like ineptitude of the highest degree. I think the fact that it was destined for the slaughterhouse is irrelevant except to say that its life was essentially worthless. I suppose if it gets run over with a car you could rationalize that it was ok because it was destined to die an unnatural death anyway. I would be surprised if a slaughterhouse would accept an animal that was already dead anyway; you’d probably have to take it to a private locker where they wouldn’t mind that it was shot full of holes and died distressed. I don’t think this animal is going to make it onto a plate at Ruth’s Chris.

    If repeatedly injuring an animal with a weapon that’s not powerful enough to kill it, wielded by incompetent shooters, doesn’t qualify as animal cruelty, I’m not sure what would. According to the story, this was the last minute of an hour long ordeal trying to deal with these animals. If they needed to put this animal (and the other that isn’t seen) down in the interest of public safety (and maybe they did), they had an hour to formulate a way to do it and get an appropriate weapon instead of just plugging away at a moving animal with a firearm designed to be used on humans.

    1. Would it have been better if this was India?

  13. this is sickening… his stance os retarded and watch the muzzle flip all over the place with every shot

  14. “What are they shooting it for? That’s not a real gun is it?”
    I fucking hate Canadians!!!

    1. Love you, Frank.

      1. Okay not all Canadians… :D

  15. Thats pretty shitty.

  16. I see a lot of idiotic comments.
    The bull had already damaged a lot of private property during the hours of trying to capture instead of killing it. By then the owner of the bull said to kill it to prevent it from doing more damage.

    Check 0:16 Bull starts running. According to previous actions of the bull (hours ago) when it ran it would also ram.
    Shooting starts. I’d like to see you quickly pull off shots to it’s head when it’s charging.
    6 shots fired trying to slow or stop the bull.
    You have no idea what was going on through that cops mind but one must speculate he is trying to incapacitate it as fast as possible.
    0:55 as you can see they fire 4 more time AT THE HEAD and the bull literally walks away.
    It’s a cattle. They have thick skulls so firing a small caliber pistol cartridge won’t take it out in a couple shots.

    The point of shooting it once in the head is rather invalid since the low caliber pistol cannot deal with the bull unless point blank between the eyes (weak spot)

    Actually looking at the facts > Opinions on how the LEO is an idiot.

    1. …and yet somehow your justification of using a grossly underpowered weapon (which even you admitted) to subdue an animal that was not causing immediate danger to life or property is NOT an idiotic comment by your standards. How odd….

      And just to prevent the next reply, I understand it had recently damaged property, but in the video (which is the only ACTUAL evidence we have to work with) the animal was obviously running AWAY from both the police and the cars, which means it was not an immediate threat. If it was barreling toward one of the cops or even looked like it was headed for the camera person I would let it slide, but I’m not going to this time.

      1. I would like for you to stand in front of a bull with a 9mm as your only firearm at that moment.
        You have been told you are allowed to kill the bull.
        The bull charges. What direction? In your general direction.
        Albeit the camera angle does not do any justice the cattle is not running away. If it was running away it would run to it’s right (our left) instead of towards a LEO and Patrol car.

        At that moment in time shooting at the bull with an underpowered pistol will at least prevent it from damaging more property. Reviewing the video.. oh look at that, the first shot makes the bull change direction away from the sound (and most likely pain).

        LEOs are trained to handle humans lunging at you with a weapon not a charging bull. As you should know a LEO will shoot center mass at a person who is attempting to assault.

        Try to shoot a charging bull with the adrenaline running in you. You would hit more center mass than the head. Even if you shot the head the underpowered pistol won’t kill it instantly unless if you shoot it between the eyes.

        However that is only method the LEO had left at that point in time.

        That is how I view the actions of the LEO.

        1. How do you hit the side of ANYTHING that is charging you? If you can bend bullets I think there is a particular guild of assassins that would LOVE to have a word with you.

          1. Read the bloody context. General direction.
            Sure the cattle did not go directly at the officer. Do you see it going AWAY from LEOs?
            I see it charging straight at the patrol car.
            Pretty sure that LEO did too.

            Did I say that the LEO shot at the head and hit it? I said LEOs aim center mass when shooting targets.
            No where in my comment did I say the LEO aimed for the head. His shots actually prevented the cattle from charging into the patrol car. The cattle changes direction on the first shot.

    2. I see a lot of idiotic comments.

      So you’ll add yours to the mix.

      The bull had already damaged a lot of private property during the hours of trying to capture instead of killing it. By then the owner of the bull said to kill it to prevent it from doing more damage.

      That is irrelevant to the issue of the police engaging the animal with weapons that are ridiculously unsuited for it? As you point out, they had spent an hour trying to corral the animal – plenty of time to call in and ask for an officer to bring a high powered rifle out in the event that they determined they had no options left but to kill it.

      1. That is irrelevant to the issue of the police engaging the animal with weapons that are ridiculously unsuited for it?

        Oops. That originally started out as “How is it relevant…” Forgot to change my punctuation.

  17. 0:16 Bull charges. The owner already told the LEOs to kill the bull.
    What are you going to do. Just stand there while the bull charges? Of course not, they already have been told to kill it. Of course trying to kill it with an underpowered pistol is not the best method but what other options do they have right at that moment in time?

    We don’t know when the officers were told to kill it. It could have been minutes before the bull charged.
    As far as we know they bull was headed for the slaughterhouse. There are 2 bulls loose dealing damage for hours. The PD has tried to capture them during that time. The order to kill was given out (when? unknown) and the bull once again charges at 0:16.

    Yes the pistol is underpowered. What would you do at 0:16?
    As far as I see the LEO prevented the bull from charging straight into the patrol car at the bottom right. Even the LEO starts to get into the patrol car before shots were fired. At least the shots veered the bull away from private/gov property and slowed it down.

    This isn’t a College class Josh. Nit picking every grammatical error isn’t necessary nor is anyone bothered unless if it’s S0m3th1nG 1di0t1c <–as such.

    1. You like to point out that the animal ‘charges’ at 0:16. What I see at 0:16 is the animal running away from the loud moving tow truck that just started up behind it. Why is it running away and not charging? Because the cow follows the edge of the road as it runs away. Further proof of this is the fact that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the first six rounds fired hit the broad side of the animal, not the front. Pretty hard to hit the side of an animal that’s charging you, eh? They can claim all the property damage they want to try to justify this but the only hard evidence we have is the video, which shows a scared animal getting plugged repeatedly by a 9mm while it runs past and away from the officer. Not exactly cut and dry self defense.

    2. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      “unless if it’s S0m3th1nG 1di0t1c <–as such."

      You seem to be a fairly good example of idiocy yourself.

  18. We don’t know when the officers were told to kill it. It could have been minutes before the bull charged.

    So the officers are incompetent for not planning for that contingency in the hour they were chasing them around?

    As far as we know they bull was headed for the slaughterhouse.

    Probably not if they were, in fact, bulls. I thought we already established that bulls are kept around for breeding purposes. Steers are destined for slaughterhouses.

  19. During the hours of officers attempting to capture instead of kill they did not go retrieve a rifle.
    That is for a fact. Would they have known they were going to kill it? That is an unknown factor.
    Perhaps they were told not to kill it since it was going for the slaughterhouse. If that was the case then they did not attempt to retrieve a rifle as they want to capture it alive. Perhaps when they were told to kill it the officers attempted to get a rifle to the scene. That is also an unknown factor.
    However what we do know is that the only available firearm at that moment were their underpowered sidearms.

    There are too many unknown factors to support the claim of incompetency. There are enough factors to know that the sidearm was the only firearm around and the order to kill the cattle has been given.

    I hope we can agree that we can only speculate without more information.

    [quote]Beaudoin acknowledged that the public is questioning why police didn’t use tranquilizers or corral the animals that were already destined for the slaughterhouse when they escaped from a trailer last Thursday.[/quote]
    You are assuming the general public knows the difference between a bull and a steer. At the least we know it is a MALE CATTLE a bull OR a steer. In the article it clearly states the MALE CATTLE were destined for the slaughterhouse.

    Well there you go.

  20. So basically what we ought to do when a cow, steer, bull or Rosie O’donnell is on the loose, is get our buddies (at least three) and open up until it falls down?

    As far as I’m concerned, the problem lies in the the lack of teamwork. Yes, weapons were a little under-powered, but obviously enough rounds into an animal will put them down. Cops should have hosed that animal down fast and hard.

    Lesson: bring a .45, something better, and have good shot-placement, OR go home.
    Also, the video works well with the Benny Hill theme.

  21. Caliber is not the issue, shot placement is. I’ve put down a good number of cattle for slaughter using a .22lr when I was still farming. A good head shot is all it takes but that said a cows brain is only about the size of a baseball and it’s a hard shot to make if your not close and the animal isn’t calm enough to stay still. I doubt the cop knew the vital points on a cow and if he did I doubt he would of quickly found a gun big enough to do a one shot kill on any area other then a head shot, there is a reason they use belted magnums on water buffalo.

  22. Judge Dread Avatar
    Judge Dread

    I like how everyone in here knows exactly how to drop a cow with so much as a chop stick, zombie cows will ever be an issue in the good old USA.

    The most important thing is that:

    A) The chick’s who’s voice you can hear… I hope she got kicked in the vagina.
    B) The cops had a good old BBQ that evening.

  23. Judge Dread Avatar
    Judge Dread

    Then again, perhaps they should have got these guys in? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiriqhUT_Wc&feature=related

  24. Crunkleross Avatar

    Too bad yall Tray Plus was too busy or else he wuddah heaaaaaadddd shot that bitch surioussly.

  25. Crunkleross Avatar

    You guys have missed the most tactical screw up, when cop B has to take cover behind his car while cop A is blastin and blastin without any situational awareness, that is serious stuff. Funny listening to cop B grinding the starter on his already running vehicle at about .020….. but he had just been shot at by cop A so I guess he gets some slack. LOL
    Full disclosure, I have been a cop and I was 100 scratch that 1000 times more worried about getting shot by another officer than ever by a BG and had some way too close calls on that.

  26. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    This is how you handle cattle. If your calm they will be calm, if your flashing lights and sierns and gettin buck wild then the cattle will get buck wild with ya. all you have to do is shake a feed bag at that animal and its quick to follow.

    Most slaughter houses require that a cow arrives to be butchered ALIVE. and then you take your 22 stick it about an inch from there head and shoot them between the eyes. the eyes roll back and they die. its the most humane way to do it. it prolly took that cow an hour to bleed out, poor cow.

    The comments about diary and beef cattle. funny. all cows can be eatin as beef. however beef cattle are feed to get as big as they can, diary cows are maintained for milking purposes.

    1. Most slaughter houses require that a cow arrives to be butchered ALIVE.

      Not to mention I doubt any slaughterhouse wants an animal that has been chased around for an hour and is fatigued and whose muscles are now probably glucose deficient.

  27. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    you dont slaughter bulls unless they are injuried, and that one looked very healthy. you dont even slaughter a bull that sucks at breeding or is crazy you just sell him to the next guy and let him figure it out.

    1. What-do-I-know-anyway Avatar

      I think Mr. Wade’s comments are the most rational and thought out statements I’ve read on this page so far. Had they simply announced it to any nearby cowboys that they could “keep it if they caught it”, this derptastic video would not exist.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        Seconded (‘cept for the cowboy thing)

  28. Toadstone Avatar

    I think they should have made a firm decision to kill it, then scare up a weapon better than pistol-caliber, them walk up to it while it is NOT in the process of charging at people, and kill it calmly and more humanely than perforating the thing with a caliber designed to drop animals that weigh 1/10 of what a bull weighs. Just my $.02.

  29. CrunkleRoss Avatar

    How’s it going Eh Bob? Has your steak got some hard bits in it? Ya hoserhead mine had three in it but the beer softened em up just washed them down with more Molsons..party on

  30. Pff.. ok, IF was necessary kill the cattle… and it isnt… well.. why just dont aim at the head? guess canadian troopers need more shooting range exercises.
    and u dont need a high caliber rifle to kill a cow. period.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      Havent we discussed that a 9mm WOULD not penetrate a cow’s/bull’s head unless you were VERY precise and close.

  31. Reading the attached article gives better context than the vid. Apparently, the attempts to capture the cattle had been going on for an hour, and the owner’s attempt to capture them had failed. Although, it still doesn’t really answer the question as to how using pistols was the best thing to do.

    Sucks though for an animal meant for food to die this way.

  32. Crunkleross Avatar

    Well at least now we know why cowboys carried 45’s even if they only had 5 rounds in them.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      Um, a lot of cowboy’s carried .36 caliber guns. This just in, .36 blackpowder=.375, 9mm pa=.38, therefore the .36 is actually weaker than the 9mm pa that most people carry. Though, the officers glock may have been chambered in .40 as is common in the U.S.

      1. .36 blackpowder=.375, 9mm pa=.38, therefore the .36 is actually weaker than the 9mm pa

        I think 9mm para bullet diameter is .355 inches. But, that’s still a good 15% wider than a .300 Win Mag bullet, which is why, of course, a 9mm handgun is more powerful than a .300 Win Mag!

        Of course, the heyday of the cowboys occurred after the Civil War, and THE cowboy gun was the Colt Single-Action Army, which, I believe, was originally offered in .44-40 and .45 only, and I think that by the time the cattle industry really took off, cartridge guns were the standard – no more .36 caliber cap and ball guns. So, I’m gonna agree with the “cowboys carried .45’s” statement and throw up a flag on your “a lot of cowboy’s[sic] carried .36 caliber guns” statement.

        1. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          Point taken

      2. Crunkleross Avatar

        UMM evidently you are only familiar with Brokeback Mountain (sheepherder really) cowboys. Real American Cowboys carried Colt Peacemakers in 45 Colt, or maybe 44-40 but the manliest ones carried the 45, King of all pistol cartridges.

        Not only that but the blackpowder 36 might just be more effective than 9mm ball because the old 36 shot a soft lead ball that flatened out and left a nasty festering wound where the 9mm ball might just zip thru with minor irritation. Wild Bill used the 36 in good fashion.

        No one yet has entertained the possibility the bull calf in question might have been wearing some sort of body armor. I’m throwing that out for discussion.

        1. No one yet has entertained the possibility the bull calf in question might have been wearing some sort of body armor.

          That’s certainly a possibility. If only the cops had some of those armor piercing “cow killer” bullets, the body armor would be a moo point… Hehe, moo point.