SHTF Urban Survival Tactical Assault Vest

Wait for it….

2 – 3 hours with nothing to eat!  My god!

I love how this guy keeps a straight face the whole time too.


14 responses to “SHTF Urban Survival Tactical Assault Vest”

  1. Where the hell is the Tacbac? BACON IS GOOD FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    It’s missing his insulin :D

    1. LOL
      “It’s repetition, repetition, and training!”
      “We’re not gonna be fatigued by lack of snacks.”

    2. And or anything to drink! Where’s the soda! The energy drinks! The chai latte! Someone give this man something to work with here! He’s so under-prepared it’s not even funny. >.<

  3. finally…a guy who gets it!

  4. It’s like molle and beef sticks were made for one another!

  5. Rich Erd Gram Avatar
    Rich Erd Gram

    What a douche. A funny douche, but still a douche.

    I own that MOLLE vest, it’s something like $15 from Sportsmansguide.

    1. That makes it all the better!

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy


  6. Southern Good Ole Boys would have multiple Slim Jims, Moon Pies and a Camelbak full of Ice Tea, Grape NeHi or RC Cola. Maybe some Corn Nuts for back up.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      You hit the nail on the head there. Double decker chocolate moon pie with an RC cola is awesomeness.

  7. My Hero!

  8. You can tell from looking at his physique that he takes his training seriously. If only everyone worked that hard!

  9. Where’s the Camelback full of gravy?