Caribbean Bodyguard Training

The “Chariots of fire” soundtrack in the first half of the video is interesting:

  • 0:47 – Walking single file with your pistol pointing at the guy in front of you.   It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that isn’t a great idea.
  • 0:57 – The so called “safety circle” means you have to hold your gun like a limp wristed douchebag and scan your head around not really noticing anything.
  • 1:04 – Team safety circle.  For those times you’re surrounded and want to bunch up into an awkward non cohesive group.
  • 1:12 – Running while field stripping your glock?  Now there’s a skill you’re bound to need in a gunfight.
  • 1:40 – Replace that gun with a loaded airsoft gun and see how many times this “disarming expert” gets shot in the face
  • 2:43 – The “real world” disarming technique roll playing begins *eye roll*
  • 3:19 – Demonstration of how carrying the Glock with no round in the chamber is the way to go.   0.3 second draw time? sure why not.. fumble with your undershirt more bro.
  • 3:50 – The ever popular IWB Mexican carry

Thoughts on this training? :P

I’d have posts for weeks if I talked about all the videos on their YouTube channel;  Most of them are absolutely ridiculous.

I wonder how many times the client gets shot rather than protected?

Hat tip: Aaron W.


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  1. Where are these guys from? Also a lot of this looks very potentially unsafe.

  2. Sorry for the double post but, additionally, Why is the instructor talking his way through the disarm moves he’s using on the students? (I realize these questions may not actually have answers.)

  3. It must get cold in that part of the Caribbean. They all have stocking caps on.

  4. I hope this who the UN tries to send to take our guns from us… they’d shoot themselves before they got to the end of my street.

  5. Dillankid Avatar

    I was actually taught every one of these disarming techniques and then some in a Krav Maga/Savate class by a legit former secret serviceman. He prefaced the disarming sections of the classes with “never do these moves unless it’s a last resort, because you will probably still get shot. Hopefully if you do get shot, you survive and are focused enough to complete the disarm.” He said a bit more in regards to don’t do it, even if you try and don’t get shot the opponent can retain the gun and the situation is already escalated to the point of no return. So it’s all basically good to know for the ideal unarmed self defense situation, but is not likely to work.

    There’s not much you can counter a gun with, except a gun. :-)

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      For the record…we were taught much more efficiently than demonstrated in this video ;-)

      1. Dillankid, I’d be interested to know approx when he retired, & if it was sometime after late 2000 when he learned that specific skill perhaps, if you know?

        1. Dillankid Avatar

          Probably 2005ish when he retired, I know he’s been doing Savate all his life and learning other arts on top of it.

  6. Thug life! :/ I never understood the ‘don’t carry with a round in the chamber philosophy’. herp a derp

    1. There was certainly a round in the chamber after he fired 3 or 4 shots and shoved the gun back in his pants. *shudder*

      1. +1 I agree with you. Herpa-derpa

    2. I never understood the ‘don’t carry with a round in the chamber philosophy’.

      I’d be afraid to carry a Glock in my pants with a round in the chamber, a decocked double-action, I’d be fine with that.

  7. The “Chariots of Fire” at the beginning was weird, and what the hell is up with the “Top Gun Anthem” at the end? If I were Harold Faltermeyer, I’d sue.

  8. LOL…. No holster on the IWB? “Real world” take down failed EVERY TIME! Loved it when that one guy just rolled back when the other guy reached for the pistol. They laughed, but thats an officer down… They should call it “lets be a hero training”

    1. I thought they were trying methods to retain their own firearm from an attempted grab during that part.

  9. The music really adds the ‘Idiot Ballet’ theme to the video. I think this may be the best “training” video you’ve posted. Sure it doesn’t have some cocky nerd with 7 guns on him, but it’s got potential.

  10. I stumbled upon this a few months ago… I had taken some rather good point shooting training in Vermont – retention and disarming were covered, and I was curious to see what other techniques were up for viewing on YouTube, and how they differed from what I learned.
    The ridiculousness of this video haunted me, and I mentally filed it away.
    When a recent ENDO post invited readers to submit their “bad training video” links, I jumped at the chance to share the experience – a quick search led me right back to it, and I laughed just as hard seeing it for the second time.

  11. I have the same reservations about videos where people boast about how fast they can field strip their gun. You’re not going to need that in combat, break your weapon down and you’re a dead man.

    The only reason I would see them need to tear a weapon down is if
    1) they need to stay in the immediate area and
    the weapon is not theirs, and they want to render it useless.
    Even then, no reason to take the time to do that

  12. So, just how long is .03 seconds in island time? P.S – Mike the shirts are awesome. Just received mine! Thanks!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Glad to hear Ryan. Not a bad of a wait for Canada either, 4 business days!

  13. Indeed, this vid is full of fail, but not all of it for the obvious reasons. Some of it is, this is absolutely true.
    However, some of it is because of the lack of full disclosure of the technique, or omission of the context of the skill being “taught” (whether due to the quality of the trainers or simply because this is only a snapshot of a larger & more thorough program I would not venture to guess).
    And then some of it is a lack of understanding on the part of the viewer, such as “you would never have a need to field strip your weapon whilst on the march”. Do you practice in repetitions? Have you ever done so many in one sitting that something very cerebral becomes mechanical? Ever do push-ups before a string of fire to get your heart rate up to simulate stress? Those are pretty obvious, sometimes training techniques are not so clear. Often, training involves supplementing (or obscuring) an exercise with seemingly unrelated, & often overwhelming exercises in order to get you past a point of failure (& even understanding: ever heard the phrase “You must un-know.”?) before you even begin to learn the “real” skill set being taught. Ever wonder why you were woken up early in the morning after a rough day of training & light rations only to carry that damned pack (or your buddy) miles uphill & then have to complete some mission critical task repeatedly until perfection (& then be rewarded with the joy of humping back to camp).
    It is designed to press you to beyond your limits, so that you actually CAN do that task in your sleep.
    Not trying to be a buzz-kill, again, the vid IS pretty funny, & I am certainly not “digging for a diamond in the crap”, I just wanted ya’ll to be able to look a bit deeper at things, & get more out of what you see sometimes. Practice that ad nauseum ;)

  14. What is up with the ridiculous clothes these people tend to wear in the “tactical” training classes.

    I’m surprised that guy hasn’t shot his junk off yet.

    This class and video aren’t all bad, just mostly bad with music that makes it seem like a parody.