31 Ways To Kill A Cowboy

New Apple game called Ready Steady Bang:

Pretty simple game, you play against a cowboy in a duel.  Pretty cool that people are getting rich off these 99cent iDevice games.  


I really don’t feel like I’m missing by only having a Motorola Xoom, which by the way still holds the spot of being the #1 best electronic device I’ve ever owned.  The hardware is incredible, and the software is made by google… so yea it’s amazing too.  

I’ll probably never buy an Apple product again.  Not because of the quality (it’s obviously top notch), but because of the restrictions (both software and hardware) on all of their devices.   Yea you can get relatively cheap 3rd party cables and software, and even jailbreak the phones… but why should I have to pay or do some work to make the device function as it rightfully should?


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  1. Is it a game or….. what?

  2. 30 ways to die … “out now” suggests 30 rounds … PMR-30, anyone?

  3. Theblackknight Avatar

    I’m a sucker for fake fart sounds.

  4. This looks stupid.

    And yes, you should be able to modify things you legally bought. But then again, should I be able to modify my pistols to full-auto since I own them legally and am not renting them? A hundred years ago the answer would be yes.

    This German kid went to prison for modding his PS3 with Linux

    1. Yeah, and the world responded by bringing down the Playstation Network. Maybe we should take a cue from them on the NFA rulings.

      1. A group of hackers, “and the world” are hugely different.

  5. Dillankid Avatar

    Don’t want to buy a Mac – build a Hackintosh :-) Pretty much a Mac Pro for ~$600-$800. Turned my Dell 1525 into one and works like a charm. Doubt you can do it with a phone though…

  6. Do you know what Google does with your private data? If you’re not familiar with the inner workings of Google you should consider reading up on them.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      notice that their ‘goal’ is no longer “to not be evil”

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      If you mean tailoring advertising to my interests, then yes. If you’re worried about 100% anonymity on the internet that’s really not going to happen unless you wear a balaclava into a library and use their public computers. Whatever google collects and makes hundreds of millions of dollars off I consider it a steal of a deal for what they provide in return.

      1. No, not exactly. If you’re interested check out the book Search and Destory