Russian Special Forces Practical Shooting

From unit 22; code name “DERP”, whose mantra is “Try not to die”:

The rolls are the “practical” part, in case you were wondering. :roll:

What’s with the 180 degree turn they do every time they need to change magazines? This isn’t airsoft! Facing your back towards live fire isn’t going to make it hurt less if you get hit.

Damn that camo is ugly… and fits like pajamas should.

Anyone want to weigh in?

Hat tip: Jerry P.


44 responses to “Russian Special Forces Practical Shooting”

  1. Camera quality is good…..

  2. kritsos Avatar

    3:23′ now I think that the moto of the unit “try not to die”…. it should be “try not to kill your partner”…

    1. The name is Derp. Herp Derp.

  3. Jared C Avatar

    I rather go through a class taught by those two than that so called navy seal.

    1. +1 They seem to know what they are doing and like the US military this seems part of their drills although like someone else mentioned there are quite a few dirt hits.

  4. Charles Avatar

    Maybe they were practicing for Russia’s Got Talent?

  5. Anyone who knows even a little bit about muscle memory, knows that if you do this nonsense in training, you WILL do it under extreme stress. I’d love to watch this jack a**es pull this in combat.

  6. Sponsored by FPS Russia? ; )

  7. "Dr."Dave Avatar

    Good for them, covering each others backs while they reload. It freaking takes ’em long enough…

    Is it just me, or am I seeing a LOT of low shots plow into the dirt, weapons dragging around on the ground, and a pistol falling out of the holster and being drug via lanyard?

  8. the0pro Avatar

    as all russian camo, this too looks awful, but hiding siluette and you very well.
    wear this once on our damn army courses. now wear only DMP/DDPM

  9. OK soldiers, our objective for today is to sweep as many people as possible with loaded guns.

  10. as much fun as it is to poke fun at these guys, im going to go out on a limb and say none of us have near as much training as these dudes do… and that they could kick our asses right quick… muzzle sweep included.

    1. Jared C Avatar

      speak for yourself.

    2. >implying they could hit us
      >implying they wouldn’t shoot each other
      >implying we wouldn’t mag dump into them when they turn to reload
      >implying the engagement wouldn’t degenerate into a breakdance battle

      1. I hate using Ha!ha!ha!’s and LOL’s but I think it’s appropriate in this case. And I second the speak for yourself comment up above.

    3. If it’s competing on “Dancing with the Czars”, then yes.

      Otherwise, let’s settle it on the range. First person to sweep the other loses.

  11. FunnyGunBunny Avatar

    yah…Skyy…thats prolly not true.

    I’ll take a well aimed controlled pair of shots everyday all day over flopping around in the dirt and weapons rolling in said dirt…besides…I’ve rolled with some of the more sincere folk in the world, and to paraphrase Potter Stewart: “I dont know what DERP is, but I know it when I see it…”

    I would beat every NCO under my command about the neck and ears for coming to me with this training…

  12. Wait… what? I don’t even….

    Those PJs do look comfortable, though.

  13. is this a new Olympic sport? synchronized gymnastics/shooting?

  14. in soviet russia the break dancing special forces attack YOU!

  15. What’s with the 180 degree turn they do every time they need to change magazines?

    It’s “time outsies” when their backs are turned.

  16. I can see a extended deployment to the Bolshoi Ballet Company in these guy’s future.

  17. And after all the complaining about music selection in other similar tacticool videos, I suddenly find myself missing it. They needed to add some ’70’s porn music to really being it home.

  18. Did I see a mag flip at the end there?

  19. Oh man, that pistol falling out was priceless.
    I love how he just swung it up by the lanyard.
    What a bunch of clowns.

  20. So that is where all the MC Hammer pants I used to see in the US went. The Russian army bought them.

  21. Crunkleross Avatar

    I just knew Disco would come back, never thought it would be like this.

  22. Crunkleross Avatar

    Asher is going to be killin some folks if he watches this.

  23. I’m pretty sure the idea is, in a real-world engagement, they’d be doing those 180’s BEHIND COVER. And the gymnastic rolls? Also between areas of cover.

    Not happy with the hip-firing, however.

    Also, Russian military drills have always been big on synchronicity – think “Water Ballet” here. The Dog and Pony shows are good for impressing the higher ups, which in turn gets their unit funding. Military spending has been tight since the decline, so every little bit helps, I suppose.

    Can’t Touch This! :)

  24. Perlguy Avatar

    From where I shoot, the white targets are the “non-shoots”. I noticed that ALL of their targets seemed to be white. I think the Russians live under the mantra to shoot the hostages first so that you get a better shot at the “bad guys”.

    For example… Look at this demonstration that they put on. There are people ON the bus!!!

  25. As Dave said, I’m guessing the 180’s are to simulate quick rolling behind cover. Guessing the rolls are for about the same thing, moving forward and back to different cover.

    Definitely liked the quick transition to prone at 0:42. Quite nifty!

    And personally, these dudes are far more badass than I’ll ever be. Cool vid!

  26. As ridiculous a the video is, I remember hearing somewhere (and don’t hold me to this), that these guys are basically the infantry equivalent of the Blue Angels. Not so much “elite” as “put on a good show”. They don’t actually do this in combat, it’s aimed more at impressing the locals during parades and vice versa.

  27. It’s the Herpa Derpa Sherpa. The Sherpa Derpa lead all other Derps.

    Tactical Onesies!

    It reminds me of the scene in “Indiana Jones”. Why don’t you flip around and not put shots on target, meanwhile, I’ll take aim and end this situation.

    The tactical pistol drag was almost as awesome as the tactical around the world pistol yo-yo trick.

  28. Peter in DC Avatar
    Peter in DC

    Those Russkies do love their synchronized gymnastics, eh?

  29. Jeff Ramey Avatar
    Jeff Ramey

    would of been a perfect finale if they would of blew off some claymores and then have a hot air baloon pick them up.

    1. hahahaha

  30. The Russian text says, “Equilibrium to be released on VHS on the 22nd.”

    Herpa derpa.

    1. What text?

      1. I’ve actually never seen that movie. From the clips, I have no desire to!

      2. “Практическая стрельба в 22-й бригаде спецназа”
        And of course I’m just joking.

  31. No love for the Synchronized Inverted Tactical Pot Shot around 1:42? Or at 1:24 where the soldier gets up from the prone, takes a knee, conducts a ten second reload, only to get back down in the prone?

    I have no problem echoing Jared C’s “speak for yourself” comment.

  32. Justmeagain Avatar

    They had a couple of Russian Spetznats (SP?) soldiers and Green Berets on “Deadliest Warrior” last season.
    I know, I know….the show is largely crap and unfair in the competitions but it’s still entertaining.
    The funny thing is I remember the Russians doing some similiar stuff during their shooting on the show. It wasn’t this extreme but I can remember wondering if they were doing yoga or simulation an assault.

  33. Anyone else wonder what these guy’s targets look like? And wow! After seeing the “tactical handgun with lanyard retention” demonstrated, I now know I need a one. Before this I never saw the point.

  34. i gotta get a lanyard.