The Boys From Freddiew On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Pretty awkward, but if you like their vids it’s worth the watch:

If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea who they are, check out their youtube channel – HERE


22 responses to “The Boys From Freddiew On Jimmy Kimmel Live”

  1. It’s nice to see them getting some real exposure. In non-youtube circles. This is like, one step closer to a major motion picture directed by Freddy Wong. That would easily be a day one must see movie for me.

  2. It’s really awesome to see you-tubers receiving more and more media attention. They do deserve it after all, considering that many YouTube channels, like SXEPHIL and Smosh, have more viewers than many prime-time programs.

  3. wow… i guess there are no other guests they could get on, so instead grab a couple of computer nerds and watch them act uncomfortably on the camera.

    1. They’re highly popular web-celebrities. If you watched the interview Freddie and Brandon explain how many views they get, it’s quite the high number. I’m pretty sure that justifies an interview.

      ‘Sides, they make legitimately good entertainment and had interesting stuff to talk about, how were they uncomfortable?

  4. Theblackknight Avatar

    Good entertainment? Looks like a bunch of shit for stolen valor jockeys and airsoft fags to touch each other to.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      you sound mad

    2. Who cares? They flat out said in their interview that the point of their films isn’t realism or to appeal to firearms enthusiasts but to make big, dumb and silly FX fests. The entire point is it’s immaturity, that’s why it’s fun.

      And what’s with all the air-soft hate? I own both air-soft and real guns, ’cause I like to play out war scenarios with my friends but don’t want to actually point real weapons at them. How is it any fundamentally different than paintball? If anything we should love air-soft, since it’s like paintball but you get to use a representation of our favorite rifles instead of what appears to be an amalgam of PVC piping and spray-paint cans. Why must firearms enthusiasts and air-soft fans be considered mutually exclusive groups?

      And what the hell is a valor jockey?!?

  5. Theblackknight Avatar

    Not mad.

    Airsofting could be cool, if it wasnt for the people who do it. I do hate shufflng thru youtube watching videos from classes guys take and post AARs online, only to get linked to endless airsoft vids of neckbeards detailing their ‘ZOMG SAS loadout”. The one time I decided to give airsoft a chance and watch one all the way thru cause I thought it would be a good demo/safe dry fire gun, I got this.

    2 fat tactistool operatorz roaming around the desert.They must know Nutnfancy? Anyway, right when he decides to mention safety of using airsoft in training(for what again?), we get a muzzle sweep @ 1:30 Giant fail, airsoft is gay because most of the people who play it are gay.


    1. It’s no different that either LARPing or Civil War reenactments, just because someone, like myself, enjoys dressing up as a military dude and playing matches with his friends, doesn’t make them stupid or gay. It’s really fun for one side to dress up as Russian Spetsnaz and the other as Navy Seals and play out fakey little Cold-War-Turned Hot scenarios. And guess what, those tacticool vests do serve a purpose, no matter how silly they may look. After all, something has to hold your phone, magazines, water & food, extra batteries/Co2 and sidearm.

      I don’t really see the issue with either videos. I mean, the entire point of competitive and higher-end airsoft is the weapon design accuracy and nifty little attatchments.. So what if someone wants a tacticool airsoft AR-15? The point isn’t function but just to look cool. And no, the golden rules of firearm safety do not apply to airsoft because airsoft guns can’t kill you. Unless you, like, bludgeoned someone to death with one of them 30 pound replica M60s.

  6. Theblackknight Avatar

    I just looked up LARPing, and I now hate a group of people more then airsofters and hipsters.

    You have a pouch on your vest for your phone? Good idea! Comms is very important, you never know when youll need resupply of dominos and monsters. This shit is gay. Wearing BA and helmets and hanging shit off of it isnt fun when you have to wearing, soo why would you WANT to wear it for fun?

    And in dismissing the golden rules from your gaming, youve went from just nerdy to a dangerous oxygen thief. You don’t see anything wrong with enforcing bad habits with things that mimic real firearms? If not, you should never use them.

    Lightning Bolt!Lightning Bolt!Lightning Bolt!

    1. *Facepalm*

      High-quality walkie talkies are expensive, so I use my phone. And I already said why airsofters would want to wear it, because many of them (including myself) do re-enactment esque battles and stuff. It also makes the matches more challenging when you have to make do with equipment that hinders some physical movement.

      I don’t respect the golden rules with nerf guns or super soakers either. Does that mean I’m going to be retarded and point a real-life loaded gun at someone out of force-of-habit? No, because I have a functioning brain and can discriminate between what LOOKS like a gun and what ACTUALLY is a gun.
      I try not to point airsoft weapons at other people because the little pellets can sting a little, but if I do it’s no big deal. And if other people don’t respect it either it’s not that important, because there is absolutely no way someone can be killed by an airsoft gun.

      It’s a harmless little hobby, it’s existence doesn’t harm either you or the agenda’s of the firearms alone. So just leave it alone, and stop bitching and moaning because you’re starting to sound like a petulant child.

      I mean GODDAMN, did airsofters rape your parents or something?

  7. Theblackknight Avatar

    Virgins arnt very good at rape.I almost think your trollin. Your dead wrong tho if you think your brain switches over to safe gun handling mode when you pick up some real steel.

    How about if you like dressing up in too much shit and doing scenarios, it should maybe have so use to it?

    1. How am I the troll? I’m not attacking and judging an entire group of people based what their hobbies are.

      And yes, the brain DOES switch over when handling a real gun. I point unloaded air-soft guns at my little brother all the time, as he does with me. Often for pranks or just for goofing around. But I’ve NEVER pointed a real firearm at anyone. You do realize that the entire point of an air-soft gun IS to shoot other people, right? See, I understand that ONE is a TOY and the OTHER is a WEAPON. I even keep them stored separately and everything.

      I’m done, seriously. I don’t want to continue arguing with you, because neither or us will be able to persuade the other. Just stop being such an asshole. Your hobbies probably seem just as “gay” to someone else as airsoft does to you.

  8. Theblackknight Avatar

    Gee, my hobbies are firearms training, IDPA, USPSA, 3 gun,drinking beer and mountain biking. Come at me bro!

    1. You forgot being a douche.

      1. or in your world is that considered a skill not a hobby…

    2. They’re called liberals, last time I checked they make up about 30-40% of the American population.

  9. Theblackknight Avatar

    Butthurt airsofters think I’m a meanie. LOL

    Go ahead and feel one of these out and give it to you mom

  10. Theblackknight Avatar

    Yeah, I def be scared of some fag with a blowout haircut and laceless shoes. Is this dude the long lost jersey shore member?

    and now I’m a lefty because i don’t suck the dick of a “highly popular web-celebrity”? It’s pretty sad when all you have to look up to is a guy who makes youtubes videos targeting the Call of Duty demographic.

    1. Don’t you have a playground or a high school locker room you’re supposed to be terrorizing right now?

  11. Theblackknight Avatar

    I tried, just a bunch of skinny dudes dressed up like merlin with cardboard swords and shit. I felt embarrassed by proximity