Open Rifle Carry At The Apple Store

Seen in a Genève Switzerland Apple Store:


Haters gonna hate.

No telling how many people died that day.   His body language alone tells me that the next picture would likely have been of an apple store full of blood and screams.

Hat tip: Ryan H


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  1. Where does he keep the high powered belt feed assault clip.

    1. Next to the bananas.

  2. Mr Maigo Avatar

    It’s Switzerland, he’s the least armed person in the room

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      This. Someone in there has a rocket launcher in his/her pants.

      1. thats what she said.

        1. That one guy Avatar
          That one guy

          I aint no woman D:<

          1. hes that one guy…

  3. Nice!
    I’ve been trying out open carry around my home town. At our little municipal airport, where I was attending an air show, I was informed (politely) by the airport manager that they have a no weapons policy and would I please conceal or lock it in my truck.

    Wal-mart already has a no open carry policy (concealed with a permit is okay) but nobody at the smaller, locally owned grocery batted an eye. I love my little hick-town…

  4. I live in a state that allows open carry and to be honest the only retards that do it here are the military that get stationed here (don’t worry im ex military so I can say this LOL). Unless you are going hunting wtf is the point to open carry. I conceal carry all the time (Also legal with or without a permit) since I have decided I don’t want the bad guys to know wtf I carry I want it to be like a birthday party and they get a surprise!

    BTW I would never consider it a personal goal to open carry at walmart.. it’s like showing retarded kids your girlfriend.. they just don’t get it.. but then again they are retarded!

    1. Cameron Avatar

      Dude, there’s nothing wrong with open carrying a pistol (talk about a deterrent. You’d have to be really fuggin’ dumb to try and mug a guy carrying a gun in plain view, and if you do, well, Darwin wins) at all. However I do have a bit of a problem with OC when people try to OC rifles and such like that video posted here not long ago.

      If you need to carry a rifle calibre weapon with the magazine capacity of a rifle, then you live in far too dangerous a town and should probably move out.

      1. Nothing wrong with open carry. OC draw speed is most likely going to be faster, since all one has to do is put his or her hand on the weapon and draw (instead of moving clothes, etc to draw). Of course one’s mileage may vary, especially if one trains 5 times a day, but even then there are other variables.

        With open carry, you (Punish3r) talk about bad guys potentially get the drop on you. How about open carrying WITH your friends?
        I bet if you and two of your (hopefully upstanding citizen) friends opened carried WITH you there would be no problems. A bad-guy would NOT mess with you, unless s/he’s suicidal or Bob Munden, and Mr. Munden (as far as I’m aware of) isn’t a bad guy.

        Punish3r: I also like surprises. ;) But I support open carry, even if someone has a M60 on a sling. I’m willing to bet most men if they saw a chick doing this they wouldn’t be as concerned*, but if it were a guy looking like a lumberjack… If you aren’t hurting anyone and are not making threatening gestures, then it’s all kosher to me.

        Of course all of this is in the eye of the beholder.
        What’s legal today might not be legal tomorrow.

        *What a fun double-standard.

    2. Why are they retards for open carrying?

  5. Hmm… I may have to try this here in AZ. I’ll get pictures and report back if I do.

    Sean: I’ve never heard of a Wal-mart that had a policy against open carry before. The ones around here certainly don’t and the guys in the sporting goods department usually ask if I need more .45ACP when they see my 1911.

    Punish3r: Listen to yourself. You don’t sound that different from some gun control nut asking why anyone would need to carry concealed or open or even own. The “retards” in my town who carry openly are not usually military, though we are certainly a military community with a majority of people either working on post or for the DoD and enough soldiers to field more than a few of battalions. The military people who live on post usually don’t carry because of the stupidly onerous rules about checking your arms into the armory and transporting weapons on and off post. A lot of us open carry because it is much more convenient and comfortable, especially in the hot, dry weather we have here. But if that makes us “retards” then so be it.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      In Ohio all the Wal-Marts I’ve seen have no-conceal signs posted…I may have to move to AZ. lol…

    2. I smell Black Rifle drama.

  6. says here that the swiss militia maintains their rifles at home, so I guess thats one of the home guard? it looks like a sig rifle, so I guess that would make more sense than a open carrier.

    1. Eightbyte Avatar

      It is a militiaman carrying his service rifle.


      Pic on page depicting militiaman with same gun:

  7. Lukas Hugunin Avatar
    Lukas Hugunin


    1. SG551. The 556 is the American-ized one that hit the ugly tree in order to accept AR magazines.

  8. Nice. But, no magazine.

  9. Deterant how is that any more of a deterant. If anything it makes u more of a target. If I was a “BAD Guy” joe open carry would be the first person I would shoot. I’ve been in the military for over 15 years so seeing someone with a gun scares me very little. However I do agree that OC for rifles is plain silly. If you want to open carry go right ahead its my opinion and ill choose to conceal carry anyday. You really think it deters crime.. lol I’ve read more stories of citizens saving the day concealed then open carry (part is because most states only allow CC sure).

    *Oh and most posts allow them in the base housing now. You only check them into an armory when you are single and live in barracks. You can transport them on and off post in trunk then open or cc off post.

    1. If you can get family housing. Even then, you have to store it in a locked container. Then when you wish to transport it, you have to put it in a locked case with the ammo separated and you must go directly off post and when you return, you must go directly back to your house to store it again. Don’t even think abput stopping at the PX on your way home, because that gun might pick the lock on the case and go on a shooting rampage by itself. And if you’re a civilian employee, you suck and you are not allowed to have a weapon on post in any condition (with a few very regulated and license requiring exceptions) because your weapon is even more likely to go on a murdering spree or something.

      Hoplophobic military is, unfortunately, not an oxymoron in this country.

    2. Cameron Avatar

      If you were a bad guy about to commit a crime and you saw somebody open carrying, chances are you live in a state where LOTS of people OC.

      If you still chose to shoot or steal or whatnot, you deserve to be shot and killed so that Darwin can score another point.

    3. ^ has a point. We all size people up and criminals even more so. Do you have what it takes to avoid being strongarmed by any perp? What is the likelihood that you would use your weapon against an unarmed criminal that wants to snatch that weapon from you? How would you explain that in court? Open carry is fine but honestly, I’d rather have the element of surprise on my side.

      True story, a friend of a friend was arrested and charged and convicted with brandishing a weapon while open carrying. After an incident of road rage, the friend decided to confront the people who cut him off and brake checked him in a parking lot. He exited the car with his pistol holstered in plain sight. The people in the car promptly dialed 911. When police arrived, the “victims” were able to give an accurate discription of the weapon and said that he unholstered and pointed it at them. Three people’s story against one. The parking lot of the gas station just happened to be close to a middle school making the charge of brandishing a felony offense.

      Be careful out there.

  10. I’ve enjoyed (and employed) the right of open carry in Arizona since the mid-’70’s. Thanks to Punish3r for letting me know that I am a retard. (guess I was too retarded to know that I’m a retard)


  11. Funny… the label on that can didn’t say it contained worms. :)

  12. I see no problem with this…

    The best part is the collapsible/foldable stock. We here in the Peoples Liberal Republic of California dont have the luxury of owning such “weapons of mass destruction.” Thanks goes out to all the knuckle head gangsters for helping keep us law abiding citizens unarmed!

  13. Thugs generally target the weak not the armed. There was a case in Georgia where patrons were OC’ing and it prevented a robbery at that establishment.

  14. Whoa, that guy must have a teensy pee pee.

  15. That guy is swiss army hes either on his way to duty stopping over somewhere first or he just got off duty. There required to keep there rifle at home with sealed boxes of ammo. Thats totally normal in switzerland.