Synchronized Live Fire Training For Operators

Truly amazing that no one got shot, unless they had to edit out all the fatalities:

As most of you who follow my blog already know, I am always on the search for the holy grail of ridiculous firearm training videos. Just when I thought I found it, someone emails me something that goes beyond where the bar was previously set at “full retard”. The above video set the bar really high.

I love when people are taught to do a scan of their surroundings, but all it really turns into is a robotic side to side sweep of their head where they really don’t see anything.

Thanks to bozos like this, no wonder good life insurance is so expensive.

HAIX footwear (the creators of this video) call this brand promotion?   Obviously we went to different business schools.  I’d consider this video more like brand suicide.

Somebody please save the video before they delete it!

UPDATE: Thanks Hizenburg for the re-up.   Here is an additional backup just in case.

Hat tip: Steven G


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  1. Hizenburg Avatar

    The first time I saw this I was like some has to be getting shot by the end of it. Oh and I saved it. LOL

    1. you need to repost it, or put it up for download somewhere. They took it off of youtube already.

    2. Post it. They killed the video.

    3. Yes! Please make a way for us late folks to see this video!

    4. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hook me up with a link Hizenburg! I knew something this stupid wouldn’t last long, i’m glad you saved it.

  2. lottaguns Avatar

    Want to see how a graduate of this school does in a real firefight?

    1. Love the video…must be an alternate universe where smokeless powder was never invented though!

  3. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    I dont think you could edit out that many fatalities lol.

    1. That’s why the class looks do small in the video.

  4. Trent D. Avatar

    The amount of sheer stupidity in this video is amazing. Darwin must have been asleep during filming.

    That woman’s first reload was the most spastic reload I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen people who go to the range once per year with a 400-year old box of ammo change a mag more smoothly.

  5. They are remarkably good at very poor shooting techniques. “Synchronized” shooting… lol that’s realistic.

  6. *Shoot bystander….slowly look around for witnesses

    1. Dude you have me falling out of my chair laughing.

    2. Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

      1. Kranknstein Avatar

        ROFLMAO….I made the mistake of reading your comment at work now I have the whole shop just staring at me. What got me was their stacking procedure and then charging in side by side. They should have been yelling “HUT HUT HUT” as they ran through each others field of fire

  7. Looks like the making of “The Other Guys Part 2”. I kept expecting to see an extreme close-up of Will Farrell in action, and some cliche b-budget action flick graphic overlays.

  8. redbaron Avatar

    At one point I thought the music they were using was a heavy metal remix of the National Anthem. That would’ve made this video the greatest video of all times

  9. *Hey, guys! I got it! Let’s think up the most useless, most fancy-looking bullshit that we can, then apply it to paper targets which are situated in a way that would never happen in real life!”
    Or, for a safer way to shoot at each other, go to Busch Gardens for that water-balloon slingshot arena.

  10. The knives at 1:45 was breathtakingly awesome.

    1. Agreed the knives were… something else. Actually it was the only moment in the video that I wasn’t cringing during. The knife draw was a nice comedic break in the intensity of waiting for someone to get shot. I wouldn’t go within 50mi of this 360 degree shooting range of terror, I’m want to watch it again to count the muzzle sweeps.
      And I think they should change their motto to “If you want to get shot by a professional, you need to train with our ‘professionals’”.

      1. I counted 19 but I might have missed some. There is not a person in the world that I trust enough to train like that with.

  11. I believe all of those shooters are actually instructors at MNU (Mall Ninja University).

  12. The woman @ 00:23 works part time at the range near my house. She’s pretty cool! Really nice gal.

    1. She’s also an instructor there. I’ve caught a few of her 1-on-1’s near my lane and she’s really well versed in instruction. Plus she’s hot. Haters gonna hate though. These videos are always ‘Check out crazy ninja moves… with guns…” I believe the majority of these guys are active law enforcement.

  13. Holy. Crap.

    One guy shoots, then falls down, and another guy shoots over him?

    Three people all shooting the same targets and all lasering / violating 180 rules on each other all over the place?

    Wow. Note to self – stick with Bates. No need to support a company that funds that kind of idiocy…

  14. This is the same group of folks and .30 seconds in and they’re showing firing behind an instructor, who falls to the ground after firing. “We do dangerous things” etc. Gun kata-wannabe at .15.

  15. Jared C Avatar

    Jesus Christ on a fucking pogo stick.

  16. What an embarrassment to the training community. I’ve seen Sean and his puffy cheeks on other videos. I don’t know him personally, but he looks like a grade A douche with bad habits. I thought the Lahner guys were pretty bad.

    1. Jared C Avatar

      Tier one.

  17. I like the target with the vital organs on them. If you shoot someone in self-defense, and they (DA’s and liability attorneys) find out you have been practicing using those targets, the results might not be pretty. In the end you might be acquitted or get the law suit tossed, but getting bankrupted by attorney fees is unpleasant.

    1. There’s always a “hall monitor” in these conversations, more worried about legal issues than the topic at hand. When legal issues supersede survival and safety considerations in every conversation, it says a lot about out legal system; none of it good.

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        It’s informative though. I can blow a guy’s legs off and get away with it because it’s self defence, non-vital parts of a body, and no training in the world says “Aim for the legs “.

        This “hall monitor” has proven something to me today. That i can literally Cap someone in the knee (Or blow it out with some +P hydroshocks :3) and get away with it :D

        1. Well, maybe not so much now that you have vocalized your plan. ;-)

      2. I though t the topic at hand was the potential pitfalls of training with these folks. Preparing to use a firearm in self-defense should involve more then adequate and appropriate firearm skills. You should, IMHO, be prepared/familiar with what can happen before a self-defense shooting and what happens afterwards. Nothing occurs in a vacuum, and yes, the sorry state of American jurisprudence has created an over litigious society. But that is an unfortunate fact that is not going to go away and should be something gun owners are aware of. Just ask yourself this question, if you were involved in a self-defense shooting, as a civilian or LEO, would you want this video played at your trial as evidence of the training you received in firearms? Would you want this video presented to a jury, who odds are have little to no experience with or understanding of firearms?

        1. As far as I know the “shoot to wound” idea has been left in the dustbin of history since at least the late eighties, if it ever had traction outside of Joslyn Elders’ office. Shots to the thoracic cavity are the norm in Mil/LEO training and civilian schools, and I presume that a decent attorney could explain that to a jury in less time than it took me to respond.

          There is a huge leap between educating yourself about the legal ramifications of a self defense shooting, and putting yourself at a disadvantage in a gunfight by training wrong, because you’re more terrified of litigation than having your organs punctured.

          Not that I’m advocating “raking fire”….

          1. I think you and I are discussing two different topics, and really, we are not in disagreement with the underlying importance of being able to properly defend ones self. I am not saying that you should not train to place your shots properly in order to ensure your own survival. I am suggesting that perhaps you should not do it with targets that clearly have the internal organs marked. You can train all day long with a standard IPSC target with the same effect. I am suggesting that perhaps that training you engage in, particularly as a civilian, should be on the surface as innoculous as effective training allows. For example, some of the instruction (if it even needs to be mentioned, I am not an expert, I am not a LEO/military, nor do I claim any special knowledge, I am merely exploring the topic at hand) I took had a few sessions on placing your shot(s) into the pelvis, as a shattered pelvis/hip will drop even the most chemically enhanced attacker. We did so by hanging swinging metal targets to approximate the pelvis under a normal ISPC shilloute target. Simple, effective and on the surface nothing more then target practice. I am not suggesting that one should not train to ensure ones survivial, just that perhaps, being trained by people who are engaging in combat ballet dressed like ninjas might have a a detremental effect to your case should you wind up in court.

            1. I highly recommend that you read about the 1986 Miami shootout between the FBI and two bank robbers. If memory serves, on of the subjects was shot in the pelvis with a 1oz slug and kept fighting; he went on to kill two FBI agents and wound a several others (he had a mini14) before he died.

              That’s not an indictment of pelvis shots per se; but rather the notion that even the most severe wounds will take a determined fighter out of a fight (excepting COC shots).

              Anyhow that’s back to the gunfighting angle, I really was debating the legal woe aspect, but ballistic wounding is a fascinating topic.

  18. Hizenburg Avatar
    1. Thanks Hizenburg.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks a lot. I updated the post.

      1. Hizenburg Avatar

        If you find anymore videos like that, shoot me an e mail and I’ll save it just in case.

  19. Jeff Ramey Avatar
    Jeff Ramey

    good god! haix makes awesome boots too. cant believe they’re promoting their boots with these dorks and this sorry ass display.

  20. Critter Avatar

    maybe they could do this in the water, kinda like synchronized swimming.


  22. I knew there was something special about them.

    I love when you can see how fast people learn how to shoot, but the never show the targets. Especially with the horrible excuse for recoil management exhibited by some of their “pros”.

  23. CrunkleRoss Avatar

    Men, before this training is over 75 percent of the students will bleed er I mean wash out.

  24. HAHAHA the went “full retard”. Thanks for the lulz again. I love this site. These people look like tools.

  25. Here is my take on it all:

    Right from the get go you had to know it was going to be a terrible training program if only because of the title page with the add saying heros wear HAIX or something like that. Then when the first shooter had to wriggle her hand to drop her mag, then did a double slap on the mag base to seat it, probably hoping the second slap would cause the slide to go forward in a tacticool mode, which it did not, you had to know, or at least suspect, the rest to follow would be pure buffoonery. Just imagine professionals shooting their unslung rifles, then tucking them under their arms and drawing their pistols, instead of having them slung and simply dropping them slung when they drew their side arms. Heck, just imagine anyone with half a brain doing most of the rest of that crap!

  26. Wow, there were so many things done wrong and very unsafely, that is is truly difficult to count them all even after watching several times.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  27. Looks like an Al Qaeda training camp video!! LOL!!

  28. Nofxmike06 Avatar

    Wow, the musicians were skilled. The shooters are going to get themselves and everyone else around them killed.

  29. Man, I’m going through the backlog of this blog to catch up on what I’ve missed over the last 2 years of not reading…

    This is special.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That’s a lot of posts to catch up on! You’re right, this video is definitely one of the more special ones I’ve posted. :P

  30. Only in America!

  31. Chris Brown Avatar
    Chris Brown

    Could somebody who saved this video re-upload it to bit tube or some other site that it can’t be taken down, and then reply here with a fresh URL? I think all the backup uploads have been taken down