Bulletproof Stupidity – Glass CEO Risks Life

You can call this a calculated risk, because i’m sure they tested it many times without a person, and their quality control is likely excellent.   Still not something I think is completely necessary in selling your “bulletproof” product, when more scientific tests and hard data would do the work for you with no risk.

Basically though it seems like in the bulletproof industry you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t though.   Miguel Caballero gets a lot of flack for shooting his employees at his bulletproof clothing company.  Alternately,  I made fun of Defenshield for saying they stood behind their products, and then wimped out on the higher calibers.  I also made fun of the operators at Indigen Armor for shooting at a truck they outfitted that had guys inside.  Like I said… you can’t win. :P

I’m just glad they aren’t testing the stopping power of breast implants, and hair weaves with real people so far.  That would just be scary.

Would you guys ever consider being the guinea pig in a demo like this?

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23 responses to “Bulletproof Stupidity – Glass CEO Risks Life”

  1. I would only be the guinea pig if I was promised a full auto gun and ammo for life.

  2. I want to see how many more rounds the windshield would have stopped. Not sure it could handle a magdump. Also, how does it do against .308?

  3. You should see the video of the first body armor tests by Richard Davis. he tried stuff like this when Kevlar was virtually untested.

    1. I’ve seen the infamous video of him shooting himself in front of a crowd of police officers. Ballsy, to say the least. But you’re right, this is nothing compared to that.

  4. Maybe now he can pay his employees enough for them to afford a decent rifle….

    What? you were all thinking it!

  5. An interesting docu called Manda Bala, about kidnapping for profit in Brazil, opens with a sample of armor glass being shot three times. The message: it doesn’t take long for repeated hits around the same place to punch through.
    More rounds would have been a better test, although in fairness a decent driver would immediately change the direction of the vehicle as soon as they hear the crackle of gunfire, hopefully spreading the incoming fire to different parts of the (hopefully fully armored) vehicle.

  6. You don’t sell bullet proof glass to use Internet Commandos. :) You sell it to people who either have that level of threat or people who are the protection for those people. The armor market has both very good companies (this one) and a lot of people who only think they know what they are doing. If I was a buyer, this test would be a great demo. There is an owner that stands behind their product. Business men respect that in a ways that a bunch of numbers on paper just can’t convey. Would I sit behind it? Sure, if I was working for that company and had shot some of that stuff to failure so you know just how it’s going to go down. No problem. Life is full of risks, this one is pretty minor.

    1. CrunkleRoss Avatar

      Point taken and I agree this is a very good company, but if the shooter had accidently let a round hit the wall or floor and seriously fragged the CEO what would they look like? The shooter is obviously well trained but shit happens even to the best.

    2. CrunkleRoss Avatar

      And to add putting this on Youtube is marketing it to internet operators.

  7. PS… there’s a cool docu called “Bulletproof Salesman” about a German guy selling armored cars in Iraq. It’s interesting and darkly funny.

  8. I’m just glad that the shooter kept his safety glasses properly on top of his head to protect that beautiful hair.


  9. CrunkleRoss Avatar

    This is just a stunt.

    Richard Davis did his body armour demos to prove a man could take a hit and still return fire, no other way to prove that. He didn’t want someone else to shoot him because he didn’t trust them not to flinch and hit an area not covered by the vest.

    1. …body armour demos to prove…

      Hey buddy, this is an American blog; take your British spelling elsewhere!

  10. I want them to do this with a Mosin Nagant 91/30 full of steel core surplus. I would equally accept a Mauser 98k variant firing heavyweight steel core.

    1. I want them to do this with a Mosin Nagant 91/30 full of steel core surplus.

      Because that’s what a person is likely to be attacked with?

      The product being advertised seems to be able to withstand multiple hits from a pretty substantial weapon. What are you expecting?

  11. Out of curiosity, do they market this as “bulletproof” or “bullet resistant?”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Bullet resistant i’m sure. As bulletproof would imply it was impervious to any number of rounds fired at it.

      1. That brings up another question. I have never fired a member of the AK family on full auto, so for those of you with the experience and knowledge/skill how many rounds in a magazine dump or short burst do you think you could put on target? I ask because depending on the answer, three rounds might be enough for a demo, or it might be a few rounds short. Just looking for knowledgeable opinions!

      2. Mike,

        Probably because of her Russian Jewish last name, a former GF of mine received an unsolicted mailer from them.
        “Bulletproof Cars for Russia” shouts the headline.
        I could send you a scan if you’d like…

  12. OOoooo, its not everyday you see a yugoslavian AK

  13. I would have no problem testing out something like this so long as my life insurance isn’t void from “hazards of work”.

    I’m irate the burst was only 3 rounds, instead of a mag dump via bump firing.

  14. Safety glasses don’t work as well sitting on the top of your head….

  15. educatedgunuser Avatar

    these guys are idiots. theres nothing ballsy by showing something proven by science for the past 30 years. if anything these guys are taking steps back by being complete dumb asses and using no safety with guns in a workplace. 0 safety. no eye or hearing protection, flying glass, hot gases, brass and lead in an indoor environment. at the end of the video both of them lucky one didnt go blind.