Giggitygun – Quagmire Unleashes The Beast

I dare you to watch all 10 minutes:

Actually please don’t watch it all.  I just figured it was too annoying not to post.

Hat tip: Kyle P.


7 responses to “Giggitygun – Quagmire Unleashes The Beast”

  1. heh… awriiiight!

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    This scene practically describes the whole season. Crazy bullshit.

    And it’s times like this i’ve got a loop button :D

  3. Now lets see a General Electric XM214 Minigun firing 10 min 10 sec @ a max cyclic of 10,000 rounds per minute = 101,000 rounds approx (nice round figure) and I have priced 7.62 Nato L2A2 ball at .69c per round ($314.95/450rd can) = Seth is going to be Pissed! $70,688.77 in ammo!

  4. The XM214 was called the “Microgun”, was in 5.56 NATO caliber, and never saw mass production (although you are correct that it could achieve 10,000 rpm.)

    The 7.62 NATO M134 Minigun which did see production maxed out at 6,000 rounds per minute.

    That said, Seth is STILL gonna be pissed!

  5. Sometimes Family Guy gets it right with how firearms look, other times it’s just a brick to the firearm enthusiast’s face. That all being said, it’s a fun program when it’s not a musical.

  6. Man, that’s annoying. I used to love that show, but it lost me a while back.