Shooting Tracer Ammunition At Water

Always be sure of your target, and what’s behind it:

Oh not? meh.  hahah whatever.

If he really is shooting from the left side, that is pretty interesting that the bullet is changing direction like that.  I don’t think i’ll ever be trying this though because it is inherently unsafe.

<– Angelina Jolie would be proud.


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  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Now we just need to see how large of a caliber this works with, and find some way to hit a target doing it.

  2. In my home state of Iowa, it is illegal to fire across a body of water for any reason. Check your local listings before trying this one.

  3. Physics Avatar

    As an experiment, this is rather interesting. As long as he was sure the hillside behind the lake(?) was clear. The change in direction makes perfect sense when you factor in the spin the the bullet. It goes to show just how dangerous shooting across a body of water can be. Whats directly on the other side might be clear, but if the bullet ricochets at an unpredictable angle, there is no way of telling where it could go and what it could hit.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      I’d imagine the chances of it ricocheting directly back are absolutely null, so you can guess somewhat as to the angle it’ll ricochet away at lol.

  4. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    Lets hope somebody isn’t going for a walk on the other side of the lake or walking their dog there.

  5. Bigslim3k Avatar

    I recall I time in the Navy when we were chasing a “go fast” off the west coast of South America that we deployed warning fire using a 50 cal mounted to the deck of a frigate. The first couple rounds penetrated to water and then a tracer ricochet at about a 90 degree angle from our position and traveled over top the suspect vessel. I have seen 50 cal rounds ricochet before but that was way to close for comfort. Needless to say the vessel promptly stopped and we were able to recover about 12 tons of cocaine. All in all a good nights work I’d say.

  6. Cameron Avatar

    Something seems off about this. Shouldn’t small object travelling very fast in a straight line + water = round either breaking apart, or entering the water?

    1. You know Newton’s laws, right? That one about forces having equal and opposite reactions? Since water has mass, water applies a reactionary force on the bullet, similar to the ground when bouncing a basketball.

  7. I’ve watched rounds do this when striking hard objects also…I have some good video of a 50BMG tracer making a greater than 90 degree turn when striking the rim of an automobile we were shooting at. Once you’ve shot enough tracer you realize that rounds do NOT “break apart” or simply get absorbed by whatever they initially hit. Wood, metal, dirt, rocks, water…all will redirect rounds quite unpredictably at times.