Shooting The Mossberg 500 Chainsaw

*shrug* sort of want…

Looks a bit awkward though compared to how we are normally use to holding guns.  You can check out some more pics from Mossberg here.

Picking it up off the floor though, I could see how the weed wacker / chainsaw grip would be advantageous to get a semi-accurate close range round off.

What do you guys think?


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  1. The only thing dumber than this is the plastic testicles that people hang from their vehicles, and now off their firearms. The only function this grip would have is on some sort of futuristic heavy machine gun with the belt being fed into the weapon off a backpack mounted to some type of exoskeleton frame.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      Dont forget about the ChainSAW. Because an M249 totally needs to be held like a chainsaw.

      1. lol, I’m betting those green berets that used the chopped m60 would think the chainSAW is a great idea

  2. I picked one up a couple weeks ago and love it. It makes an awesome home defense weapon, because it is so short and it has a tri-rail on it which lets me mount a light easy. Because I have a disability I can only shoot long guns left handed, unless the firearm has a forward grip on it. (Mind you I am right handed and my left hand is weaker than the right so I sometimes have trouble with some heavy trigger pulls with my left hand.) The chainsaw grip allows me to safely and comfortably shoot the shotgun right handed. The chainsaw grip is removable if you don’t like it.

  3. I believe the actual purpose of that setup is for door breaching. The “chainsaw” handle lets you get better leverage at the angle required for a safe breach, along with the highly aggresive muzzle device.

    1. Physics Avatar

      I believe you are (mostly) right. As I understand, the idea of this grip (which was originally to be sold as an accessory before Mossberg went mainstream with it) is so that an officer can use 12 gauge breeching rounds, which have much less recoil than standard 12 gauge loads, standing off to the side of door with the gun at arms length, keeping himself out of the “fatal funnel” during an entry. Then that officer would get out of the way, and let someone with a real gun in to clear the room. For such a limited application, this seemed like a reasonable and cheap (bolt on aftermarket device) solution to a serious problem. But as door breaching standoff devices have started appearing on non-law enforcement shotguns, I guess it was inevitable that this would too.

    2. That was my understanding, and in that context, it actually seems practical.

      Me, I mostly want the breaching barrel because it seems like a decent (non-lethal) substitute for a bayonet.

  4. I would agree with the addon if it would be rotated about 90 degrees in either direction, making it easier to aim. In a standard combat scenario, the handle is too much of a hindrance.

  5. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    And i could see being a fool and using this lol. It’s cool. And when you invade mah house you’re not gonna know what hit ya.

    To be fair, it’d be a useful sort of setup on other ‘high recoil’ weapons. Must… find way… to put on nagant…

  6. Hrachya Hayrapetyan Avatar
    Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    I don’t see any advantages of this forearm…except for fun…and for zombies:). Shooting and breeching with conventional forearm is safe as well. Also I don’t think you can hit anything beyond the distance shown in video … I mean it must be extremally inaccurate. I think this would be awful either for military use, or for LEOs or for home defence … in other words it seems to be just a “cool” plinker!

  7. I can’t see this being Mossbergs’ best selling firearm. I held one at the NRA show this past spring and you instantly get that Bad Ass feeling when holding down at your hip and envisioning 6 rounds and then saying I’ll be back.

    I really doubt this gun was meant to be aimed like in this video.

    I’d say the novelty of it is awesome but the actual effectiveness of it…. meh

  8. Dumb and dumb

  9. Mall ninjas everywhere are chubbing up at the sight of this gear.

  10. you just can’t fix stupid. if you think you should be doing anything with that gun but point and shoot then you have missed the point. it’s a useless weapon for any practical purpose. but i can see it being a whole lot of fun for plinking.

  11. I fail to see how this improves anything!

  12. bigghoss Avatar

    I fail to see how the chainsaw fore grip is better for breaching than a standard or pistol grip fore end, but I’ve never had to breach a door so what do I know.

  13. Anyone else think this guy is just trying too hard?

    1. GruntDoc Avatar

      Oh yeah, I find him incredibly annoying.

  14. As someone who has breached a door (no counting or time to remember how many), I can say that this is not a good idea. It is not a breaching gun. It is a shotgun. A shotgun must be pointed (not aimed) and that requires a good stance. There is nothing stable about the way this weapon must be manipulated. Breaching rounds in a shotgun make a shotgun also a breaching gun. But after you pump the breaching rounds out, you can pump in the 00 Buckshot rounds and you must point the weapon.

    If you want one, then buy one. But do not use tax-funded dollars for it. There is no LE or military purpose for this set-up. It is a novelty.

  15. silly, fun to watch, a stupid way to waste your money

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      Stupid awesome waste of money. I know what i’m telling my brother to put on his boomstick xD

  16. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    You can’t see the sights.
    And I don’t really care for just a pistol grip on a shotgun. Much rather have a Butler Creek folding stock.
    This old guy is seeing things, did he remember to take his “meds” that day?

  17. Gimmick. I lost a little bit of respect for Mossberg when I first saw this.

    1. Commented on the gun before I watched the video. I think I’m more stupider now that I watched that.

  18. This made some sense for MOUT on the M249, from the perspective of one who had to hump the damned thing.

    It makes less sense here, but for people who cannot handle a shouldered shotgun it may have use fired from the hip, where the recoil can be better managed.

    It’s a narrow use, but not totally disconnected from reality; some people are very weak and/or fragile. I’d rather see my great grandma shoot from the hip than dislocate a shoulder and hit the dirt because she can’t hold up the muzzle.

  19. Interesting – free market – make it and people may or may not buy it. To some extent, there is some innovation to that – good or bad.

    I cringed when he didn’t wear eye pro – bouncing shot back into your eyes.

    “That’s what I’m talkin about!”

  20. As usual on most gun forums/blogs, know it alls, who know nothing at all, post all kids of crap. No different here. I have a Chainsaw and (gasp!) have actually shot it! It works great and is very easy to control and use with the chainsaw grip. Too bad somebody didn’t think of this long ago. I normally hate shotguns because they kick so damn hard with slugs and buckshot, but the Chainsaw is much easier to shoot with those same rounds. Throw on a laser or light/laser (which I did) and accuracy is now great too. Is it a long range gun? No, but it wasn’t intended for that. A short distance, from the hip, shooting pistol is what it is and it does that fantastically.

    By the way, the shop I got mine from can’t keep them in stock. And of course there are plenty of “experts” around talking about how stupid and useless the chainsaw grip is. Obviously they have never shot one.