Team Fortress 2 Live Action – Sentry Sabotage

I haven’t played Team Fortress 2, nor do I know if this is an accurate representation of the game, but it looks pretty epic.

Hat tip: Kevin


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  1. Not bad though that sniper woulda already killed the engineer when he spotted it. Aside from the whole blowing up a blue team soldier coulda been worse.
    Though it needed more jarate and spy crab.

  2. Well fortunately TF2 is now 100% free if you have Steam, so you can try it out.

    1. Cameron Avatar

      Do so. The video is a mildly accurate representation of the game.

      The game is not for SUPER SERIOUS OPERATORS HOOAH REALISM, it’s for having ridiculous amounts of fun with a rocket launcher that’s shaped like an RPG, but holds four rockets in the tube.

      1. This.

        If you were into 1990s multiplayer shooters like Quake or Unreal, this should be your cup of tea. Otherwise, at least give it a try if your computer can run it. Free-to-play players are looked down upon, to a certain extent, though, but if you find a good server, you could play this and nothing else for months and not get bored.

        Oh, and definitely check out the official blog and comics(they are funny) and trailers (they are well animated and funny).

  3. Its accurate enough. Its also an awesome game and now free to play, so you have no excuse for not playing it. GET OUT THERE! DO ET NAO!

  4. The animated videos on their website introducing the different characters are pretty cool.

    1. Meet the Medic overflows with awesomeness:

    2. Perturbo Avatar

      Love meet the engineer.

  5. Perturbo Avatar

    They for got to put in the Pyro torching friend and foe alike. Quite literaly smoking out the spies.

    Guess who I used to play? :)

  6. Well done video.

  7. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    I’ve been stuck on Day of Defeat, so I never got past the tutorial. Do want to play though.