Body Armor Test Trolling

I wouldn’t do anything like this, under any circumstance, with any shooter, with any rifle:

I don’t care if the late Carlos Hathcock wanted to shoot at a plate I was holding 10 ft away from him… it wouldn’t happen.

Despite the Army Safety Center tags on the bottom, I’m positive this is fake.   All the “actors” in it sound too scripted, and the Afgan guy in the navy hat has a stupid grin on his face the whole time.  My guess is what went down is the first round was possibly real, and fired into the dirt, or they planted a small explosive charge in the dirt.  The 2nd round, a blank.   I’m not going to get into any sound spectrum analysis but if you listen to the first shot at 0:41 then jump to the 2nd shot at 1:11 they sound diferent.

Hat tip: Al T.


10 responses to “Body Armor Test Trolling”

  1. I don’t know, it does look unpleasantly real. Especially the half-sobbing half-screaming sounds of pain at the end.

  2. I probably wouldn’t be laughing at someone getting shot, so I am leaning towards fake as well. Then again, the military doesn’t exactly attract the brightest minds, so it could be real. Without seeing the wound closer you can’t really tell.

  3. This looks pretty fake to me. I don’t think even the dumbest of soldiers would try this. If they wanted to test a SAPI plate all they had to do was prop it up in the sand. And it does sound like laughing to me at the end.

  4. I think it’s fake too. If you were going to get a local to pull the trigger then you would have got a local to hold the plate.

  5. My first thought is it was a Taliban and they there just executing him

  6. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I got back from a tour in Trashcanistan two months ago, and part of our job was to train the Afghan Border Police. Those dummies can’t shoot! I think this was a setup, but it could be real. I’ve heard of similar things done to prove to the ANA/AUP/ABP that their armor does work (they never wear it). Why you wouldn’t prop it up on a picket or a sandbag is beyond me. And why you would let a turd-eater take a 100m shot is beyond me. We quit trying to get them to zero after the fifth or sixth trip with a 2% success rate. They were lucky to hit paper at 25m on the zero range. And yes, we helped as much as we could, but if you tell an Afghan they’re doing something wrong then they shut down and won’t listen because they have been told forever that they are the best soldiers who ever lived. Well, they either shut down or shoot you in the face for “insulting” them by trying to help them shoot straight.

  7. ENDO-Mike, “I don’t care if the late Carlos Hathcock wanted to shoot at a plate I was holding 10 ft away from him… it wouldn’t happen.”

    I would, since it’s a lot easier than this:

  8. Molon Labe Avatar

    That’s fake. First of all, it’s the wrong numbering nomenclature for a safety video. Second, there are no Article 15s nor Courts Martial on record for an incident like this. Last… the dumbest Soldier on the planet knows better than to let an ANA/ANP shoot in his general vicinity, much less at a SAPI plate held a few inches above his grape.


  9. Crunkleross Avatar

    Give them credit for ambition, these guys where auditioning for Sons of Guns.

  10. Dougefresh91 Avatar

    Faker than Pamela Anderson’s tits.