Lose All Dignity And Make Your Snowmobile Look Like Garbage

Notice the left ejecting Glocks:

In case you still don’t see the fuss, Glocks that eject left do not exist.   This is such a telltale sign that whoever designed these decals knows absolutely nothing about firearms.   I’ve seen mistakes such as this done on everything from print ads to t-shirts with all sorts of weapons.

I’m kind of wondering though if these decals are just made to troll.  I say this, because as you can see another hilarious part of these decals is the fact there is a grenade on them (ie. what people call Glocks because the .40s have been known to occasionally explode)

If you have a snowmobile and you want to troll peeps, head over to Gear Junkies on eBay and spend your hard earned $300.   Don’t worry if you don’t have an Arctic Cat F Series (pictured), they make the sticker kits for the Skidoo Rev XP.   If you’re still feeling left out, maybe I could interest you in a Glock troll phone decal, Glock troll guitar hero decal, Glock troll Wiimote decal… I could go on and on.

All their sad Glock troll items listed – HERE



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  1. Trustin Avatar

    Christ in a manger, haven’t you ever heard of artistic license? Two glocks side by side with one being slabsided looks funny. It’s done to give balance to the image. I come here for interesting firearms related content, not to hear your whining about some artfag making his graphics look better by mirroring an image to lend appeal to an already ugly design.

    It’s posts like these and the ever present “shoulder thing that goes up” joke that make me consider not reading your blog at all.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Artistic license and ignorance are two different things. I WISH there was a shoulder thing that goes up on the decal, that would have made it way better. U mad bro?

      1. Trustin Avatar

        No, not mad, just frustrated by your apparent lack of effort to find interesting things to post about. You whine like a 15 year old about pointless shit. I stand by my statement that this was artistic license and not ignorance. Also, using dumbass 4Chan speak like it’s a go-to response for people who pose thoughtful questions makes me think less of this blog and less of you as a person. I’ll be removing your blog from my RSS feed, mostly because of the content, but partially because of your inability to take criticism in stride, you know, like an adult.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Awesome of you to let me know that Trustin. Make sure to tell all your friends how much you hate this blog. Unfortunately the several hundred thousand visitors that come here every month will not miss you. I’ll definitely shed a few tears though.

          1. I agree with Trustin on this one. How dare you not try to accommodate the individual tastes of each and every one of your site’s 100,000 plus visitors, but rather post what interests you?

            I, for one, am offended that you did not immediately remove this post at the behest of a single fan. You act like you own the blog or something.

            Well I don’t see your name on it!

          2. He’s right. I’ve too have been pretty perturbed at your behavior lately. I think maybe you’re getting cocky because you’ve gotten some visitors…obviously since you feel the need to rub it in Trustin’s face. You’re like the forum nerd who has to mention his post count to other members because it makes you appear smart…when it just makes you appear noisy. You weren’t always like this. The transposing of those glock images are very, very likely artistic license in my opinion and probably not ignorance. And if ignorance, so what? Does it really offend you enough that you feel the need to lash out with such childness and disdain? “Decals made to troll?” What the hell does that even mean? Should I go find a 15 year old and ask him to translate?

            1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

              Perturbed by my behavior? If you think I care, get over yourself. I’ll cry over the loss of you as a visitor also if you choose to leave, i’m sure you’ll come on here and announce it if that’s what you choose.

              My comment about the # of visitor was to illustrate a point that he’s a drop in the bucket, and like Poppy said, you can’t please everyone. My traffic has been steadily increasing since day 1 so I must be doing something right. From what I can gather I’m only 2nd in traffic to the firearmblog, which in 2 years I like to think is a decent accomplishment.

              But.. haters gonna hate. <--- You should probably get a 15 year old and ask him to translate that too

            2. Three things:

              1) No, it’s no different than if you were walking down the street with your buddy, and he pointed out this particular snowmobile on a store lot and said “damn, that thing is ugly as all hell. They didn’t even get the Glocks on it right.” Dude found something funny/stupid decided to share it with us all. I didn’t even notice the Glock inaccuracies and I still think the the design is atrocious.

              2) I’m also not really seeing this whole “blog decline trend” you two are talking about. Where you guys offended by “Guy on a Buffalo” or did you think that Mike shouldn’t of made fun of the Saudi who almost massacred his friends when his AK fell apart? Seriously, stop being so goddamn sensitive.

              3) Why should we care if ONE guy stops reading the blog. Mike’s right, there are 100,000 more where you came from. If anything, it makes you seem immature for thinking anyone will give two shits whether or not you ever return to the site.

            3. Can I have your work address? I want to come tell you that I don’t like how you are doing your job, and then expect you to care. Unless you have a gun blog, and unless that blog is more popular than ENDO you are just embarrassing yourself.

      2. Ignorance is exactly what it is. It’s sloppy design work. You learn that fast when you actually do design on a professional level. People will notice your shortcuts, so don’t take them. From a graphic design standpoint this is an amateur mistake. But then again, maybe I just paid attention when I was in college, so I learned not to design like an idiot.

        1. Ed nailed it. +1

    2. Hey look at me, I’m going to pitch a flaming bitch about the quality of 100% free entertainment handed to me daily on a gilded platter, and then I’m going to expect people to care about my future involvement. I mean, don’t you care about all that time I won’t be spending hating your site? Think of all that money you don’t get from me reading your blog that you won’t…not…be getting…. anymore…I think.

  2. Nothing like covering an object that has fuck all do with guns in gun decals. I cant wait to see Smith & Wesson themed kitchen appliances.

    1. I want a butcher knife bayonet for my AR-15. Is that so wrong?

      1. Only if it’s made in China. You know, for the 922r compliance….

        1. If the rifle still has 10 or less foreign made parts it is fine.

          Plus a bayonet is not a countable part for 922r so it doesn’t matter where it is made.

          What a crap law we have to jump around.

          1. Which sucks, because I really want to own a Type 88. See if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be.

      2. Ginsu!

  3. Left-hand ejecting Glock


    Not exactly what you were thinking, but at least one was modified to eject brass to the left of the pistol if it were vertical.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea I blogged about that too https://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2011/02/27/dual-attached-full-auto-glocks/

      I’m sure you could make a glock that ejected straight up, or even forward if you wanted too. Glock doesn’t make them that way though, so it’s still a design fail on the decals. :P

  4. Lol, it is decals on a snowmobile. Who cares?

  5. This kinda seems like much ado about nothing to me. I’m sure the artist had a stock image of the handgun. He put it correctly oriented once and wanted to add a little symmetry by showing it facing the other way, so he flipped it horizontally. I wouldn’t consider it a mistake by any means. If only the incorrect orientation was shown, I would probably consider that a mistake. I think the whole overall design is pretty gaudy, but I don’t get the whole, “Ha ha, this guy’s so stupid for flipping the image,” thing.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


      This info graphic came out yesterday, Another few perfect examples. Tell me that that’s also an artistic license when they could have easily lifted thousands of other photos off the internet of the AK, AR-15 etc..

      1. I don’t understand. They seemed to know their gun stuff, so how’d they mess up with the AK and M16? Hell, they got the M4A1 right, you’d think they’d notice the discrepancy between the two rifles!

        Other than that, pretty cool info-graphic.

      2. Tell me that that’s also an artistic license when they could have easily lifted thousands of other photos off the internet of the AK, AR-15 etc..

        Well, let’s see… I don’t know where the graphics for these weapons originated, but it’s obviously important for the aesthetic of the graphic that they all face the same direction. It’s also clear that it would look absurd to include photos in place of the renderings of the other weapons. In the overall scheme of the point they’re trying to make – I don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal. I would argue that it is certainly a more egregious error than the one you originally presented though.

        It’s pretty weak to try to offer as a rebuttal to my statement something completely different altogether. The snowmobile graphics are much more an artistic interpretation than an accurate depiction of firearms – that should be clear to the most simple-minded observer. But, for all we know, this infographic was created with stock renderings of rifles that were already on hand, or available. Some of which happened to be rendered from the left side of the weapon, and some from the right.

        I pulled a photo off the internet and applied a little artistic filter to it, since the snowmobile graphic appears to be less than photorealistic and looks like it has probably been run through some filters to make it less photo-looking.


        This works great if I want a good rendering of an F-16 taxiing with its nose to the right of the frame. Wait a minute though – OMG, THE CANNON PORT IS ON THE STARBOARD SIDE OF THE AIRCRAFT!!! THAT’S NOT RIGHT!!! But who gives a shit. Most people won’t notice, and I would hope that most who do would realize that it was done intentionally to make it work with whatever design concept it was a part of. Photographers flip pictures all the time if they think the mirror works better than the original. Advertisers take photos and mirror them to make them work with the overall design on a regular basis.

        Just get over it and understand that it’s sometimes necessary to preserve the overall look of a design. Sheesh! Making such a big deal out of this stuff comes off about as nerdy as the people that quibble about plot holes in the Star Trek series or some equally nerdy shit like that.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          If by renderings you mean computer generated images, then no. That AK one for instance is lifted right off wikipedia’s AK47 page. I only remember that because I have the image saved on my harddrive for a shirt composition I was working on. I agree that they all wanted them to face the same way, but I really still think they just didn’t know any better.

          I don’t know aircraft at all, therefore I wouldn’t attempt to mass produce something with aircraft on it without consulting a few people first. Hell I probably know less about guns than a lot of you guys do, so if I wasn’t sure about something I’d definitely ask, or at least own up to my mistake. Using my selector switch shirt as an example, would it have been a big deal if I mixed up the SEMI and AUTO positions? Aesthetically it really wouldn’t have made any difference, but it would have been a HUGE deal to anyone that knows that platform of gun. Huge enough to not even considering buying/wearing the shirt. The bottom line is I saw that decal set on ebay, and I made fun of it because I thought it was ridiculous (if that makes me a nerd then so be it). If that company can make a living off shitty/lazy design work like that then all the power to them.

  6. you fucking people need to get laid

    1. *slow clap of approval*

  7. Yeeeah, I think I’d buy it just to piss some people off. Haters gonna hate.