Setpoint Ammunition Awesome Promo Video

I’m a big fan kinetic animation:

The company is Setpoint Ammunition.

I just checked, and lucky there are safeguards on the recipes. I’d hate for someone to think they know what they are doing, and ask for 200 grains of powder etc.. in a .308.

Do I have a use for such a service?  Not at all… but I think the idea is awesome.  Although I do have a feeling a lot of people that require such custom ammo, either compete and have it made for them, or else they make it themselves.  I could be wrong though.

What do you guys think?


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  1. Fiendir Avatar

    Huh, I might just have been bought by the nice commercial, but if I were a handloader and got tired of making my own rounds, or simply didn’t have the time as the video politely implies all over the place, I’d totally try this.

    Totally digging the “You choose the specs, we make it for you” concept here – if it works and doesn’t cost twice as much or something.

    1. I went to the site to see what it was all about and built a box of rounds – price was $30.68. I haven’t had a .308 for several years, but I think that sounds pretty comparable, or even cheaper than some, mass produced match grade ammo.

  2. It’s like the “Story of Stuff,” only it doesn’t suck and ACTUALLY provides helpful (and factual) information.

    Although I only buy the mass produced stuff, exactly how much better is precision stuff over what I usually use? Are we talking tighter groups by inches? centimeters? millimeters? Is it the difference between exploding an invading PLA trooper’s heart or just grazing his side?
    On another note, I’m so tempted to make a super powerful round and destroy my shoulder blowing “Sledge Hammer Loudner” style holes in targets.

  3. Tierlieb Avatar

    Nice video, but since there is no point of taking some loading data from the internet (the ammo needs to work for your gun), you have to do your load development yourself. So you need loading equipment anyway – maybe the press itself can be cheaper, but that is only part of the cost.

    And even if they manage a really exact duplication of my favourite load (which currently they cannot because their selection is very, very small), they are still going to do it with factory casings, not with ones fire-formed to my specific chamber, which might have specifically opened primer pockets, shortened to a precise length.

    So this is not going to be much of a precision improvement. It will allow you to do some custom tailoring (make subsonics, for example), sadly they only offer .308Win at the moment, a caliber so common that all variants are covered by commercial offers. If they’d started with a caliber with a wide range of parameters and only few commercial options, than this would be better.

    Difference between mass produced stuff and hand loaded stuff? Depends. There are really excellent commercial loads that work really fine in some rifles. Sometimes it is not much – .308Win for example has excellent stuff for nearly all needs one can think up.

    But for a specific Dragunov in 7.62x54R, it can mean the difference between 3MOA (because you can only buy surplus) and 0.5MOA at 100m.
    For 6PPC, the difference might only between 0.25 and 0.20 MOA, which is not much, objectively, but for precision shooting competition even that counts.

    So the boring answer is: It depends ;-)

  4. Loved the sound-effects for the computers, etc, they were great!

    Though I wonder which law they were referring to as far as shipping ammo by air… I’ve been the haz-mat guy at FedEx for a long time, and I’ve seen plenty of ammo come through without a problem; granted it’s almost always for law enforcement agencies/ military use, but if it’s packed and marked appropriately it’s good to go.

    1. Well, they say they ship with UPS, and I don’t think UPS will ship ammo via air, although a lot of posts on various message boards say the same thing about FedEx! The only thing I can figure as far as being prohibited might be perhaps that they’re referring to laws of the DOT, specifically 49 CFR 173.63 that contains a passage “…for transportation by aircraft, Cartridge, power devices must be successfully tested under the UN Test Series 6(d) criteria for reclassification as ORM–D–AIR material effective July 1, 2011.”

      Sounds like maybe since these are low production specialty loads, they don’t get tested in the same way as high volume, mass produced loads do, and would therefore be technically illegal to ship by air.

  5. This is a good idea. I wish I had come up with this idea.

  6. Brilliant business model! Perfect for someone like me who simply can’t throw down 6 bills and hours of time and not to mention no room to set up an ammo lab…but would like something consistent and as good or better than the good stuff.

  7. meh… If they offered 5.56, 6.8, and .300BLK I would consider it. My next build will most likely be 6.8 or .300 I also want to get into reloading and swaging mostly because I live in the PDRC and they are constantly trying to limit, restrict, reduce, hassle, and other wise make owning firearms and purchasing ammo difficult.

  8. Critter Avatar

    when they start offering 6.5mm swede mauser i’ll get back to them.

  9. CrunkleRoss Avatar

    There is a surprisingly large amount of people who are into guns won’t reload because of fear, or where they live or their old lady won’t let them. If they have enough variety I think this will be successful.