Safe House – Trailer

Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds, enough said.

The CIA stories have been done before of course, but this one looks worth watching.


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  1. I don’t know when Denzel Washington went from badass to frighteningly psychotic, but I’m diggin it.

    Also, I am one of the straightest men I know, but if Ryan Reynolds asked me to catch for him I’d totally do it. No homo.

    1. No, that’s definitely homo. The fact that you’re one of the straightest men you know doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It would seem to indicate that the only men you’re acquainted with are the type who would fit right in on the set of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”!

      1. It’s only gay if the balls are touching.

        1. I gotta disagree and say that any man-on-man sexual contact is inherently gay. But, I think it begs the question – does the “Golden Rule (It’s not gay if it’s in a three-way)” apply to ball-on-ball contact during a three-way? Or is it gay if the balls are touching?

  2. The movie looks good, but Vhyrus is creeping me out with the whole catching for Reynolds thing…

  3. bigghoss Avatar

    looks like a good movie but I’m not sure if I’m buying Ryan Renolds in it. I wouldn’t catch for him but I did see the leaked nekkid pics of his ex wife scarlett johansson. I suppose I’d be down for a devil’s 3-way but that’s it.

    1. I suppose I’d be down for a devil’s 3-way but that’s it.

      Well then…

      1. bigghoss Avatar

        gotta love lonely island. they have a song for every occasion.

      2. bigghoss Avatar

        just remember the bro-code

        1. Oh yeah, that should be a given.

          I love the part where Lady Gaga comes in eating cereal and says, “You guys are still here…” LOL

  4. My guess at the plot twist is that Denzel’s char set it all up to get Ryan’s char to turn against the CIA and join him in whatever anti-CIA asshole plan he has.

  5. proud high point user Avatar
    proud high point user

    i dont know about the catching my i most def got a hard on for this movie to come out