Knockers For The Troops

Heh, why not.  They deserve it:

Link to the facebook page – HERE

You gotta get in there and browse around when it’s still on the ground floor. It will be flooded with man-cleavage soon enough.

Hat tip: Reg P.


9 responses to “Knockers For The Troops”

  1. Damn Mike! First you help out a brother by posting “Lingerie and Guns” and now this!

    Man, this is sure to cause a troop surge in someone’s pants IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT.

  2. appears to have been taken down….

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      No it’s still up. For some reason you need a facebook account in order to view the page though.

      1. weird, I have one but I keep getting redirected to the wall page.

        1. Y’know, if you want boobs then you can always just Google “boobs.” Some of ’em will even be naked! The internet is awesome that way.

  3. Welcome to Faceboob!


  4. Magnificent, but Poppy hit it; Google works better.

  5. What about the beaver?

  6. It Is so sad that our military has become so undisciplined. There is NO reason at all to have a whole website devoted to a bunch of whores and we as americans, are supposed to be proud of this?

    Someone needs to take charge of our military before its too late and we become laufghing stocks to every other nation. If we are not there yet. Shut the stupid site down. This is just ridiculous.