The Fog Of Derp – Shooting Under Stress

I hope I never run out of videos like this:

This video has it all!  Tactical break dancing, tactical muzzle control on a crowded street simulation, tactical beam overturning!  

– I don’t lift heavy beams on the reg, but i’m pretty sure the deflating tire “pssssssssssssssssssshhhhtttt” sound isn’t necessary.  They are all doing it though.

– What’s with the spray painting of the guys back at 3:53?  Some sort of hazing?  haha that would be a pain to remove.

– Forward roll at 4:54!  OH NO HE DIDN’T! ahahha

The training school is called Trident Fitness, you can check out their website – HERE

According to the about page, the instructor (Rick Graham) is a former Navy Seal. *shrug* who knows… I’m pretty sure he didn’t learn a lot of this stuff during his SEAL training.

I’ll never be that high speed low drag. :(  Save the video quick guys, these things have a bad habit of disappearing once we make fun of them.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. Danny Glover Avatar
    Danny Glover

    How long do you think it will take before they yank the videos off of youtube now ?

  2. Is this a competition to see how slowly one can aim and fire? I don’t get it really…..

  3. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    What are my thoughts? They are exactly: “What is this, i dont even”.
    And more proof in the pan that things like this are legitimate because they’re headed or have some staff that are allegedly military men in one way or another. It’s like if Mack from futureweapons up and decided he wanted to make his own fitness club >.>

    Oh and “I’ll never be that high speed low drag. :( ”
    Dont talk down about yourself like that. In fact, you’re the most high-speed low-drag person to ever exist! Dont let those know nothing bastards say otherwise :3

  4. I will say I understand the concept of the lifting right before shooting. It tires the arms to simulate an adrenaline rush and makes it more difficult to aim and fire. I can even get my head around the shooting from cover drill. The part I lol at is the running, diving, crawling, and shooting from ridiculous angles. Last time I checked I’m not a cop and will almost certainly never be chasing a dude through a post apocalyptic war zone junkyard trying to double tap him.

    Not with a pistol, anyway….

    1. I agree with everything you have to say
      I have to ask the question What the hell are these guys training for? In case video games become real.

  5. what the hell did i just saw ??
    hahahaha.. :D

  6. i saw tactical push ups.

  7. Okay, I saw what looked like a tactical shopping-bag carry with the two weights… bunch of downrange derpsters…

  8. Judge Dread Avatar
    Judge Dread

    So, did those people actually PAY to take part in that? Was removing your top a prior stipulation?

  9. Was it just me, or was every single shot a “hit”?

  10. P T Barnum was right…

  11. Tactical Somersault!


  12. Cookie Monster vocalist aside, who chooses a song named “You Fail Me” for a promotional video?

  13. Torontogosh Avatar

    Whiteboy .50 cent made the video for me. There may have been a good reason, but I prefer to think he just thought it was cool.

  14. Dontshootmebro Avatar

    Its like a tactical shooting range version of a Cobra Kai dojo.

    1. W/ “NO MERCY” and skeleton costumes.

  15. Mr Maigo Avatar

    I bet the next thing in Tactical Stress Training will be getting hit by water balloons while they project video of your parents having sex.

    1. the horror….the …horror…

  16. I didn’t look too closely but why kind of pistols were they using?

    I certainly didn’t see any of the big names that jump out to me. Were they being high-speed with Taurus guns?

  17. Is that Junior from Reno 911 with no shirt and a bulletproof vest?

  18. My first thought:
    -“This is gonna change your mindset of firearms training” Yeah… No.

    Then I saw them doing stamina tests and things like that and it did not seem as herpa-derpa as some other videos. These are good things to do in terms of pushing a shooters limit, as we’re not all going to be in ideal circumstances if something “bad” does occur. In a sense I think there was a failure of presentation.

    I believe muzzle control is very important, and around the 0:28 mark I thought it was interesting in terms of how they were trying to deal with that. Personally I don’t believe it should be done with live ammo, maybe simunition – that’s what it’s for – and protective gear. I remember – I hope correctly – reading about how a navy seal was shot in the back and killed accidentally during a training exercise (Rogue Warrior – Dick Marcinko). Just goes to show that even the “professionals” can make mistakes. No one plays football without a helmet.

    This wasn’t nearly as bad as some other videos. Yet the break dancing was totally unnecessary. I honestly expected something like this to happen at some point

  19. Looks like fun. Other than some of the dangerous stuff, I’d take the course. Sure beats sitting at the computer all day pouring over gun blog posts and criticizing everyone. This course seems more recreational than it is serious tactical training. I could do without the music though.

    1. Full agreement re: the music. Too many gun videos (instructional and otherwise) seem caught in the very hard rock/heavy metal rut… I’d like to see either no music or more variety.

  20. These kind of courses should include a section on the treatment of gunshot wounds in the field.

  21. I think they need to go to the Caribbean for some Advanced Firearm Retention training.

  22. I like it. I have never been in a stand up gun fight before, but have come close. Physical fatigue is the closest thing to duplicating an adrenaline rush. It is easy to shoot one ragged hole from a static position but things change as soon as all the variables change.

    Yeah there is some goofy stuff in the video, but the concept is there: Get fatigued and see how well you shoot.

  23. I actually thought this was a joke like the most tactical AR ever videos. Then after a few minutes I started thinking “Wait a second, is this supposed to be legit?”. Some day we will realize that You Tube just hurt us all.

  24. Jesus that music is annoying.

  25. I like how their plywood cover there says “Fight Socialism” I’d be surprised if any of them actually knew what socialism was, and or that they already are in a socialist nation.

    1. Maybe they are fully aware that they’re living in a socialist nation, and are committed to fighting against it. You know, fringe-lunatic militia style. The next Timothy McVeigh might be in that video!

      1. The fact that this could be true makes me a sad panda.

  26. Some see a failure of thought process, I see opportunity. We replace the 5.11 gear with kilts and have a hybrid Highland games tactical shoot. I see myself tossing a Caber drawing my Rosco and ringing a 50 meter gong.

    1. Strangely, that sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.

    2. I’m in! lol

  27. Theblackknight Avatar

    People have been doing Wod/Range days for a while now.It’s not new .THIS is straight up derp. Weaver stances and cross thumbs grip? I have a feeling not much instructing went on.

  28. Mr. Normal Avatar
    Mr. Normal

    From full retention to Full Retard at the speed of smell.

    1. …never go full retard.

  29. The the expelling of air when lifting heavy objects is actually good practice; it keeps you breathing regularly. It’s normal reaction to hold your breath when doing heavy or hard work. Doing so will destroy your strength and greatly reduce your endurance.

    1. …hold your breath when doing heavy or hard work. Doing so will destroy your strength and greatly reduce your endurance.

      I gotta remember that next time I need to use the bathroom. Blowing what feels like a football out of your ass will really take it out of you! :) Maybe I need to eat more fiber.

  30. I do understand the concept of fatigue to simulate stress and, well, fatigue. Most of what was going on wasn’t too bad. However, thigh rigs? What exactly are you training for? If military/police then maybe, but probably not. Also, nice flinch. I think we need to cover basics (grip, trigger control) before moving to advanced tactics.

    1. However, thigh rigs? What exactly are you training for?

      They’re training for Airsoft, of course.

  31. Just watched the video and thanks for sharing. I’m a retired Navy SEAL and I want everyone to know we are NOT trained to do any of what you just watched! I was a BUD/S instructor, SQT instructor and ran our sniper school…I didn’t learn how to shoot like that.
    Please don’t let this video give you a bad impression of what we do. Every group is going to have some idiots out there and unfortunately he is not the only one. Check out the background of anyone you train with. I know of one guy who was kicked out of the Teams and the Navy and now he’s running a shooting course as a Navy SEAL. If they spent a short time in the Teams, ask them for proof of why they got out. A DD214 is a great start.

  32. Lordy lord!

    I think they spray painted “Great W” (Great White?) on his back. That was most retarded thing amongst everything. What was with the Tactical SWAT Sweeping Prevention Exercise in the beginning? Seriously guys? Looked like a circle jerk gone wrong.

  33. I had a hard time focusing because all I could hear was the screaming. I can’t stand that type of “music”. I’m pretty sure that I could teach that class.

  34. That was the most bad ass combat roll, I have ever seen.

  35. Looks like a “civil-union” bachelorette party!

  36. Ranger g Avatar

    Uhm…the “music” was sufficiently hideous when I watched the video but then I saw the name of the track–their theme song is “You Fail Me”????!!! Whoa–there’s a goal for you!

  37. Ranger g Avatar

    Oh…and the backhoe sitting there–talk about Billy Bob’s Tactical Shoot Out and Sewer Service…guy grabs his tactical backhoe (I think I saw a Picatinny rail on the hydraulic cylinder), piles some tactical dirt in tactical piles then tactically stacks some tactical cynderblocks and voila! A tactical business is born!

  38. Too bad they just didn’t focus on the basics of shooting, most of those folks *could* do a tactical “roll” yet had terrible mechanics when drawing their weapon, acquiring target, and getting a round down range.

    They could get better training with a piece of tape on the wall and a snap cap.

  39. Wow. Okay I watched it without sound so I have no idea what anyone said. First are those students or the “instructors” in the video? If its the later then we need to do better then new guys at a shooting match in speed, seriously. Second what was the point of the tactcool vests, although honestly I think Darwin shouldn’t be avoided as easily. Oh yeah finally what did any of that have to do with real life? I was kinda shocked on the roll we didn’t see a pitol go flying though the air, but I guess they edited that out.

  40. OK, OK, you guys can put your stones back into your old testament! I am Rich Graham, and I instructed the course every one is ripping apart. I’m not going writing back to engage in a pissing match, but I do want to clarify a few things. After reading all of your comments and watching from your point of view, I can see how what I was teaching these guys could be misinterpreted. It is very difficult to take and entire course and put it into a 1min-6min promo video, that is exciting to watch, but informative at the same time. There is just to much info and the guys in the course don’t want to see a video of me just talking, they want to see clips of them doing the drills.

    So, lets start from the top. Yes, I was a SEAL, class 236, and I did have an honorable discharge for those suggesting otherwise. In the beginning of the video I was talking about thought process that is proactive instead of reactive. Is it easier to block punches or throw them? Same concept.
    The drills on muzzle discipline were the first drills of the day, done with no ammo on the range, all magazines in your bags, slide locked to the rear(if you look closely) and group buddy checks from everyone in the group, every time a new student was up. I would not do this drill with live ammo!

    I’m glad everyone liked my break dancing, I thought I did it pretty good! Ha ha! Again this is out of context. I was demonstrating soft vs. rigid shooting stances. A shooter needs to be able to get bumped, bounced, tripped, etc. and be able to maintain his muzzle on the target at all times even as his body moves and changes under him. Think about it. A tank can lock onto a target and change directions, go over hills and bumps but the barrel stays locked onto the target at all times. This was not just break dancing to look cool on you tube I was teaching a very important lesson on gun control.

    As for the stress courses that some guys find unrealistic, I don’t know what to say there. Just a difference in training opinions I guess. I train Law Enforcement, Contractors, and civilians also. Needless to say if you where a Cop and you chased a guy two blocks, climbed three fences, at night in the dark and it came to an end breathing heavy in a hostage situation… that is NOT the first time to shoot tired, stressed, and under pressure. So lifting weights, running, crawling, multiple targets, etc. is how I try to put it together. One person asked “why would you crawl or who crawls in a gun fight” seriously? If you have not trained shooting from the prone position with a pistol your wrong. How many people carry concealed rifles? If you always have a pistol and you run into a situation and bullets are flying and you don’t know where they are coming form your may want to get down!

    With the spray paint, some of the guys got carried away at lunch. The course is serious but we like to have fun also. I am not hazing or running a militia by any means. We got rained on half way through the day so a few guys took there shirts off because every one was soaked. And the best for last the combat roll… I don’t teach that ha ha one of the guys asked about it and if he could try it. I don’t do that, some teach it in Systema, etc. but he did perform it safely so…. Yah I know maybe I should have left that out.

    This response is becoming to long, I know you guys just brought up a lot of questions about my video. If you really want to know what the course was like or what people thought of it you could have, or can just go to my website and read the testimonials from the course. I have had over 30 SWAT Team operators from NJ, PA, DE, and MD tell me that this course was the best pistol training that they had received so that is why I am not taking offense to these remarks on your site. I truly believe if you had attended the course and had been taught the thought process and reasoning behind the drills you would view this video differently.

    1. gilk10180 Avatar


  41. hmmm….Rich has a point

  42. Okay lets just say this once then, if this is your business and this is a promotion for it then do it in such a way that everyone wants to go to your school. Not mock it, get a PR department because you need the help.
    Here is some advice Rich, instead of cramming everything in try one subject to give a accurate taste of what you teach. Work it in such a way that someone can learn about that subject, and see that you actually know what you are talking about, not another Derp school. This “Looks fun/cool/exciting” will just make you out to seem an amateur “Poser”.

  43. I’m quite pleased with the infmortaion in this one. TY!

  44. The Five-o Avatar

    As a LEO, I fully agree with the “Shooting under stress” training. We did a lot of similar training but it wasn’t exactly the same. Things were a lot more controlled and not ramped up like the video. When faced with a stressful situation you begin to get tunnel vision, your hearing starts to go, and you begin to react on instinct and training. I’ve been in a few foot chases, one of which ended in a gun fight. Had I not trained to shoot in these situations, chances are I wouldn’t be typing this today. Our drills included: carrying weights to boxing and getting to cover.

  45. JustTheFactsMaam Avatar

    I’ve worked for 3 agencies and all of them teach some form of this stuff to an extent. And as a couple have already mentioned the exercises are to try and push your body to the limits and then put you back in front of a target (even had moving targets after doing this). What is referenced most of the times these courses come up is the LA bank robbery that took place several years back and how long it lasted. I don’t agree with everything done in the video as a training element, but I’m sure some of it is the guys having fun while ogign through the course.

  46. ArmedInAtlanta Avatar

    The “tactical shopping bag” lifts are properly called farmer carries and they can be quite taxing on the shoulders, traps, and certain other supporting muscle groups, not to mention the quads that push the whole body around. Just watching the video, I understood why this would be done, as it essentially works most of the same muscles you’ll need to shoot, giving you a better feel for shooting under exhaustion.

    As to the PSHHHH sound you’re hearing while the guys are lifting the beams, that’s pretty common with lifting heavier weights. The forceful exhale while the weight goes up is widely accepted (and works for me!) as a sort of assist with lifting. I’m not entirely sure why it works, but it was taught to me by every strength/ fitness coach I’ve had, from middle school all the way through Div. 1 college ball.

    Not sure if all of the tactical drills are great stuff, as I’m not very well-versed in such things, but I do know that, from a fitness perspective, all of the stuff I saw is supported by literature and best practices.