Cardboard Warfare 2

It’s finally out, and 25 minutes long!

It’s after 4am and I haven’t slept yet so I haven’t got a chance to watch it.   I skipped through it and stopped at a few parts, it looks EPIC as predicted.



12 responses to “Cardboard Warfare 2”

  1. Opening scene would have been funnier if the Zippo were cardboard, too, yet still lit a cigarette.

    1. Im cool with that part, although I think the baseball bat should have been real (since they didnt actually use it anyway)

  2. Great attention to deal on most of it. Like the other two comments above, I thought they could have made different decisions at times.

  3. I am highly impressed.

  4. Hollywood better up its game or these guys will eat their lunch!

  5. They did a great job with this short film. It’s amazing the talent out there.


  6. That was pretty awesome.

  7. Sooo… Daytime Normandy drop?

  8. That was pure awesomeness!

  9. This is what I saw in my head when I played inside a cardboard box as a toddler.

  10. shockfish08 Avatar

    I love their use of classic Medal of Honor soundtrack, brings back such great nostalgia :) Plus Medal of Honor soundtrack is kick ass!