Protective Suit To Test Hi-Point Firearms

Yes these guys that own a gun shop made a suit up to test Hi-Point guns:

The protective suit in action:

This suit was originally created to test the Hi Point pistol that we thought we were going to make explode with minimal effort. The idea is that the gun can be fired somewhat safely while still sighting it. The suit was made from a new rubber maid trash can, a pistol belt, some lexan, and some nuts and bolts. The mount for the surefire was purely for a touch of humor.

LOL oh man.. I love it.  I’d be pretty worried about my hands still though.  Some welding gloves might be a decent idea.

I used to give Hi-Point more flack on this blog than I do now, mainly because I ran out of material.   I still think their designs are hilarious… but the guns are cheap, and their lifetime warranty is respectable so good on them!

Stuff like this seems to me like a PR nightmare. I imagine Hi-Point just shrugs it off while counting their money though.


13 responses to “Protective Suit To Test Hi-Point Firearms”

  1. Not to sound stupid, but shouldn’t the suit be protecting Arthur’s arms as well? Unless the trajectories in which hi-points explode usually aim for the face or torso, it seems like an awfully important part of the body to not cover up.

    1. Definitely needs some arm protection. There are major arteries exposed there.

      1. It’s not the first or the last time someone only goes with face protection.

  2. Hi-point trolling is the worst form of gun trolling. Seriously, a company makes a few inexpensive handguns and people act like they’re selling crack to retarded orphans. I dont get it.

    I particularly dont care for the owners of these 2 videos since they took the hi point bashing to an international low: They tested 2 hi points to ‘prove’ how junk they were by subjecting them to tests that would break a glock made out gold titanium alloy. Things like shooting them with 50% overpressure loads with a barrel obstruction (no I am not exaggerating). Then after they failed (it took multiple overpressure loads with massive barrel obstructions to break them btw) they were like ‘SEE?! THEYRE JUNK! BUY MORE EXPENSIVE GUNS FROM US INSTEAD!’. Really dishonorable in my opinion.

    1. It’s pretty easy to understand. Their guns are hideous and not as durable as one would expect a thing designed to contain explosions to be. I will never fire one If I can help it as I know someone who witnessed a high point slide shoot off the back of the gun and knock a guys teeth out at the range. Dental work is a pain and way too expensive. That’s not to say they all suck. But I don’t feel the need to bother trying.

      I don’t know of the videos you describe but they do sound bad.

    2. I am pretty sure at the end of the hi-point torture tests, their stance was this. “If you cant afford anything else, the gun will go boom every time you pull the trigger. You cant realy argue with that”

  3. I’ve owned a couple of surplus rifles that that suit might have come in handy for.

  4. Its very hard to rag on Hi-Point. They don’t claim to be anything they aren’t (And how many more expensive gun makers have overstepped those bounds?) and they’re inexpensive guns of utilitarian designs for people who might not be able to afford something more mainstream.

    Oh they also suck, so most people trade-up or have buyer’s remorse, so used units are easy to find at VERY low prices.

    1. yeah low price as in “I’ll give you half my fries, and a sip of my milkshake for your Hi-Point”

  5. bigghoss Avatar

    I’ve known a handful of people who’ve owned hi-points. I’ve fired a few myself and even bought a couple for my parents. they work and are ok for the price, and even shoot straight, but the ergos aren’t great and they are bulky. I don’t own them simply because I can afford nicer guns that feel better to me but I won’t hesitate to shoot one or recommend them to someone that can’t afford to upgrade.

  6. like you said they need welding gloves or some sort of arm protection.

  7. proud high point user Avatar
    proud high point user

    im happy to see you changed you stance on high point my friend

  8. James Avatar

    There is a hell of a lot less photo’s of Exploded HI POINTS on the internet than there is Glocks…..Figure that one out!