Assault Forks – Cutlery For Gun Lovers

Before you ask… I have no idea the origin of this picture.    The awesomeness is off the charts!

I don’t know if people still get silverware for wedding gifts, but this would be one set of silverware I could see most guys getting excited about.

If you have any more pictures/info about  these, let me know in the comments.


16 responses to “Assault Forks – Cutlery For Gun Lovers”

  1. Johnny Come Lately Avatar
    Johnny Come Lately

    My guess is they were made by some designer who wouldn’t know a charging handle from a hole in the ground and they cost $10,000 for the set.

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    But can you still use them to eat with? O.o

  3. Now the set just needs some mini Shovel/Entrenching Tool spoons and maybe a mini Bayonet or Saber knife.

    1. +1 to bayonets.

      But does one group of them really have to be the MP-40? Why couldn’t it be a Thompson sub-machine gun?

      1. Maybe the creator didn’t think the Thompson was, “evil black rifle,” enough. Funny though considering its infamous reputation during the 20’s.

  4. Take that vile brussel sprouts!

  5. Tineye couldn’t find another example of this picture in 2.0059 billion images. hmm.

  6. Critter Avatar

    eat your peas!

  7. Careful where you’re pointing those! I don’t want a negligent discharge of peas into my mouth during thanksgiving!

  8. Chuck Norris finally decides to use a salad fork…

    1. These aren’t assault forks, it’s just star wars shit and some dr who forks… :(

  9. With these I wouldn’t constantly be confusing the salad fork, the meat fork, the side dish fork, the fish fork, the desert fork, the…
    Why are there so many different kinds of forks, anyway? Does anyone really need more than one kind of fork?


  11. And to top it all off ….. there is a matching set of plates that look like targets, cups to look like a shell, saucers to look like clay pigeons.
    Yes I would pay a handsome price for these

    1. So would I, if you find them let me know