Hi-Power-PKM-SCAR-AR-AK-47 Rifle

Made by a god tier weapons troll in Iraq:

Normally I’d say something like “Troll Harder”… but this guy already trolls the hardest.

Hat tip: Kitup via Ikhlas B.


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  1. My brain is full of what. And fuck. My brain is full of fuck and what.

    Does it even cycle the rounds? Let alone fire them?

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Well, Iraq knows guns. I mean, for chrissakes, you can go down to a gun market and have stuff hand assembled entirely, from AK’s to pen guns.

    And is it bad that i want it? :D

  3. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Also, quote from the source.
    “Look carefully and you can see that he cannibalized parts of various weapons and fabricated a few of his own. He took a AK-47 receiver, a Browning Hi-Power pistol grip, and a PKM barrel, cobbling them together with what I think was a bb-gun scope. He cut the stock himself and created a M16 style charging handle that actually worked!

    As a 18B, this Franken gun made me a little nervous but I never saw him have a malfunction with it much less the kind of catastrophic failure you might expect from the picture.”

    Apparantly it works. I’ll take 20.

  4. The charging handle is the winner for me!
    You should see what those gun market guys can do with a Indian Lee Enfield!

  5. Dillankid Avatar

    Not only is it a butchered mess, but it’s well on its way to tacticool :-)

    Function over fashion I guess…if it hits the target before the target hits him that’s what counts.

  6. To me it looks fake (photo-shopped).
    And even if it’s real, it’s ugly, very ugly.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      Being a graphic designer – I don’t see any evidence of a photoshop. If it is photoshopped, the guy doing it is a genius. If it’s not, the guy that built it is a genius with lots of ingenuity and no tools to make something awesome.

      Either way, someone is good at what they do :-)

  7. Wait a minute; I thought that was the new Taurus AR-15 offering?

  8. Could be worse, at least it isn’t tapco’ed the fuck out.

    1. ha yea but the the rail covers and flashlight holder (and probably the rail system) is UTG, which is just as bad.

  9. One more thing, I dont know if it’s the resolution on my iPhone but is there a lack of a third axis pin? I looks semi automatic.

  10. I think this is photo-shopped.

    Iraq has industrial capability. And the supposed gunsmith may be an Iraqi with tools. But from what I saw last year, I seriously doubt that an Iraqi SWAT team member created this. Most of the Iraqi-supplied crew served weapons that served as perimeter defense were missing stocks. Gun maintenance is not a concept that has translated well into Arabic. Glocks and AKs are a good choice because of that very phenomenon.

    It may very well be real. But I believe it is fake.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      at the source link (which seems to be down at the moment) there is a link to the picture in a very high resolution. You can practically see the dust on the receiver so making a convincing photoshop at the resolution would be very tough.

    2. I think this is photo-shopped.

      Why don’t people bother to look at the original source before spouting off stuff like this. The original source comes from the website military.com. The article featuring this was written by someone who is apparently a veteran of 5th Special Forces Group, and an author. His biography on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Jack-Murphy/e/B00501K130/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1. Seems pretty legit to me. An interview with the author: http://jerryandcheryl.net/writing/2011/04/11/author-interview-with-jack-murphy/. Another interview: http://davidhburton.com/?p=5443. His Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/JackMurphyAuthor?sk=info.

      Come on people, do a little due diligence before spouting off about things being fake.

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        Why dont they look at it before crying Shoop?

        Because they’re afraid, Josh. Because they’re afraid.

        1. I think it is photo-shopped, this site is photo-shopped, the whole damn system is photo-shopped!!!

          1. I’m turning you all into Adobe for improperly using the name of their software as a verb. That’s trademark infringement!

            1. Typical Adobe infiltrator trying to timothean his way into this topic.

              1. You got me figured out. You need to capitalize the name of an official religion like that though!

      2. I think a lot of things, just like I think people who hate guns and believe everyone should be gun free is a fascist. In this case (with the gun), it looks like I’m wrong. :)

        I’m fine with being wrong, and it’s possible my brain cannot comprehend something so grotesque as this, so much so that I cannot believe it is even real.

  11. I smell Photoshop.

  12. Critter Avatar

    photoshop is PEEEEPULLL!!!!

  13. Normally I’d say something like “Troll Harder”… but this guy already trolls the hardest.

    No no no, this man isn’t trolling enough. Now if you want to see some REAL trollin’, I suggest you look at this.


    1. Dammit, those quotes didn’t work. :/

  14. A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. I’m assuming if you could see his face it would be McGyver.

    1. MAC21500 Avatar

      Nope, McGyver is anti-gun. He would have the face of Will Hayden from Sons of Guns because no one ever told him to stop bolting and welding multiple guns together…

  15. Hi Folks,

    I’m the author of the original article and the dude who took the photo in question. I assure you, this gun was/is real. It was fully functional and cycled rounds just fine from what I saw. Like I wrote, it made me a little nervous standing next to the guy when he shot it but it did work.