Unarmed Cop V.S. Rioters

Not sure which riot this is from, but it’s epic:

That guy really holds it down.  You can tell he’s running on pure adrenaline.

How’s not having guns working out there?  Not great by the look of it.

Hat tip: Bryan


8 responses to “Unarmed Cop V.S. Rioters”

  1. Man, he was swinging that stick like his life was on the line… Oh, wait. Yeah, there comes a time for lethal force.

  2. That does seem to be a situation where “Loud Repetitive Verbal Commands” will not save your ass.

  3. You can tell he’s running on pure adrenaline.

    He’s got to be. It must be exhausting running around in that suit trying to kick peoples’ asses.

    1. Swinging at nothing sure seems to exhaust a lot of energy too.

  4. Theblackknight Avatar

    Did anyone see the no shit ninja @ 00:21

    1. Holy shit it’s real, and he was running like one too!

    2. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      Wow. A legitimate ninja. I…. am speechless :D

  5. He’s from the Chilean Carabineros – who are routinely armed so far as I know. In fact one of the protesters was shot;