Behind The Lines – FN FAL

A new series, covering the history, design and development of the weapons featured in the Call of Duty series.  This one in particular is on the FN FAL:

Wow, the production value and detail is very nice!

I can hardly wait to see the videos on the rest of the weapons used in the game.

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18 responses to “Behind The Lines – FN FAL”

  1. I freaking love this idea. His info was remarkably accurate for the target audience as well. Please post the rest of these as they come out.

  2. Jared C Avatar

    This was really good.

  3. The only thing that bothers me is the limey’s voice. Really my bias stems from the strict gun control laws of the U.K., which the narrator’s voice reminds me of constantly. I was bothered by not see an actual FAL being physically handled, once again strict gun control.

    Are these good? I guess so as I would not say great, but I was hoping to see sources posted at some point towards the end of the video.

    1. Hey, we aren’t all fans of our gun laws thank you very much. How are they my fault? And ‘limey’? Really?

      1. At least in my state one can actually own a FAL, or more. :)

        I wish the UK was pro-gun, as it would be an affirmation of personal responsibility. I’m not sure how gun laws in the UK are specifically your fault, but like the forming of the USA, if the people don’t like it they ought to revolt and win.

        And yes, Limey, no more nor less than cordially. :D As I said, the voice only reminds me of how depressing the laws are there. You’re more than welcome to come to the Pacific NW and shoot pistols with me.

        1. Sorry, got a bit precious there. I think the problem here was the number of shooters at the time of each ban – just not enough to outweigh misguided public opinion and showboating politicians.

          Unfortunately it takes more than a single issue, and a minority one at that, to trigger or perhaps even warrant, a revolt.

    2. Look at it this way, the UK actually adopted it so it sort of fits the theme. Maybe when they cover the M4, they can get an American narrator. :)

      The developer of the CoD series is Commiefornia based, which I have a problem of more. They’re making a huuuuuge profit off gun culture into a non-gun friendly state. They should move out, or donate regularly to CA based pro-firearms groups there to try to make a difference.

  4. Although I hate Call of Duty till the end of time,

    The FAL is simply bitchin’ awesome.

  5. Personally, Halo is more my cup of tea, but when I actualy started playing Black Ops online these videos were VERY helpful. Also, I think his voice ads a very 007 feel to it, which makes the videos that much more awesome.

    And you mist be a wizard Mike, because I just got done watching this very video before this post came up.

  6. i read the title to this article and thought it said FN FAIL. good video.

  7. TRONisLAW Avatar

    Outstanding video. Great primer to setting some COD fags straight.

    1. Cameron Avatar

      Sadly, they do it with the FN FAL, a basic weapon with few misconceptions. It should be done with guns like the FAMAS, the AK, the ARs, etc.

  8. Cameron Avatar

    On a side note, that is an interesting looking variant when he speaks of the “M16” around 6:50. Any info on it?

  9. dagamore Avatar

    too bad at 4.30 they show rounds with the bullets still in the case, but fired(dimpled) primers.

    1. Good eye, although if H&K can load mags backwards on their catalog shots I think we can let this one little thing slide, eh?

      1. dagamore Avatar

        Because its FN and they hate you? :p

  10. There was one little historical note in the video that seems to be missed each time by the “whoa is me, they took away our M-14s” crowd. I am not a fan nor critic of 5.56mm. I want an intermediate round. But too many COD Delta Para Scuba Rangers and Cold War veterans get lost when they try to trash the “.22cal” battle rifle that is the M16/M4.

    7.62mm was never the round for this design. It is too powerful for an assault rifle. The recoil makes it untenable. The FN FAL was designed for an intermediate round immediately after WW II. Due to political manuevering, NATO picked a US demanded round and then the FN FAL had to be redesigned for the larger round.

  11. SpudmanWP Avatar

    Small correction on it’s historical note. At 7:12 it states that “The FAL holds the accolade of being the most prevalent firearm ever manufactured in a NATO caliber, with over 2 million rifles built.”

    Considering that there were over 8 million M16s build (and still being built) I think they might have meant “battle rifles” instead of just the generic term firearm.