VOTE For Top Shot Season 3 – Top Douchebag

Time to give out the illustrious title to an individual in season 3.

In season 1 I crowned Adam Benson the top douchebag.  Season 2’s winner was George Reinas….. Who will it be for season 3?


  1. Tell all your Top Shot watching friends to visit and click the “Like” button
  2. Head over and vote – HERE
  3. Also click the “Ask Friends” button to tell all your friends to vote
  4. I also have a poll made up for people that don’t have facebook – HERE

I’ll run the contest for a couple days, and then post the winner.  Remember, this is serious business, tell everyone you know to go vote.

You can discuss who and why you voted for in the comments, in an effort to sway others.

I’m pretty sure I already know who’s going to win… but might as well run it anyway :P


17 responses to “VOTE For Top Shot Season 3 – Top Douchebag”

  1. Seriously?! Is this even up for discussion?

    I guess the vote is a necessary formality.

  2. Jake was full blown douche, even brought his own bag.

  3. Theblackknight Avatar

    Thanks for the none FB option.

  4. I don’t watch the show, but I think I can guess the outcome of this!

  5. Jake, hands down. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of douche population in this season, especially the finale, I would have been happy to see any of those guys win.

  6. Has Jake won yet?

  7. Jake was a douche black hole, everyone else on the show seemed to be pretty decent, especially the last 4.

  8. Jake definitely gets the gold for top d-bag. He also is his own runner up. In fact the entire podium is his…gold, silver, and bronze.

  9. Dillankid Avatar

    Funny how the most humble/kind contestant was also the winner (deservedly – heck of a shot and consistent.)

  10. Dillankid Avatar

    Ok…on the FB – someone voted Michael and someone Gary…what are they smoking? Gary = not a douche. Michael, an occasional douche – but Jake is such a master of douchbaggery that he has broken all records.

  11. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    The young man that won was a stud! he couldnt be beat so he won. he was awesome, I hope the money helps with his children and foster kid. But top douche has to go to mike. he was eliminated fair and square and then got to come back? he should have told the show he lost and it wasnt fair for him to get a second chance. then to not even put up a fight in the final challenge. DOUCHEBAG. jake was a prick and a QUITTER. but mike the pistol shooter? hey go over analytizal something. If your hand gestures suggest that you are hold a gun in preparation to shoot when you are talking about shooting. YOU MIGHT BE A DOUCHEBAG.

    1. Jake is that you?

  12. Charlesincharge Avatar

    Oh give Mike a break, airgunning (hand gestures like you are holding a gun) makes up most of a USPSA match. If aliens were to view a UPSA match, they’d think airgunning was the primary activity and not shooting.

    Probably the only IDPA rule I do like is the no airgunning rule.

    Jake wins Top Shot Douchebag of all time. George was at least kind of funny. Jake epitomizes dickhead football coaches everywhere.

    Dustin rules. He is the anti-mall ninja. He is the anti-mall ninja of the Lord. I am pretty much anti-religious and I still couldn’t help but root for Dustin.

    1. +1

  13. Alex Stoane Avatar
    Alex Stoane

    This shouldn’t even be a contest. Jake, he crowned himself Douchebag El Supremo by his own deeds. Never before I have seen a sober individual free of stimulants ask like such a braying jackass with a large side order incompetent arrogance to put a cherry on top of that sunday of fail.

  14. CrunkleRoss Avatar

    Jake made it easy to pick. Michael stripping his mom on the Howard Stern show qualifies him for something,

  15. Jake being interviewed post top shot:

    About the “fight” with Mike Hughes

    In the interview Jake pulls out the race card, around the 9 minute mark. Wow